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even kids can fly
16 Jul 2009
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car hit boy
31 Jul 2009
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Really super kid
25 Feb 2007
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Three kids with extraordinary powers have their friendship tested when they find a mysterious ring!
1 Apr 2007
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Two super kids with fantastic powers battle over the ultimate treasure! Which of the super kids will be the strongest ? Watch Super Kids and the Ring of Unlimited Candy and see!
22 Sep 2007
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Amazing Grace - World Harvest Church - Alisia sings with Senior Super Kids
16 Apr 2009
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14 Nov 2009
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shazap**** This is a tough one because there is so much going on. DC just crams so much into their events it’s hard to know where to start. OK so lets start off with what I didn’t like. The first and most grievous offense was that Batman has been kidnapped. Really is Batman going to be the first one to get nabbed. Come on lets be realistic here, he’s freakin batman. Next thing I didn’t like was how it opened. By starting off in Japan with the super kids club it didn’t connect me to the story. I wondered if it was off in the future and what its relevance was. It started to come together and I think it will make more sense later on. I also didn’t like at J’ons funeral when Superman said “and we hope for a resurrection” Death has to mean something and it has been far too easy for the writers to bring people back. Now for the things I did like which thankfully out weigh the things I didn’t. First of all I love the concept of the bullet being shot back through time it’s kind of like in wanted where they had to fire a bullet from a whole other city to kill someone who was unkillable. It is a great twist and a very unique idea. I like that Lois is maybe dead in the explosion. It was
2 Jul 2008
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*******thelastselfhelpguide**** Master simple success secrets! Gain business success & confidence, lose weight, zap bad habits, learn faster, master sports skills, raise super kids!
24 May 2008
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Yomosushi product is very easy to use for everyone to anywhere especially for a child for making the sushi roll.
11 Oct 2016
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Rey Mysterio (Misterio) means King of Mystery Magazine cover he'd like to be on: Rolling Stone Car he drives: Jeep Wrangler (lifted). I'm not sure but below that might also be his car too. One of his closest friends is K-Dogg. Secret skill or trait he possesses: "I'm a good dad." He has 3 older brothers, Lalo, Luis, and Beto. He debuted in 1990 in South California against Shamu. Trained in Tijuana, Mexico Dropped out of high school in the 11th grade. As a rookie Rey wrestled as Colibri meaning hummingbird and Super Nino meaning super kid(I'm not really sure about this one) Rey used to bleach his hair. What's the strangest gift a fan has ever given him-Normal stuff, just flowers, candy, and teddy bears If he ever ran for President of the US K-Dogg would be his running mate. In K-Dogg's second music video at the end you can see Rey in a grey zoot suit. Watching music videos really relaxes him. He hopes he never has a sudden growth spurt. He's says that now is the perfect time for Global Unity. First thing that came to his mind when he took his mask off is that people might not accepted him. One day he'd like to go to New York and see a Broadway show. One of his biggest faults is being over critical of himself when watching his matches on tape. He thinks Sandra Bullock has great eyes. For one nite he'd like to join Boyz II Men on stage. If he had to choose between M&M's or Starburst he'd choose M&M's peanut. He thinks that Juventud Guerrera has more guts than almost anyone in and out of the ring. He wants to be the best that he can be at being a dad. If it were possible he'd bungee jump from an airplane. He enjoys looking at churches that are hundreds of years old. You can find him humming the song "Miami" regularly. Tupac in concert, R.I.P is an event in history he would have most liked to witness. He would like to uninvent poverty. Pet Peeve: Smokers Two things he can't live without -- wrestling and his family. Biggest Fear/Phobia: Not being able to wrestle Who was/is this century's most influential figure? Marilyn Monroe 4 piercings: "Two are seen, two are not." *nose & ears are seen and tongue & .... arn't. hhmmm* Boxer shorts size: 30-32 Hero when growing up: Ricky Steamboat If he could be anyone else in WCW: "WCW president. I would love to run the company.
25 Apr 2009
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Thumbs Up For More Raging Blast 2! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=iAmCrunchy1 Last Raging Blast 2 Video (Super Saiyan Vs. Super Saiyan 3): ***********/watch?v=eWVykYn8f_Y My Bro's Channel(MiniCrunchy): ***********/user/minicrunchyuno Follow Me!: ********twitter****/iAmCrunchyy Dragon Ball Z has always been one of my favorite fighting/action cartoons ever since i was a small kid. I have been having this game for a while now but i decided to start making videos on it. So if you guys want any suggested fights or have any types of questions make sure to leave them in the comments and i will get to them... Don't forget to leave a Like and Subscribe!! Tags: Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2, Ultimate Battle Zone, Yamcha, Krillin, Piccolo, Tien, Chaotzu, All Transformations, All Super Finishing Moves, All Fusions, Uub, Baby, Tuffle, Nappa, Turles, Raditz, King Kai, Hercule, Great Saiyaman, VIdel, Jeice, Burter, Guldo, Andriod 17, Andriod 18, Andriod 16, Master Roshi, General Tao, Big Bang Attack, Finish Buster, Super Kamehameha, Final Flash, Galick Gun, Maximum Finisher, Seizure Procedure, Ginyu Force, Super Saiyan, Transform, Spirit Bomb, Gotenks Absorbed, Ultimate Gohan Absorbed, Super Saiyan 3 Dragonball Raging Blast 2 Online Gameplay Match Battle DB DBZ DBGT Dragon Ball DragonBallZ DragonBall Z Dragon Ball Z DragonBallGT DragonBall GT Dragon Ball GT Saiyan Saga Namek Saga Ginyu Saga Frieza Saga Garlic Jr. Saga Trunks Saga Androids Saga Imperfect Cell Saga Perfect Cell Saga Cell Games Saga Great Saiyaman Saga World Tournament Saga Babidi Saga Majin Buu Saga Fusion Saga Kid Buu Episodes Akira Toriyama Super Saiyan Goku Vegeta Gogeta Vegito Vegetto Gohan Piccolo Goten Future Kid Trunks Yamcha Tenshinhan Tien Chiaotzu Recoome Ginyu Guldo Burter Jeice The Ginyu Force Zarbon Dodoria Frieza Cui King Cold Raditz Nappa Master Roshi Bulma Chi-Chi Chi ChiChi Mr. Satan Hercule Videl Kami Dende Nail Android 16 17 18 19 20 Dr.Gero Cell Fat Super Kid Buu Dabura Pui Pui Shenron Porunga Gotenks Grandpa Pan Oolong Puar Kami Mr. Popo Janemba Janempa Broly Baby Babidi Bojack Zangya Dragon Ball Z : Battle Of Gods - Trailer 3 Dragon Ball Z : Battle Of Gods - Trailer 3 Dragon Ball Z : Battle Of Gods - Trailer 3 Dragon Ball Z : Battle Of Gods - Trailer 3 Dragon Ball Z Movie 2013, Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Gods, Super saiyan god, Goku ssj3, vegeta ssj3, gogeta ssj3, Bills, god of destruction, wiss, ultimate gohan, mystic gohan, release 30th march theaters japan, birus, Bills, Weis, 12 Gods, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods English Dub "Super Saiyan God Transformation" (DragonBall Z Battle of Gods) dragon ball z dragonball gt "dragonball z battle of gods" "dragon ball z battle of gods" "super saiyan god goku" "super saiyan god vegeta" "new dragonball z movie 2013" "SUPER SAIYAN 3 Vegeta" "dragonball z new series super saiyan 5" "dragonball AF" thecodbrothersgaming' Dragon Ball (Adapted Work), Trailer (promotion), Anime, Preview, Battle, ENGLISH DUB, animation, video game, Goku, Super Saiyan God Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods GROUND BREAKING NEWS! NEW SERIES! Super Saiyan God! DRAGONBALL AF? "dragonball z battle of gods" "dragonball z" dragonball z Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods GROUND BREAKING NEWS! NEW SERIES! Super Saiyan God! DRAGONBALL AF? "dragonball z battle of gods" "dragonball z" dragonball z Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods GROUND BREAKING NEWS! NEW SERIES! Super Saiyan God! DRAGONBALL AF? "dragonball z battle of gods" "dragonball z" dragonball z "english dub" english dub "english sub" english sub
12 Sep 2014
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in Japanese *******jeronimovie**** with google translate ******* twitter *******twitter****/#!/jerotter "jerotter" Special effects !? A super real masked rider kids !! Made by only After Effects, without any 3DCG. 変身にあこがれる子供たちの為に作ってみましたww超リアルな仮面ライダーごっこです。 その他の映像もHPでご覧いただけます。 映像職人JERONI毛
1 Mar 2012
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This kid just sits and jams with these guys like no other. His name is Jacob Armen. After seeing his video on youtube on the Tonight Show, I remembered I had a tape of a super kid drummer who came and ripped the drums apart. I witnessed this insane performance live in 1988 and luckily I knew one of the band members then to get this tape. I wonder what he's up to now.
21 May 2009
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12 Aug 2013
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少年チャンプル Super KIDS Dancer Super Chample
29 Nov 2013
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