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Central Indiana's Largest Party with a Purpose! Anderson Indiana Pendleton Indiana Bikes Babes Beer !!! 70 Kegs Hot Contests - Wet T Shirt / Best Thong /Swimsuit Contests Motorcycle Memorial Ride Battle of the Bands Live Music - 9 Bands Dunk Tank
11 Jul 2009
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Bikini babe Charity Hodges of sweet ol' Tennessee tells us how she went from competing from beauty pageants to swimsuit contests............ then this drunk mess takes a yank at Charity's top. That's good too.
18 Dec 2009
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Toronto Airport Hooters Swimsuit Contest 2009. Filmed & Edited by Stan Trac for www.torontotv****
1 Apr 2010
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Full Vid-- *******tifany.totalh****/ *******tifany.totalh****/ *******tifany.totalh****/ *******tifany.totalh****/ *******tifany.totalh****/ *******tifany.totalh****/ *******tifany.totalh****/ *******tifany.totalh****/ *******tifany.totalh****/ *******tifany.totalh****/ *******tifany.totalh****/
6 Nov 2009
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Hot girls in Hot Hollywod, Fl during the 2008 Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Contest.
16 Mar 2010
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~My videos are widescreen! Take a look and subscribe if you like 'em!~ ...ugh..Today is the day we make our big debut as cross dressers... The girls decide to fix us up and Teddie for some reason decides he wants to join...what a weirdo.... The first contestant! Kanji!...!? T-thats totally frightening...oh god so wrong!....bleeeeeegh. Second contestant! Yosuke! ...WHAT! He is dressed kinda...provocatively miniskirt and all... You would of thought he could of done a bit better... Third in a tough girl pigtailed kendo master. Ah jeez this is too embarrassing all those comments about me...;-; The last contestant...Teddie...Wait what!? H-he looks like a little girl and knows how to act like one a bit too well...WHAT THE HELL! This is too sexually confusing! Of course Teddie wins and her..I mean his! prize is a judge in the real not worth it.... What you can't just announce a swimsuit contest! ...although it is a good idea! I'll approve it!
17 Jul 2010
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