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12 Sep 2017
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Cool trick to turn any web page into a swirling circle of fun!
4 Dec 2006
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Heavy swirl removal with the Porter Cable 7424
1 Feb 2007
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Easy but cool tutorial on how to create those nice swirls. The text can be found on the link
6 Nov 2007
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Cool tutorial for making those cool swirls.
8 Nov 2007
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Tutorial on creating blue electric swirls in Adobe Photoshop CS3.
3 Feb 2008
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Illustrator Tutorial How To Draw Swirling Rainbows ! Have you ever seen those looping, swooshing, swirling rainbow graphics used in all kinds of graphics ranging from logos, and sketches, to grungy and retro illustrations? Well we are going to create one of them in Illustrator and learn how to export it to a program such as Photoshop as a samrt object to utilize it as a smart object so we can both retain vector scalability while giving us the option to use Illustrator to edit the graphic for us!
30 Oct 2008
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Marvelous no ? Swirl is an effect on the pixels of the pictures, witch can have differebts directions. Autumns colors in Japan forest. New effects from youvea****
11 Feb 2009
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A selection of marvelous sunset. Enjoy them with a double swirl special effet from youvea****, the online video production platform.
28 Mar 2009
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Another sample of youvea technology with a double swirl special effect. Some marvelous diving pictures to dream a little.
28 Apr 2009
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Could swirl wristbands be for you? Take a look at *******www.siliconewristbandshq****/swirl_wristbands and see if our endless possibilites for swirl mix wrist bands are for you. We will help you design rubber swirl wristbands if you need some help
15 May 2010
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A LONG DHVOF chromium carbide coating is here applied to a gas swirl assembly used in power plant operations. The assembly will be installed in a circular duct which carries hot gas streams laden with erosive and corrosive fly ash. The swirl is designed to accelerate and divert the gas streams , which achieve temperatures of up to 600°F and velocities of 4000-5000 feet per minute (FPM). Application of the chromium carbide protective coating serves to greatly extend the service life of the gas swirl assembly. For additional information, visit *******www.longevitycoatings****
30 Oct 2010
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