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29 Aug 2007
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Never refusing to accept a challenge, Batman rises to the occasion and learns to play the Saxophone when Superman discovers that the Dark Knight doesn't play any musical instrument in the hilarious third Episode Three of the Justice League of America parody, The Night League, the funniest, zaniest wackiest spoof of the DC Comic book characters ever seen! The Justice League has never been more fun, especially not that the zany super hero know as App Man has joined the JLA to fight for truth, justice, and Apple Computers. With Superman, Batman, The Flash and App Man.
5 May 2010
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This video isn't to be taken seriously ,Goku and Superman are both overpowered... People who helped make this video,check them out ! ***********/ricepiratenewgrounds *******ricepirate.newgrounds**** *******petersatera.newgrounds**** *******sirundead.newgrounds**** russian subs by:***********/user/noobass90 I used adobe flash to make this animation
13 Nov 2013
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Can you read my mind.
23 Jan 2014
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SuperME! HAHAHA! MERCH: ******* T-SHIRTS! ******* MUSIC! ******* AO TOYS! ******* SPLATTER UP GAME: FREE iTunes: ******* FREE Google Play: ******* iTunes: ******* Google Play: ******* KITCHEN CARNAGE GAME: FREE iTunes: ******* FREE Google Play: ******* iTunes: ******* iTunes iPad: ******* Google Play: ******* GET A TEXT WHEN I UPLOAD NEW VIDEOS! ******* FOLLOW ME: TWITTER: *******twitter****/annoyingorange FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/annoyingorange INSTAGRAM: *******instagram****/annoyingorange GOOGLE+: ************/+AnnoyingOrange MY WEBSITE: *******annoyingorange**** PRODUCED BY: DANEBOE: *******youtube****/daneboe SPENCER GROVE: *******youtube****/vloggingzombie BOBJENZ: *******youtube****/bobjenz AARON MASSEY: *******youtube****/podunkpictures ART: DEREK GONZALEZ: *******youtube****/plastiqa ANIMATION: WRITTEN BY:
3 Mar 2014
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