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oops britney look your burst. She'd better cover up her boops There are always people ready with a camera to film...
24 May 2006
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Some Funny Pictures to make you say OMG. I love the one with the Man wearing a Bra Sunbathing LOL
25 Nov 2008
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Tight clothes
26 Aug 2007
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Hot chick is sunbathing and her husband dumps 54 eggs in her face! Followed by flour and syrup!
31 Jul 2009
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A collection of semi-naked sunbathers found on Google Earth.
8 Dec 2006
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You will laugh hard as this beautiful sunbather gets a prank pulled on her as she sleeps!! You WILL love this, I promise!!! Hot and SEXY!!
8 Oct 2007
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Santa in his speedo's on the beach
26 Aug 2007
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20 Mar 2008
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- Hawaii Tsunami 2010 puts CNN viewers to sleep almost - Except for sleeping sunbather. ;-) Relax Now. See our CHANNEL with 99+ Videos, A+ Channel Links & FREE i-phone app: NOTE - THIS IS A JOKE AT CNN's 2 HOUR COVERAGE OF THE HAWAII TSUNAMI that resulted in four 20 minute 3 foot tidal surges - causing NO DAMAGE rather than showing IMPORTANT news like the earthquake in Chile and Chile's horrific tsunami. This is NOT meant to offend the people of Hawaii or Chile, rather it attacks CNN for showing 2 hours of beautiful Hawaiian beaches that caused me to fall asleep like the seal. Keep the comments light and fun, this is not the place for serious discussion or hate. It will be deleted ASAP. Receive new beach breaks every Monday / Thursday by noon California time. BOOKMARK US - Your 'Relax Now' wavesdvdcom youtube channel.
10 Mar 2010
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*******www.topfreeaction**** : believe it or no but Italians have special beach, only for women - how they would be able to "sunbathe topless more comfortably". The man on the end said everything what should be said: "I think it's very stupid, men and women should mix together. Otherwise what are we doing on this planet??" So true !
19 May 2009
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I would just trash the t-shirt and get between them :D
24 Jun 2008
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this is hillarious
8 Jan 2007
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Look were your going.
16 Apr 2006
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Innovative Promotional Campaign Showcases Sun And Sand An exciting new promotional campaign is rolling through urban cities in an effort to promote the hottest tourist destination for Americans. In an effort to solidify Mexico’s position as the number one winter tourist destination for North Americans, the heated glass "beaches on wheels" displays illustrate Mexico’s popularity as a winter getaway. Imagine an inviting oasis literally rolling through the concrete jungles of urban cities this winter. That’s what this innovative “movement” is doing. Mexico’s turning up the heat as its “beaches on wheels” themed mobile display drives through town. The cutting edge advertising campaign literally showcases what the number one winter destination has to offer. The heated, glass, “beaches on wheels” features real life sunbathers lounging in the sand surrounded by lush vegetation. In the background, a video reinforcing that which North Americans prove every year: Mexico’s position as a top spot for adventure and ecotourism. To find out more, check out www.visitmexico****.
18 Dec 2006
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Selena Gomez got an unwelcome reception at the LAX airport when over a dozen paparazzi were waiting for her and started clicking away in her face. But Selena remained calm and composed and even signed some autographs with fans as the photographers tripped over everything and everyone in trying to get a photo of her.
25 Sep 2012
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The latest movie from the Coen brothers, A Serious Man is a dark comedy centered around Larry Gopnick, a physics professor and family man. A series of events and disappointments cause Larry to spiral into crisis. His wife is asking him to move out, a student is simultaneously bribing and suing him, and his neighbor won't stop sunbathing nude. In his efforts to become a serious man, he seeks out the advice of three rabbis. Confused by their vague advice, he continues to be plagued by his anxieties about his life.
29 Oct 2009
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