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Click here to signup and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/ ******* ******* ******* Whether strumming as Sona or outfoxing us as Ahri, Ekiholic cuts a very convincing figure. ******* ******* This clay sculpture from Saber21 captures Riven -- and her tough-as-nails 'tude -- in amazing detail. ******* Raggs shakes up the mood just a bit with this incredible Champions rap. He even makes sure we can sing along! ******* ******* ******* Canopyraider and Halliconsun use nature as their canvas to create a pair of delicate Champion sculptures. We're glad they took these pictures before the sun came out! ******* We close things out with Kupee's throwback picture of everyone's favorite robot.
10 Jun 2012
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Click here to signup and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/ ******* ******* LeBlanc and Annie Hell0ween kicks things off with two of my favorite things: magic and presents! ******* ******* ******* Orianna Costume All those elite cosplayers out there better find some room on the Podium of Awesome: Britthebadger makes us believe that the Lady of Clockwork walks among us. ******* ******* Baron Nashor Fountain The Baron never gets any love, either on the field or off. [b]Josh[/b] strikes a blow for Nashor equality with this working fountain! ******* Classy Glassy Cho'Gath Admiral Nahtanoj brings the nom-nom-noms to a stained glass window: perfect ambiance for a snifter of brandy with a certain aristocratic Void monster. ******* ******* ******* Lulu Statuette Lulu never lacks for love, whether it comes from a transformed squirrel or a supportive summoner. Moonstonerarity does the champion justice with a groovy statuette! ******* ******* ******* Kog'Maw Statue Not to be outdone, Pinkchocobo delivers a terrific take on Kog'Maw. Even better, he includes step-by-step pics showing us how he did it! ******* ******* ******* Champion Web Comics We end the week with proof of what we always suspected about Amumu. Check out these Tumblr blogs for The Sad Mummy, along with similar craziness for (big breath) Volibear, Rumble, Dr. Mundo, Annie and the original character, Rin the Yordle. *******askthethunderroar.tumblr****/ *******askrumble.tumblr****/ *******askdrmundo.tumblr****/ *******askthedarkchild.tumblr****/ *******rinidinger.tumblr****/
22 Jul 2012
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Click here to signup and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/ ******* Cookie's frosty rendition of your favorite gravity-defiant support champion is so cool you might have to check yourself for frostbite! ******* Carter keeps us rhyming with this frumious parody of Lewis Carroll's immortal nonsense poem the Jabberwocky. If you ever wondered what a Baron fight might look like in a back-to-front world, look no further! ******* Shmup Nasty envisions a somewhat more devious use of Blitzcrank's signature Rocket Grab ability in this awkward comic. We consider ourselves lucky that he didn't pull Commando Jarvan on this particular occasion ******* Phila gives us a vivaciously vivid look at the vibrant side of the Will of the Blades in this dazzling piece of fan artwork. ******* ZsDante and bLilith have joined forces to bring you this poignant ballad to one of Valoran's greatest and most beloved city-states. ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* Skulpt lives up to his name by rolling out a whole line of champion figurines so lifelike they're liable to leave you breathless. Featuring Nocturne, Veigar, Fiddlesticks, Kog'MNaw, and Urgot, you're sure to find some statue to indulge your dark side. ******* Collective and Crykoda started this epic League of Legends song chain back in January of 2012, but this week voice-over artist Adam Harrington has stepped up to keep the jam going. Send your fan creations and summoner name to Summoner_ShowcaseRiotGames**** !
25 Jul 2012
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Click here to signup and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/ ******* TheEmpa's adorable take on love-stricken Veigar and his paramour Lulu couldn't be more saccharine sweet. ******* GumiWonka's Lulu nail art is impressive for the amount of small detail needed. We have not tested whether or not they taste purple. ******* Awwwww, Teemo! This drawing by Illumens captures our favorite little Scout mid-play. Thankfully, Teemo is protected by a ring of mushrooms that let him relax for a few minutes before jumping back into the fray. ******* How would you feel if you woke up snuggling next to this adorable felt Super Teemo by Shurike? Pretty safe, I'd say. ******* ******* Rachel's blending of two champions together brings us Ahrkong and Leemumu, two combinations of champions that you'd never expect to be paired together. Pretty cool, I'd say, even if Leemumu will haunt my dreams forever. ******* It's about to go down between Fizz and Rammus in this image by Jackrow. Rammus doesn't seem too concerned, though. I imagine the aftermath of this fight'll be pretty gruesome. ******* League of Legends cosplay is getting bigger and better as summoners from around the world come out to conventions and show off their detailed, vibrant costumes. Some are so breathtaking that you just won't believe 'em until you see 'em. Check out these photos from Anime Expo 2012 in Los Angeles!
4 Aug 2012
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Click here to signup and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/ ******* It's all in the details as they say, a fact that CryingSoul uses to create this amazing Sona portrait. ******* Dixneuf gives Ahri an old-school hanbok with a new-school skirt. The ensemble looks great on her: do I smell a new skin? ******* Rawritzsly's Caitlyn doll is impressive enough on its own. But adding the rifle -- a felt rifle at that -- makes it something special. ******* This week's sole musical entry comes courtesy of Vedrim, who has composed a jaunty shanty for the swashbuckling sea-farers of the League. ******* These two guys are awfully hard to cheer up, though if they saw how MorteLaranja did justice to them in this picture, it might put a smile on their faces regardless. ******* Teemo's already too adorable for words, but Phil's felt doll raises The Cute to positively lethal levels. WANT!!! ******* ******* ******* ******* Feast your eyes on this trend: iAmAnn, Zlymax, Boxzes and MissLacrymosa show off League of Legends tattoos!
9 Aug 2012
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Click here to signup and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/ ******* ******* ******* Blade Mistress Figure Lolkawaii's beautiful Blade Mistress Morgana figure is poised and ready to dominate mid lane. Look out, summoners - she's pointy. ******* The Serpent's Embrace Get poetic with Oopsicutyou's dirge about Cassiopeia and her time before her transformation into the Serpent's Embrace we know today. ******* Piona Gluecks performs a Sona-riffic song for you on the piano. Only you can hear it, summoner. Or not. Silly Sona. ******* Caitlyn and Miss Fortune Cosplay eiphen and Lessair rock some impressive cosplay costumes of Caitlyn and Miss Fortune. I'd like my very own Piltover belt buckle, believe you me. ******* LoL Tales Rickkmurray delivers an animated adventure that is sure to delight. Check it out! ******* ******* ******* ******* Little Mages Kanas shows us some delightful art off of her DeviantArt page. I'm personally a huge fan of the style of Nidalee and Twisted Fate, and a little worried for Jax. ******* ******* ******* Teemo, Rammus, and Kennen Beanies Hats! So many hats! Check out these awesome beanies and hats from Cuteling, Hannah, and ThisLostPawn! So adorable!
22 Aug 2012
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Click here to sign up and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/?ref=en_us_ytub_ss90 ******* What would Anivia look like as a huggable baby chick? MrGambal renders a beautiful shot of the baby Cryopheonix, happily cheeping in the branches. ******* This adorable animation by Matt Adler puts a different spin on Anivia's passive, Rebirth. We do learn who Valoran's worst babysitter is, however. (Hint: it's Pantheon) ******* This comic- inspired Dr. Mundo fan art by Maiss-Thro uses bold lines and stark colors to bring the Madman of Zaun's innate craziness to life. Mundo seems to be quite busy experimenting with deadly concoctions -- we'll just be going now... ******* ******* ******* ******* Fiora, Irelia, Soraka, and Zyra get dangerously hot makeovers in these pin-up drawings by Kalumis. Don't get stunned and ganked in lane admiring their beauty! ******* Schyzocat's dark and somber rendition of Diana looks as if Tim Burton had a hand in her reimagining, the moon illuminating her every solemn thought. ******* Toss your yordle horns in the air and crank up the volume on this Teemo-inspired heavy metal song, Power of the Scout's Code. Yeah, Teemo is totally metal. ******* ******* ******* ******* Draven, Valoran's consummate showman, stars in a whole bunch of cool fan art. Check out these renditions of Draven, including the cutest Draven-Kog'Maw mashup to hit the Summoner Showcase yet!
14 Oct 2012
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Ask Zac, Cho'Gath domination and taking the fight for the Freljord to Twitter on this episode of the Summoner Showcase. Fight for the Freljord on Twitter ******* CaptainMårvelous ******* Marratu ******* Ask Zaun Amorphous Combatant ******* Shimspp ******* Bambinooo ******* Click here to sign up and play League of Legends: *******
6 Jun 2013
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I'm warning you all right now -- there's an absolutely adorable puppy on this edition of the Summoner Showcase, so if you die of cuteness overload, we're not responsible. Fair warning. Check out the submissions featured in this episode: *******na.leagueoflegends****/news/volipuppy-summoner-showcase-105 Click here to sign up and play League of Legends: *******
6 Jun 2013
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Art? We got it. Hextech action figures? You betcha. An interview with community fave artist MaTTcom? Heck yeah. Click play and hit your eyes and ears with a blast from the kickass cannon on this edition of the Summoner Showcase. Check out the submissions featured in this episode: *******na.leagueoflegends****/news/summoner-showcase-104-mattcom-spills-all Click here to sign up and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/?ref=en_us_ytub_ss104
11 Sep 2013
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Get ready for an armoire-full of armor, creative colored sketches and a headhunting sculpture in this edition of the Summoner Showcase. EmilySculpts: ******* Chronomorph: ******* Yaya Han, Martin Wong & LJinto: ******* Digimitsu: ******* Chubbi Bani: ******* KADU-OUT: ******* Click here to sign up and play League of Legends: *******
30 Sep 2013
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See what's cooking in the League of Legends community in this episode of the Summoner Showcase! With a cornucopia of edible treats, some sweet candy-inspired art and the wickedest tree you've ever seen, it's time to press play and start the show. BlairCat: ******* Empress of Winter: ******* Ayashiroi: ******* Snowemiri: ******* Keagan Leafy: ******* TheMathWhiz: ******* Bacon Dispenser: ******* Anime Expo Cosplays: ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* Click here to sign up and play League of Legends: *******
23 Oct 2013
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Click here to play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/?ref=en_us_ytub_ss089 ******* ******* Skychild's awesome Ziggs sculpture looks like he should be kept away from any and all things flammable. Dude's got fuses just waiting to be lit. If explosions aren't your forte, maybe Baron Nashor hanging from your earlobes might be more your style. Don't listen to his whispers of "come fight me; your enemies are all the way on the other side of the map," because Baron's a low-down, dirty liar. ******* ******* Tasha's spot-on Nidalee is fearsome and intimidating. In fact, Tasha's cosplay is so on-point that I can already hear the spears flying in my direction. Excellent work! ******* This artistic collaboration between ShowMeYourMoves, Antares69, and Phenoca brings pastries into the starlight and introduces a flakey, delicious style befitting the Starchild. Does Soraka understand how important her ability to throw crescent-shaped food items is? ******* ******* Teemo's iconic mushrooms threaten city dwellers in Aver0k's portraits of everyone's favorite yordle. If I were walking down the street and stumbled on a Teemo mushroom, there would be mild profanity. ******* Chimz2011 impresses with his wire Nocturne sculpture. I was inspired to make a similar sculpture. Now there's a huge pile of bent paper clips. I think we need more paper clips. ******* ******* MaTTCom and Tabnir, two amazing community fan artists, both created splash concepts for Runaway Bride Mundo, perhaps one of the wackier skin ideas we've ever seen. The dress fits wonderfully, and Mundo looks positively radiant on his big day. ******* ******* ******* ******* Check out all of these amazing costumes from the League of Legends North American Regionals at PAX this year! Yes, there's a person in the boar costume.
28 Sep 2012
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Click here to sign up and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/?ref=en_us_ytub_ss91 ******* This adorable Void-version of the Tidal Trickster by Blazemalefica is one adorable monstrosity. Having Cho'Gath as the shark really seals the deal on this one. ******* Irahi wonders what Tryndamere would look like if he shared Ashe's amethyst motif. Taric probably thinks this outfit is outrageous, but then, everything that sparkles is outrageous for the Gem Knight. ******* Teemo puts on the most frightening costume of all -- Vladimir -- for some trick or treat action in Akraizumi09's fanart. With pumpkin bucket in hand, Vladeemo is ready to scare up some fun and leave Mushroom Traps for those who give apples or books for Halloween. Beware. ******* "To bomb, or not to bomb" is always the question on Ziggs' mind, and there's no way this little actor won't break some legs. Alas, poor Yorick -- he's probably in pieces right now. Thanekats even drew in the adorable frilly collar. Ziggs is truly a master at his craft. ******* ******* ******* SlaughterTM hits the mark with her Lulu cosplay, complete with staff, Pix, and adorable yordle hat. For scale, you can see a life-size Maokai behind her in one of the pictures. ******* DarkAgeSun & Despairs put together this excellent Queen Ashe cosplay, complete with bow for some Enchanted Crystal Arrow action. The work and detail on the dress and gauntlet really sell this one. ******* ******* ******* Your first instinct might be to try and devour some of Sugarwren's Orianna gingerbread cake. Stop! That ball is dangerous! Unsuspecting foodies beware -- you never expect a delicious Dissonance. ******* See if you can name all of the champions who've taken a break from the Fields of Justice and have kicked back in casual attire for the Pentakill concert in this rockin' piece of fan art from Nero.
9 Dec 2012
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Sign up and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/?ref=en_us_ytub_ss94 ******* Imaii's in-your-face take on Blitzcrank's signature move is kiln-fired up and sure to rocket-grab your attention. Don't get too distracted by this sculpted Steam Golem or that Power Fist knock-up will leave you down for the count. ******* ******* ******* It turns out that death-dealing ninja warriors don't like it when you take their deadly kama away, as DeathlyScythe discovered while creating this trio of paper cut-outs. Likewise, a nine-tailed fox isn't nearly as tempting so long as you keep her at braid-length. With that swift tailwind, who would've thought you could catch Janna's coat-tails? ******* Add some League of Legends spice to your next tabletop gaming night with Magadoo's incredibly detailed Summoner's Rift sculpted chessboard. Your knights, rooks, bishops, and pawns traverse the board suspended above your favorite lanes. Take care you don't lose a queen to Dragon or get checkmated by Baron Nashor! ******* Eepic, inSaNeosilum, and ixb1oodwolfxi etched Piltover's famous tinkerer into the ice board where they craft their own inventions out of ice cream and candy. ***********/watch?v=FiEyM7k02gQ Sometimes, carrying a half-ton steel hook can be a bit tiring. In this animation, NeroGeist shares the Titan's deepest thought. ******* ******* With his amazing take on Caitlyn cosplay, Wolfenizer takes aim at the convention that only women can suit up as Piltover's finest. *******arisaaa.polyvore****/ Walk down the Runeterran runway every day with arisaaa's League-inspired outfits. With dozens of ideas to get you started, why not try out your favorite champ's fashion for a day? ******* ******* ******* Get recruited by BeanBean's series of "Join Demacia" portraits. The hyper-stylized textures and eye-popping color make it seem always that much sunnier in Valoran's grand city-state. Where do I sign up?
3 Feb 2013
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Click here to sign up and play League of Legends: *******signup.leagueoflegends****/?ref=en_us_ytub_ss098 HeadCrabeD puts some oomph behind the Lady of Luminosity's bright personality with this wallpaper-worthy rendition of Lux. Let's hope you built some magic resistance! ******* After a long match on Summoner's Rift, Rumble takes time away from Tristy to enjoy a sip of a coconut cocktail. Fiendle's plush Rumble is complete with wrench, Hawaiian button-down and a rockin' mohawk. RedEyeDragon and friends lay down the rhymes as well as sagely advice -- boots and pots! It couldn't be any simpler. It's inspired, fun and, best of all, features some amazing cosplay and a cameo by Riot's very own OhMikeGoodness! ******* Who would've thought that Teemo's various shades of mushroom could double as beautiful décor? Bbykitteh thought so and showed us the artistic ambiance Teemo brings to any home. *******riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws****/images/news/January_2013/Summoner_Showcase_98/Bbykitteh.jpg DanMovProductions' epic League of Legends battle takes place in the LEGOverse, pitting blocky champs against one another in a fight to the death. You've never felt the unstoppable, raw power of a Lee Sin/Vayne gank until you've seen it happen with LEGOS. Metal Morag finally answers the League's most pressing question -- how do some champions float? For Nami, the answer might not be what you'd expect. No stranger to the Showcase, ScriptKittie delivers up an original rendering of Akali, an adorable Volibear and the best representation of Hecarim you've ever seen. Ever.
9 May 2013
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