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Internationally celebrated scholar/activist SUSAN GEORGE calls for a convergence of the global justice, environmental and peace movements to exert democratic control of an international politics now dominated by a corporate elite.
17 Aug 2009
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Susan George Hot Topless
27 Mar 2010
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Susan George © *******www.charloteweb****/women/women-three.html Susan Melody George (born February 12, 1952) is a British actress and producer.
19 May 2009
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Dennis Waterman pops round for a bit of "the other" with babysitter Susan George. He'll wish he hadn't! Clip from '70s horror movie Fright.
23 Oct 2009
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Internationally acclaimed author and global justice activist Susan George speaking on the Lisbon Treaty in Dublin, April 11, 2008 at an event organised by www.caeuc****. Ms George was in Ireland to launch her new book, 'We The Peoples Of Europe'. The book, published by Pluto Press, outlines the authors critique of the present direction of the EU, her account of the French referendum campaign on the EU Constitution in2005 and George's distinctive vision for the future of Europe. See Susan George's homepage: *******www.tni****/detail_page.phtml?&publish=Y&int02=&pub_niv=&workgroup=&text06=&text03=&keywords=&lang=&text00=&text10=news_george-news&menu=13e
2 Dec 2009
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susan george in the old days compilation
29 Nov 2010
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Buy KISS MY GRITS on DVD here: *******www.j4hi****/page8/page358/Small_Town_in_Texas_Kiss_My_Grits_dvd.html Susan George & Bruce Davison get ready for some sexytime until jealous boyfriend Anthony Franciosa shows up in the forgotten comedy KISS MY GRITS (1982). Watch in "HIGH QUALITY" Mode!
8 May 2011
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Susan George Sex Scene in "Straw Dogs"
21 Nov 2014
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Miss Blanche just havin a bad day.
27 Jul 2009
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11 Dec 2008
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Trailer Originale del Film "Cane di Paglia" di Sam Peckinpah con Dustin Hoffman, Susan George, David Warner
31 Mar 2010
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The 1975 theatrical trailer for "Mandingo", the big-budget screen adaptation of Kyle Onstott's 1957 novel about life on the Southern plantation of Falconhurst. Produced by Dino DeLaurentiis and directed by Richard Fleischer, the film version was a substantial box-office success despite being torn to shreds by critics. James Mason, Perry King, Susan George, Ken Norton and Brenda Sykes starred. A second Onstott adaptation - "Drum" followed in 1976.
15 Jun 2010
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From the movie Enter the Ninja - Cole (Franco Nero) protects Mary Ann (Susan George) by fighting off some bad guys.
19 May 2011
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From the movie Enter the Ninja - Mary Ann (Susan George) points a gun at Cole (Franco Nero) when he steps on her property. She then finds out he is an old friend of her husband.
19 May 2011
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Cute scene with Susan George. Susan George being provocative with Dustin Hoffman.
14 Sep 2012
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Straw Dogs is a 1971 psychological thriller directed by Sam Peckinpah and starring Dustin Hoffman and Susan George. The screenplay by Peckinpah and David Zelag Goodman is based upon the 1969 novel The Siege of Trencher's Farm by Gordon Williams. The film's title derives from a discussion in the Tao Te Ching that likens the ancient Chinese ceremonial straw dog to forms without substance. The film is noted for its violent concluding sequences and a complicated rape scene that critics point to as an example of Peckinpah's (and Hollywood's) debasement of women. Released theatrically the same year as A Clockwork Orange, The French Connection, and Dirty Harry, the film sparked heated controversy over the perceived increase of violence in cinema. Although controversial in 1971, Straw Dogs is considered by many to be one of Peckinpah's greatest films. The film premiered in US cinemas on December 29, 1971. A remake by Rod Lurie was released on September 16, 2011. ================================================= Battle Of Neretva :: 1969 :: Full Movie :: ******* The Russia House :: 1990 :: Full Movie :: ******* Drugstore Cowboy :: Full Length Movie :: ******* Bells From The Deep :: Werner Herzog :: 1993 :: ******* Straw Dogs :: 1971 :: Full Length Movie :: *******
9 Mar 2013
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