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Some scientists are very interested in knowing what would happen if the sun goes dark for good. This is reasonable enough as nothing on our planet can live without this important star.
15 May 2018
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Sun Barrier™ UV400 window film series offers 100% UV radiation protection from wavelength 10nm-400nm, with extended coverage to cut blue light and provide high solar heat rejection. Our UV radiation protection and heat insulation patented film is recognized for: • The latest and newly invented technology called ‘hot-melt’. Its manufacturing process is unique, resulting in a product with superior product features. • 100% UV radiation protection. • High performance solar heat rejection. • Blue light protection. • Shattered glass solution for security.
21 May 2018
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Sun Barrier Window Films at SEMA SHOW, Las Vegas 2016
22 May 2018
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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month so we turned to leading dermatologist, Dr. Elizabeth Hale and 4-H Spokesperson, Lucy Hutchinson to educate us on the importance of sun-safety, especially for children.
22 May 2018
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Sun Barrier - Home Improvement & Renovation Expo Mid Valley Exhibition 2016
22 May 2018
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"Cognegic are provider of Solaris lifetime support and Solaris customer support which is designed to assist your entire business and maintain you’re all Solaris related infrastructure. Our Sun Solaris Operating System Support offer different kind of support including: full server maintenance, supporting your all applications and so on. Quickly get in touch with our experts and solve these issues which come in your Solaris. Contact Number: 1-800-450-867 Company’s Address- 507 Copper Square Drive Bethel Connecticut (USA) 06801
23 May 2018
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26 Apr 2018
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Movetown feat Ray Horton Here Comes The Sun Remix
3 May 2018
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Part 10: The Sun - Movement of the Heavenly Bodies on the Flat Earth!
18 May 2018
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singing by a small Boy
2 May 2018
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Buy natural skin care products organic pure aloe Vera gel at UMPL India. Best Quality, Reasonable Prices, and Pure Roots Extract for better and youthful skin. Aloe Vera is an herbal plant having so many skin benefits such as anti aging, anti wrinkle gel and cure skin from various ailments. It offers forever young and beauty to the skin. Also works well as a moisturizer, glowing skin and spot free skin radicals. It is very much effective on treating dark circles. Now treat naturally with skin rashes, dryness, sun taining, skin texture and healthy aloe vera skin care gel. It has essential skin care elements that promote the growth substances of the skin. Give proper pampering and nourishment to the skin which prevents all harmful effects of the human body. Forever Young & Beauty Moisturizing Beauty Glowing skin Spot free skin Remove Dark circles Bruises Skin Rashes Dryness Sun Taining Skin texture healthy Aloevera skin gel has essential growth promoting substances and principally contains aloe vera, which imperis nourishment to the skin prevents from harmfull effects.
24 Apr 2018
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As the luxury trend within the spirits industry continues to grow, spirit enthusiasts are seeking more premium, exceptional experiences when it comes to their drink choices. In 2018, the face of the rum industry is now changing as bars step up their rum game and it becomes the new boutique gin. Following the steps of whiskey and tequila, rum is becoming the latest spirit on the cusp of premiumisation. Although the segment is experiencing growth at 7% year on year, premium rum currently represents 15% of the total rum sector. Continuing to lead the spirits industry, BACARDÍ have introduced their new premium rum to ignite the resurgence of the rum category among a new generation of spirits drinkers. Añejo Cuatro (“four” in Spanish paying homage to the brand’s Cuban roots), is a premium rum barrel-aged, undisturbed under the Caribbean sun, for a minimum of four years. It has flavours of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey. The film explores Bryce’s thoughts on the rum industry, the spirit’s complexity and the change in culture as rum moves to a heightened sophistication.
25 Apr 2018
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