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ALPHA_OMEGA_PRODUCTIONS_Record Of lodoss war - way of the sword
29 Jun 2009
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Sword of the New World: Granado Espada is an action-packed tactical fantasy MMORPG inspired by Europe's exploration of the Americas with great graphics, amazing music, and wonderful gameplay. Free to download and completely Free2Play! Visit -*******swordofthenewworld.gamersfirst****/index.php
15 Nov 2009
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*******www.SwordNArmory****. We had a Gumdo school tested our (SKU#JH-6101) kill bill sword. THis sword is made of handforged T10 high carbon steel with differentially harden blade. It comes with authentic hamon and hatorri hanzel evils symbol.
2 Jul 2009
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Sword Swallower Dan Meyer swallows a sword sandwich of 5 swords at once on the Food Magic episode of Food Network's Unwrapped. Used by permission.
6 Jul 2009
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Next weeks and months you get here some (short) clips from the devolping of a demotape for some new Sword and Baton-Art techniques. The clips and outtakes are mostly practice and try-overs, camera adjustments and others. Some are held in slowmo-movments, some are very fast. Enjoy the sometimes not so serious moments, even if i look sometimes not really amused. Sometimes mistakes are also included. The one, when i smashed me a stick right in the face will be uploaded a little later... ;O) Have fuN ! Andreas Ramlow
9 Jan 2010
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*******www.swordnarmory**** This is footage from our test cuts with A Musashi Beater Sword. The Sword is a sub $100 but still held up to a single Wara Mat.
4 Aug 2009
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*******www.swordnarmmory****. This is a sword testing of Musashi Brand 1045 steel handmade sword. Dragon gold & silver plated Tsuba. It comes with certificate, sword bag & gift sword box.
4 Aug 2009
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htt://www.swordnarmory****. This is footage from the USA HaedongKumdo Studio Test Cutting with our Forge Folded Katana. This sword comes with a forge folded steel blade. The blade has a lot of details. Check out the specs video of this sword.
5 Aug 2009
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Check out the two sharp swords!!!! Nikkal Feyrouz and The Desert Nomads performing live at the LA Convention Center January 2009... www.dancingbelly**** www.nikafeyrouz****
10 Aug 2009
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Sword Swallower Dan Meyer swallows 12 swords and a Hedge Clippers in 3 minutes for the Cirque Eloize program "La Vie est un Cirque" on TV5 Montreal. Watch as TV Film host Patrice Belanger removes the sword from Dan's throat.
20 Aug 2009
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At the IAEWP World Peace Conference in Huntsville AL, three World Peace Delegates from three different countries remove a 40" broadsword Sword of War from sword swallower Dan Meyer to represent creating world peace and transform it into a Sword of Peace. *******www.danmeyer**** *******cuttingedgeinnertainment**** *******twitter****/Halfdan *******www.iaewp****
4 Sep 2009
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Gun sword amv featuring Bat for lashes- glass
8 Sep 2009
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Update : 16-min. trailer here! *******www.tudou****/programs/view/eR8ir1bILQ0/ I am a huge fanatic of Zhang Jizhong's productions and am keeping a close eye on this all-time favorite novel of the Condor Heroes Trilogy series, Yi Tian Tu Long Ji. Said to be released in the Fall/Winter 2009. Nevertheless, enjoy this teaser. =] -Deng Chao as Zhang Wu Ji -Shi Lei as young Zhang Wu Ji -Ady An as Zhao Min -Liu Jing as Zhou Zhi Ruo -He Zhuo Yan as Xiao Zhao -Zhang Meng as Zhu Er -Lu Chen as Yang Bu Hui -Wu Xiao Dong as Yang Xiao -Zang Jin Sheng as Xie Xun -Li Shun as Ding Min Jun -Yu Cheng Hui as Zhang San Feng -Tan Fei Ling as Cheng Kun -Ken Chang as Zhang Cui Shan -Wang Yuan Ke as Yin Su Su -He Jia Yi as Ji Xiao Fu -Ma Ling as Granny Golden Flower -Li Tai (李泰) as Song Qing Shu -Chen Ji Ming as Song Yuan Qiao -Wang Jing Hua as Priestess Mie Jue -Wang Jiu Sheng as Yin Li Ting -Zhang Ji Zhong as Ru Yang Wang -Chen Zhi Hui as Yin Tian Zheng / Bai Mao Ying Wang -Guan Xiao Yu (关效宇) as Yin Ye Wang -Hu Dong as Fan Yao -Yang Nian Sheng as Zhou Dian -Zhou Gang (周刚) as Shuo Bu De -Guo Jun as Zhang Song Xi -Han Dong (韩东) as He Bi Weng -Rocky Hou as Han Lin Er -Li Ming as Wei Yi Xiao -Wang Wei Guo as Kong Wen -Bai Hai Long (白海龙) as Du Da Jin -Cao Zhan Yong (曹站永) as Yuan Ye -Zhou Xiao Bin as Chen You Liang -Hou Yue Qiu (侯越秋/侯跃秋) as Peng Ying Yu -Li Dan (李丹) as A San -Liu Qiang (刘强) as Xu Da -Liu Shi Shi as Yellow Robe Lady -Liu Zi Yi (刘子怡) as Xue Gong Yuan -Lu Shao Qiang (卢召强) as Jian Jie -Su Mao as Tie Guan Dao Ren -Sun Zu Yang as Wang Bao Bao -Tao Ji Xin (陶吉新) as Kong Zhi -Wang Jian Guo (王建国) as Yu Lian Zhou -Zhang Heng Ping as Yu Dai Yan -Wang Zhi Gang (王志刚) as Mo Sheng Gu -Wu Ke Gang (吴克刚) as Xi Hua Zi -Wu Xiao Dong (吴小冬) as He Tai Chong -Xia Yu (夏雨) as Zhu Jiu Zhen -Xiao Zong Ling (肖宗灵) as Yin Wu Fu -Zhou Dian Ying (周殿英) as Yan Heng -Zou Zong Sheng as Wei Bi -Bai Jun Jie (白俊杰) as Lu Zhang Ke -Yang Yi (杨艺) as Shi Huo Long -Original writing (novel): The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber by Jin Yong -Screenwriter: Liu Yi (刘毅) -Chief producer: Zhang Ji Zhong -Executive producer: Song Ya Ping (宋亚平) -Chief director: Zhao Jian -Cinematographers: Yu Min, Guan Jian Xiong (管建雄)
6 Sep 2009
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Sifu Galen Fok's student Andrew Yuen performing the award winning sword form Suen Fung Gim (Hurricane sword form) composed by Sifu Galen Fok.
7 Sep 2009
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*******www.SwordNArmory****. Hand Forged Folded Steel Samurai Katana Sword Testing.
12 Sep 2009
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LonelyWeekends**** - A little known, ancient method of making swords has just been revealed, using the human bones! Think you would try it?
15 Sep 2009
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