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Columbus and Tallahassee share their rules for surviving Zombieland. Follow Zombieland on Twitter for more updates, or visit www.zombieland****. Zombieland - in theaters 10/9/09
13 Aug 2009
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Cool video with a little drum and base army *******www.swissarmywatches****
15 Aug 2009
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Swiss arts and crafts clip from “Tulips That Yodel”, the free Intrepid Berkeley Explorer video of Belgium, the Netherlands (Holland) and Switzerland; starring Brussels, Bruges, WW I trench museum, world famous Tulips in bloom, traditional Dutch windmills, Amsterdam, the Matterhorn, Bern with its Ogre Fountain & Swiss music with yodeling plus crazy instruments. To enjoy all of this film, plus over 30 more free, non-commercial, streaming travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, please click on the link under my picture on this page and the link down under my picture on the next page; or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
12 Oct 2010
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*******www.grainmillsandjuicers****/product/blendtecdesigner The all-new Blendtec Designer Series is engineered for a whole new level of beauty and functionality, without compromising the power and efficiency that made Blendtec famous.
17 Oct 2012
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"For Information Just Click The Link Below : ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B006HIRTJ4/cesgh-20 GET BIG DISCOUNT NOW!!! Disclaimer: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon, Inc. or its affiliates."
3 Mar 2013
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In this video we discuss using GFi LANguard Network Security Scanner to scan for vulnerabilities, missing patches, open ports, 3rde party software deployment and comprehensive reporting. LANguard is a "Swiss Army Knife" of network security tools. My advice is if you don't purchase another security tool for your network, get this!
26 Jun 2008
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USB Swiss Army Knife
3 Jul 2008
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12 Jul 2008
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*******www.frugalbrothers**** According to GFi Software over 80,000 companies depend on MailEssentials to combat spam everyday. We use it here at FrugalBrothers.This "Swiss Army Knife" of server sided email utilities offers amazing value. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Aug 2008
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Get the PDA and smartphone users' 'Swiss army knife'. [ *******www.chinavasion****/en3s ]. When dealing with smart phones and PDAs like the iPhone and Blackberry, there's two things to worry about: 1) Hauling the hulking thing out of your pocket in a hurry 2) keeping the screen clear of greasy fingerprints from everyday ab/use (where chocolate bars and packets of chips are willing accomplices) when you lose the stylus it came with. Make sure you get the phone in time and your screen remains nice and pristine with the Bluetooth Stylus [ *******www.chinavasion****/en3s ]. Not only can you use this fantastically well laid-out cell phone accessory as a handsfree calling kit, bluetooth headset and stylus but it also supports last number calling answer, reject, end and call functions. Check it out at [ *******www.chinavasion****/en3s ] or go to [*******www.chinavasion****/index.php/cName/hot-products/ ] for more great products from Chinavasion.
23 Sep 2011
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Craig Petty has been performing coin magic for a long time. Anyone that has seen his recent DVD releases Flipped Out and Attack of the Bag will know that his magic is clear, direct, commercial and above all strong. After years of holding back he is finally releasing Mirage. Mirage is a revolutionary new coin set which is set to take the magic world by storm. It has been described as the Swiss Army Knife of coin gimmicks and allows you to perform many new routines which until now have been thought impossible. You receive everything you need to start performing straight away including the specially machined gimmicks and all the regular coins to match. Although there are hundreds of routines possible with Mirage we have selected 7 of the best which are performed and explained on the companion DVD. We have tried to include routines which can be performed in all sorts of conditions from cocktail parties to stage and all points in between. In addition there is a sleight section which examines all the sleights which are needed. Best of all Craig Petty and master magician David Penn sit down and discuss the set in depth and look at all its applications. Penaskin - A 5 phase routine where coins penetrate through the hand of the performer. Each penetration becomes more visual until the final phase which happens in the spectator's hand.
14 Mar 2009
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LONDON, United Kingdom—April 29, 2009—Iain Sinclair® introduces CardSharp®, a stylish utility knife as slim as a credit card. Three ingenious folding operations metamorphose CardSharp® from credit card size to utility knife in a flash of hi-tec origami. CardSharp® includes several clever safety mechanisms including: • A built in safety sheath that cannot get separated from knife (many serious accidents happen with conventional pocket knives which users forget to close and put their knife away, still open in pocket, camping bag or kitchen drawer etc). • A subtle protective hilt that appears when the knife is in an open position and prevents the hand from slipping onto the 2.6 inch (66mm) long blade. • A snap open lock mechanism that enables the knife to be opened using one hand and ensures the knife is safe and secure to use once opened with no blade tremor (conventional carton knives suffer from poor blade tremor). Fold mechanism impervious to water and rusting. Kept conveniently and safely in a wallet, the lightweight CardSharp® at just 12 grams will always be handy (far lighter than an ordinary pocket knife). With surgical blade technology made from non-rusting stainless steel (heat treated with an ultra tough black oxide finish), this invention is as clean and as sharp as a carton knife and highly suitable for anything from carton opening, cooking, DIY, camping, gardening to pencil sharpening. Also ready for any emergency situation, CardSharp® is an invaluable life saving utensil for doctors and paramedics (sealed, sterile versions are available for medical applications). Its an instant conversation piece! said inventor, Iain Sinclair. My target was to design a knife that was lighter, safer, easier to use and more pocketable than a Swiss army penknife, but what I ended up with is a product that has a greater wow factor than any other utility tool I have ever seen. © Copyright Iain Sinclair Design 2008. All rights reserved. E & OE.
13 May 2009
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Connected Life continues our look at gadgets! We look at Digital Cameras, the history of Swiss Army Knives and explore the dangers of Cell Phones and driving - this is Connected Life.
19 Jul 2009
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Life is beautiful - CD available soon www.myspace****/jakecoco www.facebook****/jakecocomusic www.twitter****/jakecoco Jake Coco, Use Somebody, King of leon, cover, life is beautiful, acoustic, Jason Mraz, Broken Hearts and Fairytales, Acoustic, Pop,I am Yours, Caillat, Coeur de pirates, Pep's, Bleu for You, Blue for you, White Horse, taylor swift, oasis, Matt Nathanson, takin enrico, the fray, over, Super Mario,Lasgo gone, milow, jack johnson, lucky, charlie winston, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things, make it mine, butterfly, live high, love for a child, only human, Dan Wilson, dashboard confessional, Life Is Wonderful, Did You Get My Message, wordplay, Mr. Curiousity, Song for a Friend, bella luna, ballade, Chris Carrabba, The Swiss Army Romance, Where There's Gold,Thick as Thieves,Keep Watch for the Mines,These Bones, Fever Dreams, The Shade of Poison Trees, Little Bombs, Vindicated, Dusk and Summer, Don't Wait, Reason to BelieveThe Brilliant Dance, Screaming Infidelities
16 Jan 2010
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*******www.swissarmywatches**** Too much spare time - don't waste your time .It's no spare time .Always look at your "swiss army" watch .Live today and don't live tommorow .Today you are making the next day .
16 Aug 2009
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*******www.JomaDeals**** : Swiss Military Conquest Mens Watch 06-4035-04-001. Beautifully powerful, brown-leather band Swiss Quartz men’s watch $48.00 (68% off the $150 retail price) Deal of the Day Watches - August 18, 2009. Magellan circumnavigates the world. Louis and Clark chart the Louisiana Purchase. Ernest goes to camp. What do all these brave souls have in common? Their discoveries are nothing compared to this Swiss Army Conquest watch. Sure, these other conquest-ors did some impressive things, but they could have done a whole lot more with a watch like this. With precision Swiss Quartz timekeeping, Magellan could have circumnavigated the globe AND not been killed by a poisonous arrow in the Philippines while losing half his men to scurvy. With the genuine brown leather strap, Louis and Clark could have charted the new territory without hunting the Buffalo to near extinction (I hear you can still get their jerky in Wyoming…Buffalo jerky, not Louis and Clark jerky, you sicko). And with luminous hands and dial markers, Ernest could have gone to camp AND not fallen off a ladder while clinging to his frayed safety rope (oh, who are we kidding? Those hilarious, good-hearted hijinks are comedy gold!). So as you don this watch (don as in “wear” not don as in Don Knotts, although it would be pretty cool if you magically became Don Knotts when you put the watch on. That would make a great Don Knotts movie, BTW), remember that you’re walking in the footsteps of the great conquestors (I know this isn’t technically a word, deal with it) of the past. You’ll discover new worlds (like the Japanese Butter Marker or Hot Food Blower) and maybe even discover something about yourself in the process (like why you bother to read this ENTIRE description when you could have been doing something else to waste time at work, like watching this). So pounce on this deal while it’s still largely undiscovered, Joma-junkies, and we might even let you name the watch in honor of your beloved Queen! (And don’t steal my Don Knotts movie idea; that’s my golden ticket out of this dead-end web-writing job). Jomadeals**** does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States.
18 Aug 2009
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