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lindsay lohan my sweet angel
13 Sep 2007
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Adorable kitty sleeping in my hand with his feet on his head and purring :))))))) SWWEEEEETTT !!!!
13 May 2008
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my sweet angel
6 Oct 2007
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******* Thinking of an Angel Tattoo? Here are samples of just some of the sweet Angel Tattoos you will find on the website.
9 Feb 2009
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for my Sweet Angel Indi..... You are my gift from gorgeous baby,..I love you!
4 Apr 2009
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My sweet,sweet angel
18 Feb 2009
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Robert Browning - Fra Lippo Lippi - Read by Paul Giamatti Fra Lippo Lippi (Part 2) by Robert Browning (1812-1889) Here's Giotto, with his Saint a-praising God, That sets us praising, -- why not stop with him? Why put all thoughts of praise out of our head With wonder at lines, colours, and what not? Paint the soul, never mind the legs and arms! Rub all out, try at it a second time. Oh, that white smallish female with the breasts, She's just my niece... Herodias, I would say, -- Who went and danced and got men's heads cut off! Have it all out!" Now, is this sense, I ask? A fine way to paint soul, by painting body So ill, the eye can't stop there, must go further And can't fare worse! Thus, yellow does for white When what you put for yellow's simply black, And any sort of meaning looks intense When all beside itself means and looks naught. Why can't a painter lift each foot in turn, Left foot and right foot, go a double step, Make his flesh liker and his soul more like, Both in their order? Take the prettiest face, The Prior's niece... patron-saint -- is it so pretty You can't discover if it means hope, fear, Sorrow or joy? won't beauty go with these? Suppose I've made her eyes all right and blue, Can't I take breath and try to add life's flash, And then add soul and heighten them threefold? Or say there's beauty with no soul at all -- (I never saw it -- put the case the same --) If you get simple beauty and naught else, You get about the best thing God invents: That's somewhat: and you'll find the soul you have missed, Within yourself, when you return him thanks. "Rub all out!" Well, well, there's my life, in short, And so the thing has gone on ever since. I'm grown a man no doubt, I've broken bounds: You should not take a fellow eight years old And make him swear to never kiss the girls. I'm my own master, paint now as I please -- Having a friend, you see, in the Corner-house! Lord, it's fast holding by the rings in front -- Those great rings serve more purposes than just To plant a flag in, or tie up a horse! And yet the old schooling sticks, the old grave eyes Are peeping o'er my shoulder as I work, The heads shake still -- "It's art's decline, my son! You're not of the true painters, great and old; Brother Angelico's the man, you'll find; Brother Lorenzo stands his single peer: Fag on at flesh, you'll never make the third!" Flower o' the pine, You keep your mistr- manners, and I'll stick to mine! I'm not the third, then: bless us, they must know! Don't you think they're the likeliest to know, They with their Latin? So, I swallow my rage, Clench my teeth, suck my lips in tight, and paint To please them -- sometimes do and sometimes don't; For, doing most, there's pretty sure to come A turn, some warm eve finds me at my saints -- A laugh, a cry, the business of the world -- (Flower o' the peach, Death for us all, and his own life for each!) And my whole soul revolves, the cup runs over, The world and life's too big to pass for a dream, And I do these wild things in sheer despite, And play the fooleries you catch me at, In pure rage! The old mill-horse, out at grass After hard years, throws up his stiff heels so, Although the miller does not preach to him The only good of grass is to make chaff. What would men have? Do they like grass or no -- May they or mayn't they? all I want's the thing Settled for ever one way. As it is, You tell too many lies and hurt yourself: You don't like what you only like too much, You do like what, if given at your word, You find abundantly detestable. For me, I think I speak as I was taught; I always see the garden and God there A-making man's wife: and, my lesson learned, The value and significance of flesh, I can't unlearn ten minutes afterwards. You understand me: I'm a beast, I know. But see, now -- why, I see as certainly As that the morning-star's about to shine, What will hap some day. We've a youngster here Come to our convent, studies what I do, Slouches and stares and lets no atom drop: His name is Guidi -- he'll not mind the monks -- They call him Hulking Tom, he lets them talk -- He picks my practice up -- he'll paint apace, I hope so -- though I never live so long, I know what's sure to follow. You be judge! You speak no Latin more than I, belike; However, you're my man, you've seen the world -- The beauty and the wonder and the power, The shapes of things, their colours, lights and shades, Changes, surprises, -- and God made it all! -- For what? Do you feel thankful, ay or no, For this fair town's face, yonder river's line, The mountain round it and the sky above, Much more the figures of man, woman, child, These are the frame to? What's it all about? To be passed over, despised? or dwelt upon, Wondered at? oh, this last of course! -- you say. But why not do as well as say, -- paint these Just as they are, careless what comes of it? God's works -- paint anyone, and count it crime To let a truth slip. Don't object, "His works Are here already; nature is complete: Suppose you reproduce her" -- (which you can't) "There's no advantage! you must beat her, then." For, don't you mark? we're made so that we love First when we see them painted, things we have passed Perhaps a hundred times nor cared to see; And so they are better, painted -- better to us, Which is the same thing. Art was given for that; God uses us to help each other so, Lending our minds out. Have you noticed, now, Your cullion's hanging face? A bit of chalk, And trust me but you should, though! How much more, If I drew higher things with the same truth! That were to take the Prior's pulpit-place, Interpret God to all of you! Oh, oh, It makes me mad to see what men shall do And we in our graves! This world's no blot for us, Nor blank; it means intensely, and means good: To find its meaning is my meat and drink. "Ay, but you don't so instigate to prayer!" Strikes in the Prior: "when your meaning's plain It does not say to folk -- remember matins, Or, mind you fast next Friday!" Why, for this What need of art at all? A skull and bones, Two bits of stick nailed crosswise, or, what's best, A bell to chime the hour with, does as well. I painted a Saint Laurence six months since At Prato, splashed the fresco in fine style: "How looks my painting, now the scaffold's down?" I ask a brother: "Hugely," he returns -- "Already not one phiz of your three slaves Who turn the Deacon off his toasted side, But's scratched and prodded to our heart's content, The pious people have so eased their own With coming to say prayers there in a rage: We get on fast to see the bricks beneath. Expect another job this time next year, For pity and religion grow i' the crowd -- Your painting serves its purpose!" Hang the fools! -- That is -- you'll not mistake an idle word Spoke in a huff by a poor monk, God wot, Tasting the air this spicy night which turns The unaccustomed head like Chianti wine! Oh, the church knows! don't misreport me, now! It's natural a poor monk out of bounds Should have his apt word to excuse himself: And hearken how I plot to make amends. I have bethought me: I shall paint a piece ... There's for you! Give me six months, then go, see Something in Sant' Ambrogio's! Bless the nuns! They want a cast o' my office. I shall paint God in their midst, Madonna and her babe, Ringed by a bowery flowery angel-brood, Lilies and vestments and white faces, sweet As puff on puff of grated orris-root When ladies crowd to Church at midsummer. And then i' the front, of course a saint or two -- Saint John, because he saves the Florentines, Saint Ambrose, who puts down in black and white The convent's friends and gives them a long day, And Job, I must have him there past mistake, The man of Uz (and Us without the z, Painters who need his patience). Well, all these Secured at their devotion, up shall come Out of a corner when you least expect, As one by a dark stair into a great light, Music and talking, who but Lippo! I! -- Mazed, motionless and moonstruck -- I'm the man! Back I shrink -- what is this I see and hear? I, caught up with my monk's-things by mistake, My old serge gown and rope that goes all round, I, in this presence, this pure company! Where's a hole, where's a corner for escape? Then steps a sweet angelic slip of a thing Forward, puts out a soft palm -- "Not so fast!" -- Addresses the celestial presence, "nay -- He made you and devised you, after all, Though he's none of you! Could Saint John there draw -- His camel-hair make up a painting-brush? We come to brother Lippo for all that, Iste perfecit opus!" So, all smile -- I shuffle sideways with my blushing face Under the cover of a hundred wings Thrown like a spread of kirtles when you're gay And play hot cockles, all the doors being shut, Till, wholly unexpected, in there pops The hothead husband! Thus I scuttle off To some safe bench behind, not letting go The palm of her, the little lily thing That spoke the good word for me in the nick, Like the Prior's niece... Saint Lucy, I would say. And so all's saved for me, and for the church A pretty picture gained. Go, six months hence! Your hand, sir, and good-bye: no lights, no lights! The street's hushed, and I know my own way back, Don't fear me! There's the grey beginning. Zooks!
26 Sep 2011
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6 May 2013
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The homemade video of my sweet angels, my children Flavio and Fiona....
27 Nov 2009
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*******www.angelsarewithus**** Welcome to the Angel *Detox* center. The Angels are inside. It's not time to be with them yet, so why don't you sit down and relax? As you are relaxing, think about everything you are thankful for. Feel the glow of the Angel's love. Now, think about something else. Think about what you are addicted to. Did you know that we are all *addicted* to something? The addiction could be something as simple as watching a soap opera every day, or it could be something much more complicated. Think about it a moment as you relax. When you are ready to do something about your addiction, we will proceed. *** If you aren't ready, wait until you are. And it's OK if that time isn't right now. It could be in an hour, a day, a week. It doesn't matter. Just relax and know that it is there for you, waiting until you are ready. *** OK, would you like to proceed? Great. *******www.angelsarewithus****
6 Apr 2012
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Truth About Abs *******d2aecct8lkla6t6ey7oap5zlcd.hop.clickbank****/ Work from home FREE! ******* Try it now... Diet Solution Program: Highly recommended! *******7f97fpqymbtfdw8kqzpj2z2qc2.hop.clickbank****/
5 Sep 2011
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This video is so real life, let me tell you my sweet angel mouse. First of all, my underwear is legit getting too tight, does that ever happen to you? Like you put it on and you're like, wait what the fuck my butt. And so then you walk over to your mirror and look at your butt and you're all like, who's fucking butt is that? Is that my butt? Is that really what my butt looks like? You're kidding. Oh my god what have I done!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!? NOOOOOOOOO. And then you sit in a corner for a minute and cry and feel bad, but then you get hungry so you go to Wendys and get some french fries and chili but then you also pass a Taco Bell on your way home so you get like 5 Doritos Locos Tacos but then you need to get some because your dogs like them too so you get a couple extra, then as you're driving and getting excited about being a gluttonous piece of shit you pass a McDonalds so you're like, a McFlurry isn't gonna kill me, so you stop and get one of those but then Burger King is right next to it and you know what's delicious, Whoppers, so you get one of those and then by the time you get to your house you have so much food in your hands you have to like carry some of it with your face and just hope that no one sees you on your way in so they can stand there and judge you with all the food you are about to put in your body. Then you get into your house and eat it all like you give a fuck. Like shovel it into your face. Then you remember why your butt looks the way that it looks and feel bad, but then after a couple of hours you get hungry again so you get some cookies and take them to the face. Guys please don't make me feel weird, please tell me this happens to you. I've even made my dogs fat. I took them to the dog park the other day and I got all excited because there were 2 other Italian Greyhounds there and they were so cute and I was like, Kermit look at the other Kermits those are your peoples you are going to have so much fun! And then when they were all sniffing each other they looked all like sleek and skinny like greyhounds are supposed to look and Kermit looked, ahem, well fed. I'm like that lady in that documentary about monkeys where she would sit them in their little high chairs and feed them people food like spaghetti and shit until the monkey doctor told her she was giving them diabetes and was all like, excuse you miss lady but did you know that monkeys only eat fruit in the jungle and not spaghetti? And she was all like, whhaaaaa but they love it so much we eat every meal together, and she was pretty fat too so you know she eats like 50 meals a day consisting of nothing but feelings and they showed clips of her sitting at the dinner table with her monkeys and they're like slamming their hands on the table and throwing shit and making monkey noises when she put a plate of fruit in front of them like, WHERE THE FUCK IS OUR SPAGHETTI WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT WE ARE MONKEYSSSSSS!!!!! And she just got all sad and gave in and dumped her whole plate of spaghetti onto their plates and then they were happy but where also throwing it at her like abusive little brat children that never grow up to be contributing members of society. I'm that lady. I have become her. And then not only are my dogs the monkeys but my underwear is too tight. It's also getting nice outside and I feel like I have a dimple in my butt that wasn't there before and I just look all soft and squishy like I never work out because that's actually pretty accurate as to how I'm choosing to live my life right now. Then I get sad again and then I feed my face hole delicious food and then give it to my monkey dogs because they are throwing their monkey dog hands in the air and crying and throwing a fit about their spaghetti. What have I become. This is by far the saddest description I have ever written in a video. The North Face is actually the South Face and we are upside down. Armadillos sit on pillows under the willows we should kill those. Please subscribe to my channel and my vlog channel! I make new videos here every Wednesday and make vlogs during my majestical daily life. JennaMarbles JennaMarblesVlog Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Jenna-Mourey/311917224927 Twitter: ********twitter****/#!/Jenna_Marbles Jenna_Marbles CharlesMarbles Kermit_thedog T-Shirts (so far, sorry we're working on more!!) *******www.districtlines****/jennamarbles Blog: *******www.jennamarblesblog****/ Tumblr: *******jennamarbles.tumblr****/ Instagram JennaMarbles
20 Apr 2013
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You can join us on : ********www.facebook****/HugoAndTheStorms You can download the song for free here : *******www.mediafire****/?6t5pp3badhjj6vz Video Produced & Directed by Hugo & The Storms ________________________________________________________ "It was an amazing experience to shoot this video with those people, we had so much fun making it , we hope that you will like it, and don't forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, it would be so great! As you know, we are an unsigned band, and we don't want to get signed, but we believe that, this video can go viral with your support. " ____________________________________________________________ Did you like the place in the video ? Here is the adress :) My Ami - Fifties American Diner ‪8 Place de l'Hôtel de ville, 74200 Thonon-les-Bains,‬ ‪ France‬ ‪+33 4 50 79 34 33 ‬‎ _____________________________________________________ Lyrics : Sweet Kiss Hey, May i ask you to take my hand ? You will never ever be alone my darling I love the way i love the way you love me, Cause you don't want to, you don't want be rich. You are the one that i just want to kiss. Call oh oh me Love oh oh You will never ever be alone Kiss my lips my sweet angel i will love you more and more and more i just want you girl, i just want you to know who i am i hope, yes i hope you will understand that my kingdom is not down there. I'll show you everything about my King. ( Jesus ) Oh yes i need, yes i need a kiss. I'll show you everything about my King. ( Jesus ) Call oh oh me Love oh oh You will never ever be alone Kiss my lips my sweet angel i will love you more and more and more Oh oh i love you, i need you, i feel you will you be my girl for just a night ? Oh oh i love you, i need you, i feel you will you be my girl for just a night ? Call oh oh me Love oh oh You will never ever be alone Kiss my lips my sweet angel i will love you more and more and more Call oh oh me Love oh oh You will never ever be alone Kiss my lips my sweet angel i will love you more and more and more ________________________________________________________________ May God bless you.
4 Apr 2012
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(NB : other videos of proXima on Youtube : Goodbye My Love : ***********/watch?v=zHd6I3SqHK4 ) Video Clip "The Seeds of Hope", by proXima Artist : the french alternative rock band : proXima myspace profile : *******www.myspace****/proximarockband book of the band : *******proximabook.canalblog**** Facebook : *******www.facebook****/proximarockband Twitter : *******twitter****/proXimarockband Song : The Seeds of Hope Lyrics and music by Jee Wy Trade to : SACEM Arranged by Eric Leroy, and Christophe Pichon Style : Indie alternative rock Album : The Seeds of Hope is on the proXima album LOST BLOOD IN PARIS, sound engineer Romain Frydman. Film Director : Olivier Benel ( *******www.myspace****/olivierbenel ) Assistant Director : Serge Da Silva Dias Screen writer : Olivier Benel Colorist, compositing and post-processing : Serge Da Silva Dias, NEXYAD ( *******www.darkserge**** *******www.nexyad****) 3D concept and animations : Serge Da Silva Dias, NEXYAD Image processing algorithms : the French Visual Effects Conception and Development NEXYAD (*******www.nexyad****) Photographers : Christophe Verrier & Narkia Camera : Canon 5D Mark II Make up : Marie Antoine Painting "La Conseillante" by Sophie Varela ( *******www.sophievarela**** ) ALCATRAZ Production all rights reserved 2010 Starring : - proXima members : Jee Wy (the singer/guitarist, also the creepy Master vampire), Eric Leroy (the bassist), and Christophe Pichon (the Drummer), - Ania Rubaieva (lovely Mistress vampire) - Anne-Christine Caro (lovely blond vampire) - Valentina Salerno (lovely brunette vampire) - Maud Myers (lovely victim and then lovely new female vampire) Locations : Crypt : somewhere in Serge Da Silva Dias 's dark mind ... Cave : Saint Germain en Laye (Paris suburb) Countryside : Paris Suburb (road) and Picardie (disused cemetery) Street at night : Paris (Boulevard Saint Germain) (Paris by Night ...) Lyrics : Look out time shrivels Fieriness of lovers Habits are yellowing Newspapers of our souls Heart dries And later it shrinks til it becomes Hard as a stone I can see it all Would like to take you To this place where love stands Far from rain and cold We would cry so high together I know you could fly me to the moon Beyond words we d keep the warmth forever For you I would write much better tunes (I wont forget the way you kiss sweet angel) You wouldnt be Just another girlfriend But the angel Of our wonderland And I would kiss you (again) Tired but happy Sowing the seeds of hope Into your sweet belly We would cry so high together I know you could fly me to the moon Beyond words we d keep the warmth forever For you I would write much better tunes We would (remember ? Paris ?) ----------------------------- booking and contact : Bio of proXima (everything about the alternative rock band proXima) : - English : *******proximaibio.canalblog****/archives/2012/05/18/24287610.html - French : *******proximabio.canalblog****/archives/2012/05/15/24269059.html
26 Jan 2013
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Lyrics below Check out the new official video for "Life As We Knew": ***********/watch?v=ZvrV3ALAwkU *******www.dulcesky****/ lyrics: (thanks to subdroide) Shining bride of angelic smile you seem to float as you come down the stairs I lost you in the crowd In the maze of this place I ran through rooms looking for you I thought I saw your face in a sea of smiles You make my dream so real I still awoke without you I went back to sleep to find you in my dreams I finally could find you there You were still the same sweet angel face You didn't know what happened Then fell into my arms.
9 Sep 2013
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Singaporean girls are sweet & angelic girlfriends! Or.......are they? Subscribe to us here! ***********/user/Alozerk/featured Our FB page - *******www.facebook****/pages/NOC-Night-Owl-Cinematics/499105040133679 Cinematographer/Director n all the other bullshit : Chan Sylvia and Ryan Tan (*******www.facebook****/8055.Ryan) Sweet Girlfriend : Berlin Ng (*******www.facebook****/berlinng.huixuanxuan) (blog: ******* *******www.facebook****/huixuanxuanpage?ref=stream Whipped Boyfriend : Chan Sikeen (*******www.facebook****/chan.sikeen?fref=ts) ********twitter****/PuyolChan Hi guys, thanks for the great response, we are a group of cinematographers/editors and just passionate people who love to produce video, if you guys need a videographer please feel free to contact us ryansylviacinematicsgmail****, We are in process of setting up our websites n stuff so be patient and do contact us if you need our expertise (if any) :D thanks! Follow our twitter ********twitter****/ShitShatMyLife *Director's note* - Please take this skit as a pinch of salt, we didn't expect it to go viral and we didn't mean to offend anyone, it is obviously exaggerated and meant to exemplify certain traits we see in girls, MOST girls we know aren't even like this, certainly not our actress or actors! We did this for entertainment purposes and not specifically targeting anyone in particular. Lastly, please, if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all, otherwise, we thank you for your overwhelming support to this video, its great to see that the majority of the people actually have a sense of humor :) Like our fb page *******www.facebook****/pages/NOC-Nightowl-Cinematics/499105040133679
20 Mar 2013
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