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Have you ever wanted to be wildly successful in every area of your life? That is what the Success Summit is all about. Many seminars bring you information about how to make lots of money or how to live a healthy lifestyle. The Success Summit is designed to bring affordable education (where you don't have to take out a mortgage to learn !) to the average and ordinary person that wants to do something extra ordinary with their lives and have a balanced lifestyle. If you are financially successful but bankrupt in your relationships,health and spiritual life you are not a true success! Prospering covers your entire life. The Success Summits are meant to help you have a great 'holistic' lifestyle. Yes! You can have it all. For bookings and registration visit - *******www.successsummitinternational****
13 Oct 2012
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Liberty League International Change's Peoples Lives Forever. Liberty League International is the premiere personal development and direct sales company in the industry. Combining cutting edge products that change people's lives...along with a lucrative pay plan where you NEVER have to split up your profits with an upline....tens of thousands of people are achieving a "life without limits" with Liberty League International. Michael Hamburger is a member of Liberty League's Executive Marketing Council and is host of the popular Friday Morning "Wake Up To Success" call heard by associates in over 70 countries world-wide. If you'd like details on how you can achieve the lifestyle YOU deserve, contact Michael Hamburger at *******www.IncomeExperts**** Beyond Freedom Michael Hamburger Leslie Hamburger network marketing MLM business opportunity online business home-based business Bob Proctor
4 Dec 2008
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Who is Raising YOUR Kids? Learn to Earn Your Annual Income Every Month Working From Home 20-25 hours per week. *******www.IncomeExperts****
9 Dec 2008
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♥ ♥ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Total fun entertainment >>>>>>>>>>>>>> ♥ ♥ Our group Link: *******www.facebook****/group.php?gid=336574042773
24 Aug 2010
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Genere: Thriller Data di uscita: 09/04/2010 Cast:Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Williams, Kim Cattrall, Timothy Hutton, Eli Wallach Durata del Film: 128 min. Distributore: 01 Distribution Paese di Produzione: Francia, Germania, Regno Unito Diretto Da: Roman Polanski Produttore: RP Films, France 2 Cinéma, Elfte Babelsberg Film, Runteam (as Runteam III), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Studio Babelsberg, Summit International L'ex Primo Ministro britannico Adam Lang è alle prese con la stesura della sua autobiografia. Dopo la tragica morte di un suo collaboratore che lo aiutava, decide di assoldare un ghostwriter che possa scrivere il libro per lui. Il ghostwriter incaricato parte quindi alla volta di Martha's Vineyard, dove Lang si è stabilito con la moglie ed il suo staff. Arrivato sull'isola, lo scrittore verrà coinvolto in un complesso gioco di potere, che metterà a rischio la sua stessa vita. The Ghost è il film che Roman Polanski ha deciso di realizzare a partire dal best seller di Robert Harris "Il Ghost Writer."
21 Mar 2010
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Corporate Social Responsibility News: Women's Network for a Sustainable Future Holds West Coast Businesswomen's Sustainability Summit; International Organization for Standardization Releases ISO 26000 This CSR Minute is sponsored by McKesson. For information about McKesson's corporate citizenship, please visit www.mckesson****/corporatecitizenship. Visit: *******3blmedia****/3bltv for more CSRminute podcasts.
11 Nov 2010
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Visitez-nous: ******* Maestro Communication inc. Publicité • Promotion • Relations publiques • Marketing direct • Design Maestro Communications est une agence de publicité qui se distingue par ses activités multidisciplinaires, ses tarifs raisonnables et son équipe professionnelle de grande expérience. Maestro s’impose des critères de qualité très élevés et des valeurs fondamentales : écoute du client, respect de ses besoins et efficacité dans toutes les démarches. Bien que Maestro soit solidement implanté dans l’ouest de Montréal, sa clientèle dépasse maintenant les frontières canadiennes. L’agence a notamment gagné deux trophées de bronze au Summit International awards pour des annonces magazines réalisées avec la compagnie mondiale GE. Son président Orchestre et fondateur, M. Éric Léouzon, œuvre dans le domaine publicitaire depuis plus de 30 ans. C’est avec une immense fierté que M. Léouzon a fêté les dix ans de Maestro Communications en 2011. 514-683-6767 11, place Talbot, Pierrefonds H8Y 1P7 www.maestrocom****
19 Jan 2012
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Visit: ******* Maestro Communications is an advertising agency that is distinguished by its multidisciplinary activities, its reasonable prices and professional team of vast experience. Maestro follows very high quality standards and core values: customer focus, respect their needs and efficiency in all steps. Although Maestro is firmly established in the west of Montreal, its customers now exceed the Canadian border. The agency has won two awards including two Summit International Awards Bronze trophies for magazine ads made with the international GE company. Its president and founder, Eric Léouzon, has been working in advertising for over 30 years. It is with great pride that Mr. Léouzon celebrated the tenth anniversary of Maestro Communications in 2011. Maestro Communications inc. 11, place Talbot Pierrefonds, QC H8Y 1P7 514-683-6767 *******www.maestrocom****
5 Dec 2012
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