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Kangal irandal watch and enjoy this movie clip.
2 Dec 2008
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Http://Spokane.Clavideo.Com/Business_listings/BL1001.HtmlDid you know your old family home movies won't last much longer? As you read this ad the dyes that make up the pictures in your film are fading and discoloring and the film itself is deteriorating, becoming brittle, and possibly stained and torn. Have you ever thought of how convenient it would be to be able to pop a DVD in your player and play your home movies like a regular DVD? Or how easy it would be to have copies made so you can send them to all your family for gifts?Included in our film transfers is cleaning of the film, frame-By-Frame capture at 100% frame resolution, color correction, and DVD cover, label, and menu. We use a top-Of-The-Line telecine machine that is unlike any other on the market because it captures your images at 100% it's original size (we don't project it on the wall and video tape it or enlarge the frame and capture it). This means you get the best picture possible. Plus, since we capture frame-By-Frame you don't get any vertical pull-Down or flicker in your picture like you get when you project the image normally.We also offer to our customers for $9.99 (or for free with more than 150 ft. transfer) a miniDV digital back-Up of your footage. Your DVD could get scratched, broken, lost, or even wear out after time. With this miniDV back-Up your footage is digitally preserved (won't lose any picture quality over time) and can be taken to any video production company and made into a DVD. You can tell how many feet of film you have by measuring the diameter of the reel.3 inch reel... 50 ft., 4 inch reel... 100 ft., 5 inch reel... 200 ft., 6 inch reel... 300 ft., 7 inch reel... 400 ft.509.290.6076719 W Garland Ave. Spokane, WA 99205*******Www.MasterpieceMemoriesInc.Com
18 Apr 2009
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Get the lowdown on all the latest trailers and movie news from the insane brains that brought you Film Riot! In todays episode we watch the trailers for Another Earth, 30 Minutes or Less and Brother's Justice! Plus find out who Joseph Gordon Levitt will be playing in Dark Knight Rises!
26 Apr 2011
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Space Needle, from "Recordings 1994-1997" from the indie label Eenie Meenie. Great super 8 film.
5 Sep 2006
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Hen House, a recording studio in Venice, CA invites 100 bands to record for free. You watch them record, perform, rehearse, and hang out about town. Add some animation and super 8 film and you're off on a surreal musical journey that will leave you wanting to buy a bass. This is the trailer taken from the original documentary film available for purchase at www.HenHouseStudios****
7 Dec 2006
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Super animated film (czech language) war
28 Jan 2007
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Shot on Super 8 film at a bush doof (Outdoor rave) at Wombat national park , Victoria Australia. The crowd went off!
1 Feb 2007
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back in the 75' , happienes was drawen with the colores of super 8 films. the original film has no sound so I left it that way.(yaron ben nun )
14 Mar 2007
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Karate boys kick butt. Martial arts film parody in the style of "Kung Pow." Funny, family friendly self-defence action comedy. Shot on Super-8 film 35 years ago with no sound. Sound track created in '05' as exercise in sound design for film. For back story see mediasmithsdigital****.
22 May 2007
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Karate boy kicks butt! Martial arts action & suspense. Shot on Super-8 film 35 years ago with no sound. Sound track created from scratch in '05.' An exercise in sound design for film. For back story see mediasmithsdigital****
22 May 2007
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This reception became at that time with super 8 filmed, 27 years ago. My parents, siblings and I at the excavator-lake!! How does the film please you??
30 Jul 2007
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A Super 8 film made in the early 1980's, inspired by Charlie Chaplin who could reportedly take a camera, a cop, and a girl to a park and make a short in one day. Won best film of the year at a Denver CO PBS station competition.
3 Sep 2007
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film maker Paul Stevenson's latest music video for Rory Nunn's emotive and politically poignant track 'future fading' filmed in Bristol in may 2006 using a mix of camera phone footage/ Russian super 8mm film and using archive footage kindly provided by the BBC Motion Gallery
7 Nov 2007
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A short thriller I shot on Super 8 film. It has a classic feel with a nice twist at the end. Directed by Griff J.
14 Dec 2007
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Here's an animated super 8 film I made for fun about 15 years ago. My folks weren't able to use their dining table for several days while I was shooting.
13 Mar 2008
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nuptialstv**** 90210 star Tori Spelling wanted a private ceremony when she wed fellow actor Dean McDermott at the Wakaya Club in Fiji, but they wanted to celebrate their vows with their closest friends and family with a much less intimate post wedding party. Celebrity guests wrote well wishes to the newlyweds and pinned them to a wish tree, then dipped Rice Krispy Treats into chocolate while dancing to tunes from the couple's favorite singers, Johnny and June Carter Cash. Their private ceremony from Fiji was shared with the gathered party goers in a forty minute Super 8 film silent film that was projected onto the walls during the reception, allowing guests to feel like they had been part of the intimate ceremony. So even if you do have a small intimate ceremony, film it so all your guests can watch it later. But maybe don't do it as a silent film... and maybe make it last less than 40 minutes.
1 Jul 2008
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