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Beyonce And Jay Z Finally Married And Owen Wilson & Woody Harrison Swimming Naked?!? Your Entertainment And Celebrity News From Getthedaily**** - Your Online Source For News. log on to getthedaily****
21 Apr 2009
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Jessica Biel says the best part of calling JT her husband is having someone to go swimming naked with…
7 Dec 2012
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Swimming naked with Beluga Whales at the Polar Circle. By Viktor Lyagushkin
14 Oct 2012
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30 Jul 2009
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Some day at the summer of 2006 I went to walk alone at the coast, shirtless, only me, my camera and my shorts, completely barechested and going commando . When I was completely alone I saw a natural swimming pool where I took off my shorts and I did a cool and fresh skinny dipping. Was a very cool nude plunge, swimming unclothed for many hours, just me, a naked man in a communion with the fire of the sun, the air, the earth, the water and my spirit. Why so serious ? is only a male ass !!!
13 Aug 2009
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Zac Efron takes a swim
6 Sep 2009
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WoW_From Retro ItaLian Cleopatra Flick Sweet Sexy SOPHIA Loren Bathing Nude (Semi-Covered By Water) In Temple PooL
5 Dec 2013
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21 Oct 2014
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SHIN CHAN IS BACK! MON - THURS 12:30pm 11:30 central WATCH IT ON ADULT SWIM!!! Naked Guy is Naked... this guy is running during a football game and runs into a big football player...and was hit sooo hard... and the other football players are just laughing about it... HIGH-LARIOUS!
25 Apr 2009
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petra swimming naked in the pool. :)
6 Sep 2009
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This is in the beginning of the movie, where the twins play poker.. The looser has to go for a swim - naked! (request by other youtube member) Enjoy!
7 Sep 2009
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Grazia, played by Golino, is a free-spirited mother of three married to shy fisherman Pietro (Vincenzo Amato) and living on the idyllic but isolated island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean Sea. She shows signs of manic depressive behavior — one moment she's laughing wildly and swimming half-naked in the ocean, while the next she's curled in a ball on her bed. Out of her earshot, the adult members of her extended family vaguely discuss sending her to a facility of some sort in Northern Italy. Grazia is closely shepherded by her oldest son Pasquale, played by Casisa, who appears to be about fourteen years old and often assumes more of a parental role with his mother. After Pietro puts down one of Grazia's dogs because he thinks it might be dangerous, impulsive Grazia sets all the stray dogs free in the town's makeshift kennel. After the dogs swarm over the island, the locals demand that Pietro do something about his wife. But when he tells her he plans to send her away to Northern Italy, she runs away and hides in a cave on the shore, where she's secretly tended by young Pasquale, who brings her clean clothes and food every day. Pietro and some friends doggedly search the island for Grazia, so Pasquale leaves one of her dresses by the edge of the sea as a ruse. Pietro finds the dress — the one she was wearing the day she disappeared — and nearly everyone presumes she has drowned. Pietro, however, continues to search for her, and just before an important local religious festival, he sees her swimming naked in the water. He dives in to assist her, thinking a miracle has occurred, and many of the villagers follow suit, thus providing a sheltering circle around her as she is brought safely to shore.
17 Sep 2010
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The clip the meaning of family Part 2 from Away We Go (2009) with Chris Messina No. With this, you have to use tons of it. For every brick, there's a half-ton of mortar. I thought we were doing syrup. Mortar, syrup. Syrup, mortar. It is all the same. It's the glue. It's all those good things you have in you. The love, the wisdom, the generosity. The selflessness. The patience. Patience. At 3:00 a.m., when everyone's awake because Ibrahim is sick and he can't find the bathroom and he just puked in Katya's bed. Patience when you blink... It was awful. When you blink and it's 5:30 and it is time to get up again, and you know you're going to be tired all day, all week, all your fucking life. And you are thinking, "What happened to Greece? "What happened to swimming naked off the coast of Greece?" And you have to be willing to make the family out of whatever you have. You have to be so much better than you ever thought. Right?
23 Nov 2011
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A sensuous story of natural love. Director: Randal Kleiser Writers: Henry De Vere Stacpoole (novel) Douglas Day Stewart (writer) Contact: View company contact information for The Blue Lagoon on IMDbPro. Release Date: 5 July 1980 (USA) A story of natural love. Two children shipwrecked alone on a tropical island. Nature is kind. They thrive on the bounty of jungle and lagoon. The boy grows tall. The girl beautiful. They swim naked over coral reefs. They run in a cathedral of trees. And the warm winds, the tropic moon, the silk sand conspire to enchant them. When their love happens, it is natural as the sea, and as powerful. Love as nature intended to be.
17 Jun 2012
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