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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP for PC. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style. Traverse a mythic little realm, use a sword to do battle & evoke sworcery to solve mystical musical mysteries. Co-operate with friends via Twitter, experience a videogame world that is affected by moon phases & help a wandering warrior monk complete her woeful errand. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP features an album's worth of original music by noted composer Jim Guthrie as well as artwork & designs by Superbrothers Inc, crafted & engineered by videogame wizards at Capy in Toronto, Canada. This video review features video gameplay footage of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP for PC and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ashton.
30 Sep 2012
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For Steam Cd key visit the following website : *******www.swordsworceryep.razor-1911****/ developer:Capybara Games genre: adventure platform: PC / Windows Release date: World: 16 April 2012 USA: 16 April 2012 Europe: 16 April 2012 play modes: single player game language: English age requirements: everyone
13 Apr 2012
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Some great iOS games to spark your iPad, including Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, Hunters HD, and Shadow Era.
12 Apr 2011
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Orcs Must Die 2 and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP are coming to PC, Gearbox has some sweet cloth destruction physics, Star Wars Kinect is embarrassing to everyone, and we've got FREE VIDEO GAMES to give out!
3 Apr 2012
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A trailer for the bizarre, beautiful, and fun adventure game Sword & Sworcery on the Apple iPad. This game is rewriting the rules of what games can be on iOS platforms. IGN's YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: *******www.ign**** Want this week's top videos? Sign up: *******go.ign****/VideoRound-up
31 Mar 2011
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Dark Moon Sprites, Miracles, and a Badass ghost show up in this gameplay video for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery
28 Aug 2012
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All of a sudden a Gogolthic Mass shows up in Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery
28 Aug 2012
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Carolyn embarks on an epic journey when Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP makes it's way to the PC in this video review.
9 Sep 2012
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Buy it now at *******www.humblebundle**** Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP delivers a completely fresh adventure gaming experience, defying conventions to develop a unique kind of storytelling. The plot is unveiled in "sessions," each of which involves traveling through the countryside and solving puzzles and combat challenges. Every scene overflows with rich graphic and auditory details, featuring distinctive artwork by Superbrothers Inc and music and sound design by Jim Guthrie.
30 Jul 2013
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A Face Cave and an interesting bridge in this gameplay video for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcer
1 Sep 2012
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*******www.humblebundle****/ Pay what you want and get Limbo, Amnesia, Psychonauts and Sword & Sworcery while helping the Child's Play Charity and the EFF. If you beat the average on the site you'll also get Bastion. Plus each game comes with its soundtrack! This promotion won't last forever so check it out now at: *******www.humblebundle****/
9 Jun 2012
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On the Spot brings you demos of Legend of Grimrock, Dirt Showdown, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, Akai Katana as well as The Vocabularium, Maxwell McBargains and more!
10 Sep 2012
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This is the complete PS4 vs Xbox One comparison video. Which console has your vote? Leave a comment! Xbox One - ******* | PS4 - ******* Confirmed platform exclusives - PS4 Exclusive Games Blacklight: Retribution: Free to play FPS action only on PS4 and PC from Zombie Studios. Daylight: First-person survival horror with randomly generated levels and a serious lack of light sources. DC Universe Online: The PS3 MMO hit returns on PS4. Become a hero or a villain and team up with famous characters in Gotham and Metropolis. Driveclub: Drive! In a club! Social online racing from the guys behind the awesome Motorstorm. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: The troubled Square Enix MMO is back and ready to prove itself on PS4. Infamous: Second Sun: Rock around Seattle with superpowers in the third game in the Infamous franchise. Killzone: Shadow Fall: Shoot some Helghast in the face as you return to the world of Guerilla's FPS series. Knack: Fun action platforming for the kids, or adults who never really grew up. The Order: 1886: Adventure through an alternate history steampunk London full of things that go bump in the night. Planetside 2: A free to play MMO FPS that has been a great success on PC. Primal Carnage: Genesis: An episodic single player series about a world where dinosaurs have been brought back from extinction. Secret Ponchos: An indie action shooter from the excellently named studio, Switchblade Monkeys. Super Stardust HD sequel: We know another Super Stardust is coming, but not much more. Expect lots of shooting! Warframe: Another free to play shooter, this time in a third person viewpoint. A big success on PC so far. War Thunder: Multiplayer flight sim with planes from a variety of time periods. Highway to the danger to the zone! Xbox One Exclusive Games Below: An indie roguelike from the guys behind the excellent Sword and Sworcery EP on iOS. Crimson Dragon: A spiritual sequel to Panzer Dragoon. Ride on the back of a dragon and shoot stuff! D4: An episodic murder mystery from the crazy genius Swery 51. We already like it. Dead Rising 3: Can you survive in a city overrun by bloodthistry zombies? Everything you see can be a weapon. Fantasia: Music Evolved: A Disney motion controlled rhythm action game developed by Harmonix. Forza Motorspot 5: The return of what many consider to be the best racing game series in the world today. Halo 5: We know it's coming, but we don't know when... or anything else, really. Killer Instinct: A free to play reboot of the old Rare fighting game. Kinect Sports Rivals: More gesticulating wildly in front of a television in a weird pastiche of real sports. LocoCycle: Get dragged along the desert by a sentient military motorcycle. Yep, it's pretty weird. Project Spark: A strange mixture of world building and base defending using innovative voice control. Quantum Break: The new game from Remedy which blends live action video with sections of gameplay. Ryse: Son Of Rome: Historical hack and slash from Crytek set in ancient Rome. Sunset Overdrive: An open world shooter from Insomniac Games, previously famous for their partnership with Sony. Titanfall: A new sci-fi FPS IP from Respawn, a studio created by old Infinity Ward members. Zoo Tycoon: Microsoft's classic zoo management strategy game comes to console.
23 Aug 2013
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