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Super Heroes from across the world come together in this Music Video.
31 Oct 2007
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A little video I shot of myself flying away like a super hero. I shouldn't be showing off my powers like this, but then again nobody knows who I am. Evil doers beware!
25 Nov 2007
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IS IT A HOT DOG? IS IT A SUBMARINE? NO! IT'S.... GUGU DANGER DAWG Mild mannered librarian's assistant by day, fearless crime fighting canine super hero by night. Watch as Gugu Danger Dawg takes on all forms of injustice... even aliens from outer space! GUGU DANGER DAWG is a live action half hour show starring an adorable Dachshund named Gugu! Laugh out loud at Gugu and his silly adventures. Look out no-good do-ers! Gugu Danger Dawg is here to save the day!
14 Dec 2007
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17 Dec 2007
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I was on as the bookstore employee Paris yells at on episode 7.14 Farewell My Pet. My scene had Rory Gilmore played by Alexis Bledel and Paris Gellar (Liza Weil) in it. Can't believe Liza didn't even acknowledge me after we finished out our scene. Hmmph! Credits: myloflex as himself as Yale Bookstore Employee Segura as LUCYinLA Bledel as Rory Gilmore Weil as Paris Geller Rose as lonelygirl15 Going as boh3m3 Huynh as thewinekone Pinsky as IceflowStudios taken from LUCYinLA / I got a Call Back karlibell22 / Super Hero thanks to Sh4zor good guy. Shoutout to Carolyn in Ontario, Canada, because she never believed myloflex knew a real life Hollywood actor.. Soundtrack: Dynamedion Publishing, SESAC, Freeplaynjj, ASCAP, BMI, Freeplaymusic, Moving Out, Warriors and Knights, City Lights, Flash, Glamorous, Who Knew Pi.nk
30 Dec 2007
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The super hero Pocket man who is able to pull anything out of his pocket his pulled over by a cop.
12 Jan 2008
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Do Super Obama Girl a favor! Subscribe above and then check out our 5 new videos this weekend! In this one Super Obama Girl battles for her Super Hero - Senator Barack Obama. See more at Super Obama Girl is...
29 Oct 2008
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20 Feb 2008
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Spy Satellite falling to earth! This is not the first time... Super hero Captain Alpha Male tells how he was tasked to take down another spy satellite and how the diabolical Procrastination Monkey tried to stop him (and did!)
1 Mar 2008
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Friday at Orlando Megacon 2008 Sci-fi and Comic book convention. Interview with super hero fans, some with costumes, a lot of cosplay, loads of comics. Interviews by Chaz Yorick
8 Mar 2008
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1:30 Do Super Obama Girl a favor! Subscribe above and then check out our 5 new videos this weekend! In this one Super Obama Girl battles for her Super Hero - Senator Barack Obama. See more at Super Obama Girl is... Directed and Edited by Tom Small. Starring Amber Lee Ettinger. Vocals by Leah Kauffman.
14 Mar 2008
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Parodia de "Spiderman". Segunda parte de una serie de 4 episodios que forman la leyenda de Mariano Maguire. Become Mariano, es una excepcional obra maestra que nadie puede perderse. Las ilusiones de un joven que desea enormemente ser super heroe. Realizada por Fernando Barrios. Explicando historia: Este episodio podria considerarse la primer parodia que hice sobre Spiderman. Es mas, me atrevo a decir que fue mi tercer parodia en la vida. Reedite algunas pocas cosas para que no quede tan desfasado, ni tampoco tan amateur. Si bien sigo insistiendo en que me hubiese gustado utilizar una letra mas visible, pero bueno...era una epoca de aprendizaje. Este Marianito, es ante todo historia.
21 Mar 2008
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Super Hero Captain Alpha Male tries to demonstrate his latest Super Hero cutting edge technology, artificial intelligence in the vehicle.
24 Sep 2008
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Teaser to my training log for the super hero starter set program made by AC Barch Jr.
12 Apr 2008
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This is a great follow up to the first issue. It gives us a little more information about the crime that took place off panel that this story is centered around. The great thing about this book is that unlike so many others the crime, the action, the incident itself is not the heart of the story it's the characters. The crime is just a vehicle for the author to deliver these deep and complex characters and show us how their lives intertwine. I've spoken before about how well Ed Brubaker writes the humanity of super heroes, and now his characters are regular people. They've all got issues and have been through one thing or another that effects how they think and react. They make decisions and then have to deal with the consequences. Now they are in this moment and dealing with what has been done. Getting to see the crime from different perspectives is great too. It adds layers to the action and builds anticipation as to how they will all come together in the end. This book is an example of true literature in comics. It's really powerful stuff and definitely one of the best series I'm reading right now.
21 Jul 2008
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So the all powerful super robot that the nu-world team built to be the peace keeper of nu-world has gone haywire and escaped to our earth and is carrying out his primary objective. That objective is to neutralize all weapons and threats. He knows no good or evil so anything with power or a weapon is considered a threat including our heroes. I've been really disappointed in this book. I had read a lot of hype about this story arch and I usually love Mark Millar's stuff so I was really excited to get into this one but it has been downright boring. There is none of the team dynamic that makes the FF great and not a lot or real action either. No super smart plans or gadgets or strategies to save the day, nothing of what makes the Fantastic Four great. They bring in 40 of marvels biggest guns and all they do is throw themselves at the robot and get swatted aside. There is now strategy or even dialog. Mr. Fantastic wasn't even in this issue which could be part of the problem and I get that all of this destruction is to build up how big of a threat this really is until Mr. Fantastic can show up and save the day as he zooms off on some sort of fantastic bike on the last page, but really we didn't need this issue. It's one of those filler issues that are supposed to build up some anticipation for the big battle but all it did was try my patience. You can probably wait on this one until next month when the action gets started. Batman Death Mask #1 This is the first of a four part mini series written and drawn by the amazing manga artist yoshinori natsume. Of all the super hero characters batman probably translates best into the manga style. His action, hand to hand combat, and gadgets play really well with the art style and his dark , brooding side fits to the story content as his inner demons are often more fierce and dangerous than his external ones. This is a thick book, which reads right to left in the Japanese style, with a lot of content. There is a villain from batman's past that has returned and is attacking the citizens of Gotham and the darknight's dreams. The art is fantastic, there is a two page panel that includes a manga version of all the batman's major rogues that is cool to see, especially the female ones, and the action is swift and exciting. The colorless panels add to the pulp quality of the book and the dark tone of the story. We will also get to see a bit of history during the time Bruce Wayne spent in Japan training to become the bat. It is a great read and if you are into batman, manga, or just looking for a mini series for a change of pace this is one you've got to pick up. Titans #1 I've gotta tell you, I have been excited about this book for the last month or so since they've started advertising it. I love the titan characters, the team and their dynamic. Nightwing has always been one of my favorite characters and I think he works great in a team setting. I followed him through the teen titans, the titans and then the outsiders. Even his recent movement to stay away from the team setting has still added an interesting depth to his character. The other characters are great as well. The flash, Donna Troy, and who doesn't love Starfire in all her free spirited glory. Which we get to see, as she flies around animal man's back yard pool naked as can be basking in the sun's rays. One good thing about titan books you can always count on a lot of skin when Koriander is involved. The book takes us through each of the characters getting attacked by something metaphysical and coming together to see some of their former teammates that weren't so lucky. Cyborg has been ripped to pieces, hawk and dove are in serious condition, son of Vulcan, lagoon boy and anima are comatose, little barda is critical and power boy is dead. A lot of damage has been done and it is all to clear who has brought this threat to the titans. Trigon is back. Raven's demon father who brought the new teen titans together and began one of the greatest teams in the history of comics has done it again. I am so excited about this and can't wait for the next issue.
26 Aug 2012
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