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Http://Spokane.Clavideo.Com/Business_listings/BL1001.HtmlDid you know your old family home movies won't last much longer? As you read this ad the dyes that make up the pictures in your film are fading and discoloring and the film itself is deteriorating, becoming brittle, and possibly stained and torn. Have you ever thought of how convenient it would be to be able to pop a DVD in your player and play your home movies like a regular DVD? Or how easy it would be to have copies made so you can send them to all your family for gifts?Included in our film transfers is cleaning of the film, frame-By-Frame capture at 100% frame resolution, color correction, and DVD cover, label, and menu. We use a top-Of-The-Line telecine machine that is unlike any other on the market because it captures your images at 100% it's original size (we don't project it on the wall and video tape it or enlarge the frame and capture it). This means you get the best picture possible. Plus, since we capture frame-By-Frame you don't get any vertical pull-Down or flicker in your picture like you get when you project the image normally.We also offer to our customers for $9.99 (or for free with more than 150 ft. transfer) a miniDV digital back-Up of your footage. Your DVD could get scratched, broken, lost, or even wear out after time. With this miniDV back-Up your footage is digitally preserved (won't lose any picture quality over time) and can be taken to any video production company and made into a DVD. You can tell how many feet of film you have by measuring the diameter of the reel.3 inch reel... 50 ft., 4 inch reel... 100 ft., 5 inch reel... 200 ft., 6 inch reel... 300 ft., 7 inch reel... 400 ft.509.290.6076719 W Garland Ave. Spokane, WA 99205*******Www.MasterpieceMemoriesInc.Com
18 Apr 2009
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Kangal irandal watch and enjoy this movie clip.
2 Dec 2008
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Get the lowdown on all the latest trailers and movie news from the insane brains that brought you Film Riot! In todays episode we watch the trailers for Another Earth, 30 Minutes or Less and Brother's Justice! Plus find out who Joseph Gordon Levitt will be playing in Dark Knight Rises!
26 Apr 2011
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A Romantic Tale of Appreciation Spanish w- English Subtitles Director: Anthony Rivero Stabley Producer: Marco Niro Starring: Sandra Gutierrez, Ferran Viladevall Shot throughout Mexico City & the Teotihuacan Pyramids. Super Grande Films
21 Aug 2008
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Feature film starring Brandon Lee, Christian Andres, Tina Kim. 2 friends re-unite in high school but then get into trouble. They ditch to Down Town Los Angeles and comedy ensues!
21 Mar 2007
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Pistol inspection in the prison!
17 Apr 2008
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Man goes for flirting!
7 Dec 2008
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Hindi film song :: Jo baat tujh mein hai...!
14 Jun 2009
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Language :: Eyes In 1760 Syed Waris Shah wrote a poetic love story(partly true and fiction) based on 15th century's Heer(girl) & Ranjha(boy).
7 Feb 2009
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Hindi film song with english sub titles : Yeh duniya yeh mehfil...! In 1760 Syed Waris Shah wrote a poetic love story(partly true and fiction) based on 15th century's Heer(girl) & Ranjha(boy).
22 Apr 2009
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30 Dec 2009
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Full action on the tracks: The inspector temporarily releases the duo(small type thieves/cheaters) to fight with the decoits with the condition of do not escape!
1 Feb 2010
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9 Sep 2009
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This is a demo of our super 8mm camera that is an add-on to our wedding packgages
21 Sep 2009
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This is a trailer for a short film that I am working on called Qualia. In Qualia, the phenomenon of internal experiences and consciousness are explored through the examination of objects and the selves of another species. Directed by:Cassandra Sechler music composed by: Craig Jacobson
20 Jan 2010
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Through my interest in photography and film-making, I explore identity, dreams, and memory.This is a poetic short story told as an abstract narrative. This was my first attempt with super 8, and I encourage others to experiment with it too. I filmed this piece with a Super 8 camera and created an original soundtrack with the help of local San Francisco artist Craig Jacobson (blackbody). I then combined my technical and conceptual skills to illustrate an alternate reality. The characters are old, neglected toys set against a background of my own charcoal drawings and a miniature forest that I constructed using branches, quilt batting, wooden blocks, and fake snow and bones. This piece explores the world of a bride doll who is lost in the time and place where a child once imagined her. Stuck for all eternity in an unfinished story that began long ago but was never finished, the bride doll will search for her horse and constantly meet her own demise in this dream world of deteriorating happiness. ⎯ Cassandra Sechler, 2009
25 Jan 2010
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