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The Central Government has passed new security measures ahead of the Beijing Olympics. This includes random checks at Tiananmen Square and x-ray scanners at subway stations.
27 May 2008
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Dominic Johnson-Hill utilises old Chinese propaganda logos for his latest range of Olympic t-shirts. He is also a member of the committee that oversees the development of an official 'Olympic lane'.
28 May 2008
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A manual intended to facilitate the arrival of athletes at this summer's Paralympics has been met with criticism. Of concern is the use of language to describe certain disabled groups. The Games' director says the guide will be revised.
29 May 2008
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Check this out the 2008 Olympic food, A lot of food to choose from. you better see it now before is gone.....
11 Aug 2008
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a FR2 track I made set in China. Here's the code:) -18 1i 18 1i 20 1i 2k 1r 35 2a 3b 37 3c 44 3c 4v 3d 5n 3d 6a 3f 7b 3k 8h 3p a4 3v bk 44 da 49 f6 4e h7 4i jd 4k l5 4m n0 4n ov 4o qv 4q t0,-18 1i -1q 1n -2a 27 -2k 3a -30 4i -3e 6a -3o 85 -43 a7 -4c bs -4l dk -50 ff -5b hb -5n j9 -64 l9,70 d0 82 ec 97 fm am h6 c1 ic de jk ev kt gj m7 ib ni,ie ne hq om,76 d4 5u ec hq om,7g fu 4m fu 4c fu,8o gs 4c gs,9m hq 9m tc b8 tc c6 tc jc tc ne vs mg vs mg 106 mg 10g m6 10g m6 10q m6 114 mq 11e ls 114 m6 11e,b8 j2 b8 tc 9m tc,6i h6 9m ku,6i h6 68 gs,7q gs 9m io,4m so 9m tc,m6 11o mq 12m mg 122,ls 12c mq 12c,mg 12m li 12m,ls 130 m6 130,em ls em t2,fu n4 fu tc,em so em tc,ec o2 b8 o2,ec o2 em o2,em p0 b8 p0,cg k0 cg no cg o2,de ku de o2,ec p0 b8 so,bs tc em pk,bs p0 d4 qi,bi pu cg r6,d4 rq em tc,de qs em s4,bi pu b8 pk,mg 12m li 130 gs 1es vi 1es 148 1es 14s 1f6 114 22s 121 22s 138 22s 14k 237 160 23q 17j 24k 19b 25k,mq 1es mq 18a,v8 1es v8 18k mq 18k,m6 18k q8 148 vi 18k vs 18k,q8 13u pu 148 ls 18u li 18u l8 18k li 18a mg 18a,pu 148 q8 14i qi 148 vi 18k,qi 148 q8 13u,m6 18k ls 18u,li 18a ls 18k ls 18u,ls 18k li 18k l8 18k,rg 15g pk 15g pk 180 rg 180 rg 15g,qs 1es qs 1b4,rq 1b4 pu 1b4 pu 1es,rq 1b4 rq 1ei rq 1es,vi 18a vi 18k,1ar 26g 1ch 27h 1ee 28j 1gi 29m 1iv 2ao 1ll 2bk 1of 2ce 1ra 2d6 1u4 2dr 20s 2eg 23j 2eu 269 2f6 292 2f6 2bs 2ev 2en 2ed 2hk 2do 2kf 2d0 2na 2c5 2q6 2b8 2t1 2a9 2vu 297 32s 284 35p 272 38n 265 3br 25i 3f3 257 3id 252 3ln 252 3p2 258 3sb 25j 3vj 267 42q 26v 461 27q 498 28j 4cd 29c 4fi 2a1 4im 2al 4lp 2b6 4or 2bl 4rt 2c0 4uv 2c8 521 2cf 553 2cl 585 2co 5b6 2cp 5e7 2cn 5h8 2cg 5k8 2c7 5na 2bt 5qa 2bh 5ta 2b6,5ta 2b6 60c 2ar 63d 2ah 66f 2a7 69h 2a1 6ck 2a2 6fn 2a6 6iq 2ag 6ls 2av 6ov 2bm 6s1 2cr 6v4 2e3 726 2fd 758 2gm 78a 2hu 7bc 2j6 7ee 2k9 7hf 2l1 7kg 2ld 7ng 2lf 7qf 2lf 7tf 2la,122 1uq 13u 1sk 15g 1uq 15g 23g 164 23g 164 23q 16e 23q 16e 244 172 244 172 24e 17m 24e 17m 24o 18a 24o 18a 252 18u 252 18u 25c 19i 25c,15g 1uq 122 1uq 122 22s,1ar 26g 1aa 266 19r 25t 19c 25j,19j 25c 19j 25l,19i 25m 1a6 25m 1a6 260,3ek 20c 3g6 1ug 3me 1ug 3nm 202 3ek 202,3m4 1ug 3me 1ug,3me 202 3m4 20m,3fs 202 3fs 210,3he 252 3ja 252,3i2 252 3ki 24o 3mo 252 3nc 252,3j0 25c 3ks 252,3k8 24o 3ja 24o 3ic 252 3i2 252,3ju 24o 3ki 24o 3ja 252,3jk 252 3ki 24o,3k8 252 3jk 252,3ju 24o 3k8 24o,3ju 24o 3ja 24o 3ic 24o 3ho 24o 3dc 25c,3jk 24o 3ju 24o 3ja 24o,3jk 24o 3j0 252 3i2 252,3us 260 3vg 260 3vg 26a 40o 26a 40o 26k 42a 26k 42a 26u 43i 26u 43i 278 44q 278 44q 27i 462 27i 462 27s,698 2a2 6be 29o 6es 29o 6hm 2ac,6f6 29o 6f6 2a2,6a6 25m 6ge 25m 6fg 24e 6e8 25m 6d0 24e 6bo 25m 6b4 252,6fg 24e 6fg 25m,6fg 24e 6b4 24e 6b4 25m,6a6 25m 6b4 24e,7te 2la 7lu 332,7rs 2oo 8f8 2oo,7vu 2oo 7uc 2o4 83m 2o4 85i 2o4 83m 2oo,7vu 2o4 7vu 2m8 83m 2m8 83m 2o4,7v0 2m8 84a 2m8 81q 2lk 7v0 2m8,87o 2oe 87o 2oo,87o 2oe 874 2oe 86q 2oe,87o 2oe 8ce 2oe 8e0 2o4 8ek 2nq 8gq 2n6 8h4 2n6 8i2 2n6 8j7 2nc 8kj 2no 8m9 2o7 8o7 2om 8ps 2ov 8ri 2p8 8t9 2pf 8v1 2pj 90s 2pn 92p 2pp,8c4 2oe 8c4 2oo,8b6 2oe 8b6 2oo,8a8 2oe 8a8 2oo,89a 2oe 89a 2oo,88c 2oe 88c 2oo,8ce 2oe 8ce 2oo,92k 2q0 99g 2q0 9di 2q0 9ns 2q0 a0k 2q0 a0k 2u2 aie 2u2 aie 2qa b0q 2qa ba6 2qa,9bm 2q0 9bm 2pm,9ao 2q0 9di 2p2 9g2 2p2 9is 2pm 9is 2q0,9bm 2q0 9c0 2q0 9c0 2pm 9ca 2pm 9ca 2pc 9ck 2pc 9cu 2pc 9di 2pc 9di 2q0,9di 2pc 9di 2p2,9g2 2p2 9g2 2q0,9gm 2pc 9gm 2q0,9ha 2pc 9ha 2q0,9i8 2pm 9i8 2q0,9is 2pm 9j6 2pm,a0k 2qa a18 2qj a20 2qj a2q 2qh a3k 2qb a4d 2qi a59 2qi,a42 2qk a4o 2qk a5h 2qf a68 2q4 a72 2pt a80 2q4 a90 2qj aa0 2qu aav 2qt abv 2qn acs 2qh adr 2qh aeq 2qo afo 2ql agj 2qh ahd 2qi ai4 2qh,ai4 2qk aij 2qk,b3a 2qa b6e 2m8 b6e 2qa,b6e 2m8 b2m 2qa,b64 2mi b22 2qa,b64 2ms b1e 2qa,b5q 2ng b0q 2qa,b5g 2o4 b06 2qa,b56 2oo avi 2qa,auu 2qa b4s 2pc,b4i 2q0 au0 2qa,b6e 2m8 b48 2qa,b9s 2jo b9s 2k2 ba6 2k2 ba6 2qa,ba6 2k2 ba6 2jo b9s 2jo,bpq 2qa cc8 2qa ccv 2qg cdv 2qn cf3 2r9 cgb 2rs chv 2s8 cjf 2sb cl3 2sd cmq 2sd coj 2sb cqe 2s8 csb 2s7 cue 2se d02 2sl d1n 2sp d3h 2s1 d5e 2r3 d7a 2qa d99 2q1 db9 2pt ddb 2pu dfd 2q5 dhi 2q6 djo 2q5 dlu 2q6 do6 2q8 dqd 2qb dsm 2qg duv 2qm,bkg 2qa bkg 2nq,bpq 2qa b6e 2qa,ca2 2ms ca2 2b0 cbu 2b0 cbu 27s c7s 27s c7s 2ac c1k 2j4 c0m 2j4,b30 2j4 al8 2j4 9vc 2j4 9mu 2j4 9ao 29o 9bm 29o 9bm 278 970 278 970 29o 98s 2a2 98s 2k2,dus 2qk e70 2qk#15g 228 16e 22i 18a 23g 1a6 24e 1c2 25c 1fq 278 1k6 28q 1rc 2ac 21u 2bk 28g 2ci 2bu 2ci 2i6 2ba 2rs 28q 36q 24o 3ai 23g 3dm 22s 3fs 22s,3fs 210 3fs 252,3me 20c 3me 25c,3me 22s 3p8 22s 3vg 23q 462 25m 4e6 26u 4ke 28g 4qm 294 51s 29o 58o 2a2,592 2a2 5hg 29e 622 27s 680 27i 68u 27i 6b4 27i,6b4 25m 6b4 29o,6fg 27i 6l4 27s 6qo 29o 702 2bu,6fg 25m 6fg 29o,70c 2bu 786 2fm 7eo 2hs 7mi 2iq 7rs 2iq 7sq 2iq,9di 2l0 9cu 2lk 9di 2m8 9e6 2lk 9di 2l0,9ds 2lk 9d8 2m8 9ds 2ms 9eg 2m8 9ds 2lk,9eg 2lk 9ds 2m8 9eg 2ms 9f4 2m8 9eg 2lk,9fe 2lk 9eq 2m8 9fe 2ms 9g2 2m8 9fe 2lk,9fe 2lu 9g2 2mi,9fe 2lu 9g2 2la 9gm 2lu 9g2 2mi,9f4 2oe 9eq 2pc 9eg 2oe 9eg 2o4,9eg 2oe 9eg 2o4,9eq 2oe 9eq 2o4 9eg 2oe,9f4 2oe 9f4 2o4 9eq 2oe 9eq 2o4,9f4 2oe 9eg 2oe,9eq 2oe 9eg 2o4,9f4 2oe 9eq 2o4,9eu 2oe 9ep 2pa,9ek 2oe 9eq 2pa,9ep 2od 9ep 2p7,a3e 2r8 a3e 2sq,a3e 2r8 a42 2rs a3e 2s6,a4m 2rs a4c 2s6 a4m 2sg a50 2s6 a4m 2rs,a5k 2rs a5a 2s6 a5k 2sg a5u 2s6 a5k 2rs,a6i 2sg a6i 2r8,9c0 2hi 9bc 2ig 9bc 2k2 9cu 2j4 9bc 2ig 9bc 2gu 9c0 2hi,9di 2j4 9eg 2j4 9ds 2ig 9di 2j4 9e6 2jo,9f4 2iq 9f4 2k2 9eg 2k2,9f4 2i6 9f4 2hs,9fo 2ig 9fo 2je,9fo 2hs 9fo 2hi,9gm 2j4 9gm 2hs,9gm 2i6 9ha 2i6 9ha 2j4,9is 2i6 9i8 2i6 9i8 2j4 9is 2j4,9is 2hs 9is 2k2 9i8 2k2,c1k 2qa c1k 2o4,bkg 2nq c1k 2nq c1k 2o4,ca2 2qa ca2 2ms,c0m 2j4 b06 2j4,98s 2k2 98s 2q0,ck2 2s6 ck2 2oo,ckc 2s6 ckc 2p2,ckm 2s6 ckm 2p2,cl0 2rs cl0 2p2,cla 2s6 cla 2oo,clk 2rs cla 2nq clk 2pm,clk 2s6 clk 2p2 cm8 2pc,clu 2ri clk 2nq ckc 2nq,clu 2ri cm8 2ms,cla 2rs cla 2o4 ck2 2pm,ckm 2ri cl0 2oo clu 2pm,ckc 2ri ckm 2oe,ckc 2r8 ckc 2o4,cjo 2rs ck2 2oo,ck2 2qu ckc 2oo cm8 2oo,ck2 2r8 ckm 2o4,cla 2qu clu 2p2,clu 2rs clu 2pc cl0 2oo,ckm 2qk clk 2ng cmi 2ng,cl0 2qk cla 2oo,cla 2qk clk 2q0,clu 2rs cm8 2p2,cmi 2ri cm8 2o4,clu 2rs clu 2p2,cm8 2ri cm8 2o4,cng 2rs cng 2p2,cms 2rs cng 2pm,cmi 2r8 cms 2pm,cmi 2rs cms 2pc,cmi 2ri cmi 2pm,cm8 2rs cmi 2pm,cng 2oo cn6 2oe,cn6 2p2 cn6 2oe,cms 2p2 cms 2o4 cm8 2nq,cmi 2oo cmi 2oe,clu 2pc cm8 2oo,cmi 2oo clk 2o4 cla 2p2,clk 2o4 cms 2oe,cmi 2nq cm8 2nq,cms 2nq clu 2nq,clk 2nq cm8 2nq,cn6 2o4 cla 2oe,cl0 2oe clk 2nq cl0 2oo,cl0 2oe cla 2nq,cl0 2nq ckm 2p2,cm8 2oe cm8 2pm,clk 2oe clu 2p2,clu 2o4 clu 2pc,cjo 2o4 ckm 2oe,cjo 2o4 cj4 2o4,cje 2nq cje 2pc,cje 2oo ck2 2nq cje 2oe,cig 2lu cig 2ms ciq 2mi cig 2mi ciq 2m8 ci6 2lu,cje 2mi cj4 2ms cj4 2n6,cje 2mi cje 2n6,cj4 2ms cje 2ms,cjo 2ms cjo 2n6,cjo 2ms ck2 2ms ckc 2ms ckc 2n6,ck2 2ms ck2 2n6,ckm 2n6 ckm 2m8 ckm 2lu,ckm 2mi cl0 2ms cla 2n6 clk 2ms cla 2mi cl0 2ms ckm 2ms#B e70 2o4 8e,B e70 2oe 8e,B e70 2oo 8e,B e70 2p2 8e,B e70 2pc 8e,B e70 2pm 8e,B e70 2q0 8e,B e70 2qa 8e,T e2a 2pc,T e2a 2pc,T e2a 2p2,T e2a 2oe,T e2u 2oo,T e2u 2oe,T e38 2oe,T e38 2oe,T e3i 2oe,T e3i 2oe,T e0e 2oe,T e04 2oe,T e04 2oe,T dvq 2oe,T e2a 2pm,T e3s 2oe,T e3s 2oe,T e3s 2oo,T e3s 2p2,T e3s 2pc,T e3s 2pm,T e3i 2q0,T e38 2q0,T e2u 2q0,T e2u 2pm,T e2u 2pc,T e2u 2p2,T e2u 2p2,T e2a 2oo,T e2a 2pc,T e20 2pm,T e1m 2pc,T e1m 2p2,T e1c 2oe,T e12 2oe,T e12 2oo,T e12 2p2,T e12 2oo,T e12 2pc,T e12 2pm,T e12 2q0,T e0e 2p2,T e04 2p2,T dvq 2p2,T e0e 2pm,T e04 2pm,T e04 2pm,T dvq 2pm,T dvq 2pm,T dvq 2pc,T dvq 2p2,T dvq 2oo,T dvq 2oe,T ca2 2oo,T b9s 2j4,S b6e 2lu,T 9eq 2o4,T 81q 2l0,T 6da 28g,T 3j0 236,T f0 ka,T fu l8,T gs m6,T hq mq,S qs 16o,S q8 16o,S qi 172,S qs 16o,S qi 16e,S q8 16o,S qi 16o
29 Apr 2009
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Meet Fola Adeleke-Adedoyin, an aspiring Olympic swimmer for the Nigerian National team and a Software Design Engineer (SDE) for Microsoft IT, CTS Solution: MSSOLVE team. Learn about Fola’s job as a developer, his passion for technology and dreams to compete at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.****/careers
26 Apr 2012
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Sanjay dutt visa for America rejected, Fuel price will rise tomorrow,Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati to pair up for the doubles event at the Beijing Olympics.
4 Jun 2008
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* OBAMA wins nomination online. * ICAHN wants YANG out. * SONY, IGA team for PS3 ads. * NBC having trouble selling Olympic ads. * COMCAST to control subscriber bandwidth. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
4 Jun 2008
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Swimming world record holder Eamon Sullivan on his preparation for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, his growing fame and the Lenovo Hope Fund Auction. Learn more about Eamon Sullivan and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at *******2008.lenovo****.
10 Jun 2008
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Beach Volleyball Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh visits with children in a local San Jose Elementary school, where her foundation, Chase the Stars, and sponsor Lenovo made a donation. Learn more about Kerri Walsh and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at *******2008.lenovo****.
9 Feb 2009
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Many families offer homestays for foreign visitors during the Beijing Olympics, but find out why the Yuan family does it for free. We also take a tour of their spacious home in west Beijing.
13 Aug 2008
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Former Olympian Deng Yaping, otherwise known as the "Queen of table tennis" says the Sichuan earthquake won't dim Chinese people's passion for the Games. She now serves as the deputy director of the Olympic Village.
27 Aug 2008
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