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California Assemblyman Guy Houston (R-15) announces his candidacy to run for Contra Costa County Supervisor (D-III) v. incumbent Mary Piepho published at *******halfwaytoconcord****, video courtesy Kyle Vallone
8 Aug 2007
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An intersting look at industrial corporate life, this film documents the Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation Homestead Division (one of the top steel companies in Illinois) supervisor’s picnic at the Lithuanian Country Club. At the picnic, the men enjoy playing baseball and horseshoes, eating traditional picnic fare like corn on the cob, and trying their hand at company picnic games. A piece of Illinois steel manufacturing history, this amateur film gem that shows off the culture of steel mill workers in the 1940s.
31 Jul 2008
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United Airlines Maintenance Supervisor answers question by members of a fear of flying course run by licensed therapist and airline captain Tom Bunn LCSW for SOAR.
26 Sep 2008
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The District 5 Supervisor debate held at the Park Branch Library on October 7 featured incumbent Ross Mirkarimi (left), Owen O'Donnell (center), and Rob Anderson.
9 Oct 2008
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The WikiAnswers Supervisors Conference 2008. (*******wiki.answers****) "Supervisor" is a status given to the most trustworthy, experienced WikiAnswers' contributors. WikiAnswers Supervisors are individuals from all over the world (US, Australia, Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Britain and so on) and with diverse life experiences - including a physician, a dentist, artists, students, financial consultants, nurses, computer technicians, a fire fighter, US Marines and a few stay-at-home moms, among many others. They enjoy the community aspect of WikiAnswers, and the ability to share their knowledge with others. A unique trait shared among WikiAnswers Supers: most are 100% addicted to the site! WikiAnswers**** is a community-generated Social Knowledge Q&A platform, leveraging wiki-based technologies. Through the contributions of WikiAnswers' growing community and dedicated supervisors, answers are constantly improved and updated over time. Ask questions and share YOUR knowledge at WikiAnswers****!
29 Oct 2008
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The Supervisor Engine 720 is usually deployed in distribution, core and high-performance access switches. For more see ***********/go/6500
23 Jan 2009
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The Supervisor Engine 32 delivers all the features and network services as the Supervisor Engine 720, but at a price and performance level optimized for the wiring closet and WAN edge. For more ***********/go/6500
23 Jan 2009
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Alice Kryzan, the 2008 Democratic and Working Families candidate for Congress in the 26th District, formally announced her candidacy for Amherst Town Supervisor joined by current town supervisor Satish Mohan and Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz.
17 Apr 2009
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*******www.leanmanufacturingsecrets**** Knowing what role the supervisors are going to play in a lean manufacturing plant is half the battle.
20 Apr 2009
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Forklift training day - a video that might be beneficial for supervisors
25 May 2009
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The Inside Reel - Animatronics Supervisor John Rosengrant interview for "Terminator Salvation".
4 Jun 2009
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Get to know how to accomplish a greater success rate with greater goal achievement for your supervisors. - *******www.callcentervision****
13 Jun 2009
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District 9 Creature Supervisor James Stewart, a Vancouver Film School graduate, discusses his role in creating the film’s groundbreaking visual effects. The acclaimed District 9 was directed by VFS 3D Animation & Visual Effects grad Neill Blomkamp, co-written by Writing for Film & Television grad Terri Tatchell, and featured the visual effects talent of 40 VFS alumni. Find out more about District 9’s VFS connections at *******vfs****/enterD9
5 Sep 2009
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Supervisor Job with Residential Builder based in Melbourne. This role is a great opportunity for someone that has worked with one of the big players in the volume building industry, without being just another number in such a large firm. You will have the opportunity to work with the director, as this is a family business, every one is willing to help to get the job done. Being a small team, you will be in a close-knit team with your own PA to help you achieve your goal. Your role will be to look after 15 homes at any one time, have great communication skills as you will liaise with clients on a daily bases. For this you will be well remunerated for your efforts, and being a smaller firm, can afford to put a great bonus system in place like the big boys can't. Contact Shawn Barnett on 03 9685 7515 or email shawn.barnettconsultive****.au www***nsultive****.au
19 Feb 2010
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An announcement of a supervisor vacancy, by Bounce Design for a client in Uganda.
2 May 2010
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*******wumbus****/Emergency-Preparedness.10433.html Using the methods in this DVD, supervisors will learn how to prepare their employees for sudden disasters including earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, poor weather conditions, chemical spills, vapor exposure, workplace violence, arson and employee sabotage -- whether these occur under natural, accidental, or intentional circumstances. The presentation provides supervisors with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure that each employee is accounted for and knows how to evacuate safely. This training will educate on taking the safe actions necessary to put a business back in operation as quickly as possible after any emergency.
19 Jan 2011
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