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Remi takes Alex to her first rave... a world populated by Strawberry Shortcake (the rave queen), Tigger, & Dr. Schock... where the hog & frog cavort in the bog, and candy-kids fork over Hamiltons for defibrillator-highs: but of course the hippopotamus does NOT. Who is the hippopotamus, you ask? Libby think she knows... and Tamsin may too. And who is the creep following Alex down the rabbit hole? This Electric Kool-Aid Candyland proves toxic, when Alex gets in a tight-spot, which she is too incapacitated to get herself out of... NEXT WEEK: The Aftermath.
4 Dec 2010
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well it's finally done.
20 Dec 2010
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"And Then There Were Three" - Remi's been busted and she CANNOT be trusted. The last 12 hours have been a roller coaster ride and everyone's ready to get off. Without the leader of the pack, Tamsin, Libby and Alex band together to find their way out of the rabbit hole and try to make sense of it all. NEXT WEEK: The return of Gwen & Sarah.
10 Jan 2011
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"Worst Day Ever" - Gwen is having a horrible day, and on top of it all, she and Sarah seem to be growing further apart. Their future plans just don't seem to mix like apple pie & the 4th of July... and Gwen misses the way things used to be. Fortunately Ryan can lift her spirits out of the "coffee trenches". But is it just me, or does her co-worker have something other than coffee beans on the brain?? NEXT WEEK: More Gwen & Sarah... plus Yas & Ryan too.
4 Jan 2011
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"Even When We Fight" - It's Life During Wartime down in the Coffee Trenches... and I think we all know trench-warfare is not all it's cracked up to be. Ryan seems to have some kind of "moment" with Gwen. Sort of. Or at least, *Sarah* seems to think so. Our favorite lovebirds spar in a verbal battle over Ryan's alleged intentions. Fortunately, truce flags are waved and the couple kisses and makes-up... Well, sort of... NEXT: More Gwen & Sarah and Yas & Ryan. OJinBG****
6 Jan 2011
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"Best Served Cold" - Coffee-swamp comrades, Gwen and Ryan are fed up with their relationship woes... (what would *you* do if your very own girlfriend didn't have the decency to acknowledge your relationship or if she had your fate as a couple blowing in the wind??)... and now it's time to take action! Revenge always works, right?... Oh the games we play with our significant others.
29 Jan 2011
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"A Simple Answer" - While the rest of the crew discusses Betty Boop and Georgetown's vampire attacks, Alex gets surly in the corner... well, maybe not so much surly, as lovelorn. Sam might take notice... but just where will the Firebird lead? And would the Enterprise get there faster? OJinBG****
16 Feb 2011
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After playing all those “jealousy games” and toying with their girlfriends’ emotions, it looks like someone got confused along the way and might have actually fallen. Umm, playtime is over? Find out what happens with Gwen & Sarah and Ryan & Yas: all will be unraveled & revealed here… OJinBG****
4 May 2011
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Remi has a meltdown in her treehouse — losing her grip because “Neverland is Gone”. Meanwhile, Alex, Tamsin, & Libby have a hard time making the hard choices about Davis, life, the universe, and everything. They muddle through admirably, but find themselves missing the fourth element of their group. OJinBG****
25 May 2011
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Sam’s two-faced behavior has been driving Alex crazy. (He’s sweet in private, but as soon as his friends are around, all bets are off.) So Alex has decided to play Janus herself… With this new shot at love, Davis pulls out all the stops for his Fashion Clog Goddess, Alex. But Alex’s plan to make Sam jealous may have worked a little too well. The situation finally ignites in the Firebird and an incendiary ride home with Sam leaves Alex rethinking her choices… Can the situation rise from the ashes like a Phoenix?? OJinBG****
28 May 2011
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Life post-divorce is not-so-fresh and not-so-fun for Colin, as he adjusts to living with just his Dad. And of course, Colin’s “social network” has been at work, with his friends talking about his situation over their phone tree… which leads to Colin getting an unexpected visitor (… um, his old crush shows up?!) OJinBG****
8 Jun 2011
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Now that life is hunky-dory like nature intended, Sarah Gwen spend quality time on the canal, asking each other all the questions they were too afraid to before. OJinBG****
8 Jun 2011
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Remi, Tamsin, Libby, and Alex have a long-overdue pow-pow in the treehouse, which leads to a search for the Enterprise… will Team Davis win after all? OJinBG****
9 Jun 2011
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It’s time for “the talk”… the real one, about what to do next year. After graduating high school, Sarah is going away to college, and Gwen is staying behind for another gap year in the coffee trenches. Choosing how to continue is not easy. Do you want the pain of a long distance relationship or the pain of breaking up? OJinBG****
16 Jun 2011
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Watch as Ryan Seacrest learns what it means to play in a park, then vote on YOUR favorite park in America and it could win a grant for up to $100,000 from Coca-Cola! Vote at livepositively****.
21 Jul 2011
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After years of being the “after school special”, Adrian is finally trying to get his act together. Unfortunately, Chloe seems to be holding him back with her feminine wiles. (What ever happened to the lazy days of cake for breakfast and frantic nights of creative sex rivaling the salad days of Iggy Pop & David Bowie? Chloe misses that.) When Adrian dares go to an interview instead of staying with her, she gives him a specially made coffee (that wasn’t sweetener) that turns his career path in an unexpected direction. OJinBG****
22 Nov 2011
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