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Like the cartoon? Have twitter? Click here to tweet: *******clicktotweet****/ng4DP Download the song here in high quality: *******tinyurl****/ygbteg2 Or just get the entire Digital Album here: *******www.willhundredpercent**** Song at the end is "Atlantean Twilight" from *******www.incompetech**** I wanted to finish this animated short for the longest time, but so many things would come up that would get me side tracked. But finally, after working on it off and on for 9 months, I can finally present to you my version of "The Secret Life." Special thanks to Will Hyler, who was really supportive of the idea from day one, and helped me so much along the way. Subscribe to him now! He's one of the most talented YouTubers out there! ***********/willhundredpercent Cameos by Shay & Katilette ***********/shaycarl ***********/SHAYTARDS ***********/katilette Dave Days ***********/davedays Olga Kay ***********/olgakay Onision ***********/onision Shane Dawson ***********/ShaneDawsonTV Mystery Guitar Man ***********/MysteryGuitarMan Charles & Alli ***********/charlestrippy ***********/CTFxC ***********/Alli Kassem G ***********/KassemG Philly D ***********/sxephil -------------------- T-SHIRTS *******cybertoons.spreadshirt**** TWITTER *******twitter****/CyberToons FACEBOOK *******www.facebook****/CyberToonsPage
17 Jan 2011
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26 Apr 2011
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Youtube Money Makers and Making Money from Posting Videos! Just a Few Youtube Big Money Makers: ***********/sxephil ***********/smosh ***********/fred DVD Reviewed in this Video: Discovering Alaska Rated: G I hope you find something useful in this video. Feel free to leave a video or text response on what gun you conceal carry...
13 May 2011
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Buy a poster: ******* The GF: *******youtube****/linzloves and I don't know what has come over me but I can't help but want to tell anyone who will listen how much I love this girl. After 3 years I feel like this. I feel lucky to go through my life with this woman; the good, the bad, the new experiences. I just felt like since I share everything with you guys I had to express these feelings. -Phil ----------------- Other Stuff --------------- Sign up for a free month trial of Netflix *******Netflix**** and make sure to watch the Monday PDS: *******youtube****/sXePhil
23 Jun 2011
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Derek wasted the day away in the mountains but then went and hung out with friends at the santa monica pier. people in this video. *******youtube****/ratedrr *******youtube****/g3nuinejoe *******youtube****/charlestrippy *******youtube****/sxephil *******youtube****/shaytards Twitter *******twitter****/whatadayderek dailybooth *******dailybooth****/whatadayderek other channel *******youtube****/whatadayshelby
23 Jun 2011
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Interviews and Behind the Scenes click ***********/watch?v=_T9LJxuRFKA For SxePhil's Commentary click ***********/watch?v=0ZBTxOzRUyQ BlackBoxTV Episode 1: Do Over. Directed by ***********/MeTonyV Filmed By ***********/JoeNationTV (From and Original idea by SxePhil.) Starring ***********/SxePhil & ***********/ExoticJess Also Featuring: ***********/Sammah1 , ***********/RoyStClair , Alexander Cox and ***********/TarynOneillTV. Produced by ***********/Sammah1. Featuring music from Brandon Roberts, Malte Hagemeister, Cobia and Little Radio Radio. Main song: "Hookie" by Little Red Radio ***********/watch?v=Ahoqli-QKbk Music Supervision by ***********/MusicKillsKate. Much love to Jenni Powell and everyone who gave their time and effort to launch BlackBoxTV. Turn the dark on. Submit your ideas to BlackBoxTV *******www.blackboxtelevision****/submit-your-ideas/
25 Jun 2011
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******* Live Show Tonight, Reserve your spot: *******blogtv****/people/sxephil Follow Me: *******twitter****/people/sxephil *******myspace****/youtubephil Stories: Railroad Time: *******tinyurl****/6zf5n8 Mega Man 9: *******tinyurl****/5l3l4l Ricoh Sign to be revealed on Dec 4: *******tinyurl****/5c2fre Woman in a Trunk: *******tinyurl****/5tmmxt Peanut Butter: *******tinyurl****/5jtdlk Teacher Fired: *******tinyurl****/5bu6wn Plane Crash: *******tinyurl****/5ocn56
27 Jun 2011
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See more of what mattered to Phil at ***********/sxephil Also check out Phil's daily Vloggity at ***********/philipdefranco In this interview Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter sit down with Philip DeFranco to talk about Tim Burton's new movie Alice In Wonderland in which they star. Send your Like Totally Awesome or Philip DeFranco mail to: 13428 Maxella Avenue #286 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 Email your business inquiries to: Check out everything else that mattered to Phil at ******* Music by RonaldJenkees ***********/us/artist/ronald-jenkees/id261992090#
27 Jun 2011
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Add Me on: *******myspace****/youtubephil *******twitter****/phillyd *******blogtv****/people/sxephil Stories: Oh Nancy: ***********/watch?v=wtOW1CxHvNY Bad Parenting: *******tinyurl****/7fvcx7 YouTube Mutes: *******tinyurl****/82szrl Jackie Chan: *******tinyurl****/9hfjft Child Birth: *******tinyurl****/8g5vum
7 Jul 2011
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Tweet it! *******tinyurl****/CWF1Tweet TobyGames!! ******* Daily Vids - ******* Fans! ******* Bonus Clip! ******* Shirts! ******* Twitter! ******* Thanks to *******urbandelights**** for letting us use their awesome music! Thanks to the folks at CuteWinFail for letting me use their clips! (***********/cutewinfail) Cute Win Fail - Episode 1 (with Toby Turner) Tags: show me your ding dingding toby turner tobuscus cute win fail cutewinfail sxephil philip defranco funny hilarious video clips comedy vlog videos humor college adorable Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 Jul 2011
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10 Jul 2011
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My Website: *******www.champchong****/ My T-Shirts: *******champchong.viralprints****/ Gameplay Channel: ***********/thechongshow Facebook: *******www.facebook****/ChampChongOfficial Twitter: *******twitter****/#!/champchong Riz: *******itsonthatsite****/ Ronald Jenkees: *******www.ronaldjenkees****/ Hooker Prank Calls: ***********/user/MrTechnicalDifficult Mortal Kombat Story: *******www.dualshocknexus****/2011/04/mortal-kombat-9-story-mode-leaked.html tags sxephil philip defranco Atlanta Schools Cheaters Harlold Camping in Nursing Home Pakistan Has Few Nukes Harry Potter New Video Teasers Celebrities React to Casey Anthony Verdict Porn Kim Kardashian Speachless sxephil philip defranco Atlanta Schools Cheaters Harlold Camping in Nursing Home Pakistan Has Few Nukes Harry Potter New Video Teasers Celebrities React to Casey Anthony Verdict Porn Kim Kardashian Speachless sxephil philip defranco Atlanta Schools Cheaters Harlold Camping in Nursing Home Pakistan Has Few Nukes Harry Potter New Video Teasers Celebrities React to Casey Anthony Verdict Porn Kim Kardashian Speachless
11 Jul 2011
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Happy New Year! Add me on Facebook! *******apps.facebook****/keeptheheat Follow me on Twitter! *******twitter****/keeptheheat People that made this video awesome! Tunk: *******tunk.bandcamp****/ My Brother: *******youtube****/mocely1 Music by Approaching Nirvana: *******youtube****/approachingnirvana Lyrics: Once upon a time I was playing Xbox with FluffeeTalks because we MuzzaFuzzaGame a lot I used WoodysGamertag cuz I'm a HouseholdHacker, Then ate some KandeeJohnson with EdBassmaster Saw CharlesTrippy freezing since it was WinterSpringPro, Ran out of Daxflames so we ChillaFrilled with Schmoyoho Nigahiga convinced ShaneDawson to give me his jacket, it Glowed like Pinkstah must've got it from Klassic Once I put it on I got Destorm Powers, felt like a JuicyStar so I KimmiSmiled for hours Eventually those hours turned to DaveDays, so I bought a JoeNationTV with OlgaKay We turned on The Station, watched a WHATTHEBUCKSHOW about the VlogBrothers, KassemG and Daneboe It wasn't AndreasChoice cuz it was RatedRR, so ObviouslyBen we left to ride Husky's Starcraft Saw OddballMatt, telling OMGFacts, with Alphacat in the back playing PrankVPranks TheWillofDC saw Lava live in a volcano, then WheezyWaiter told Tejbz to let BobJenz know But ForSkitsAndGiggles I chose not to, instead fished for TotalHalibut with TimDeLaGhetto2 Put on our iJustines, listened to Joe Felice Navidad, let's celebrate Merry SwiftKarateChop Finally landed at a castle, then NicePete and HiImRawn picked me up in their HemiJeep Then that Intern Brett, was acting TotallySketch, Chasing us in his PogoBatmobile with Link and Rhett But RayWJ and TayZonday opened the drawbridge, it made me HappySlip til I saw ScottKinmartin He tied me up and threw me into a Smosh pit, but DeeFizzy and ShayCarl pulled me out of it Went to the top to rescue the VenetianPrincess, but Pyrobooby beat me to it and was giving her kisses. He was a PimplyWimp, and I didn't WannaBeALoser yeah, cuz she was so SXEPhil she could MakeMeBad. I said I'm not a RandomShadowMan I got Michelle Fans, but she still wasn't impressed so I called MysteryGuitarMan He played some TylerWardMusic with KurtHugo and made Catrific turn into PDFlo. WongFu filmed it with help from Cyr1216, Then MattG and RallisP uploaded it quickly. It got a million views since everyone was a ComputerNerd, channel and everyone lived happily ever after. -- Extra Tags: Lil Wayne 6 Foot 7 Foot Song Lil Wayne 6 Foot 7 Foot 
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11 Jul 2011
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Please this video is for Miley fans, jealous haters don't comment or not see the video. Thanks a lot! Miley Ray Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart (Official VideoClip) Miley Ray Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart (Official VideoClip) Miley Ray Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart (Official VideoClip) Miley Ray Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart (Official VideoClip) Miley Ray Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart (Official VideoClip) Miley Ray Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart (Official VideoClip) Miley Ray Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart (Official VideoClip) Miley Ray Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart (Official VideoClip) The Climb When I Look At You Tour Bus Crashed Wreck Obsessed Send It On Fly On The Wall Thriller Wonderland Tour 2009 Shake It Music Video - Miley Cyrus and Max Azria (Walmart) ICarly Disney Wonder World Tour This is an Amazing Performance and I just got this in the Special Edition! VMA's Hannah Montana The Movie justin bieber one time Mariah Carey Obsessed Eminem Send It On Beyonce Sweet Dreams Lady Gaga Love Game Kanye West Supernova Kid Cudi "Day N Nite" Katy Perry Waking Up In Vegas Pussycat Dolls Jai Ho Hush Video Music Awards Taylor Swift Kanye West Fly On The Wall With Thriller Miley Cyrus Who Owns My Heart Official Music Video HD Lyrics Miley Cyrus Teen Choice Awards Can't Be Tamed Robot Katy Perry Teenage Dream Taylor Swift Mine Kesha Take It Off Christina Aguilera You Lost Me Beyonce love story to our song to white horse and tim mcgraw she is the best. christina hendricks madmen sxephill West Side Story Lady Gaga Beyonce Katy Perry Beyonce Lady Gaga Miley Cyrus Katy Perry Kanye west Steals Microphone From Taylor Swift kanye west taylor swiftchristina hendricks Nick Jonas Miley Cyrus When You Look Me In The Eyes Official Music Video HD Kid's Choice Awards Miley Cyrus Crying Oscars Grammys "ACM Awards" "CMA Awards" "High School Musical" "Zac Efron" "Hannah Montana The Movie" Crazier "Throwdown Hoedown" "Billy Ray Cyrus" "Should've Said No" "You're Not Sorry" "Picture To Burn" "Joe Jonas" "Jonas Brothers" "Nick Jonas" MTV Movie Awards Video Music Awards 2009
18 Jul 2011
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OK! OK! "A WOMAN'S true love" Im sorry! That darn apostrophe gets me in trouble every time..Im still being learned on them there words and ting... If you want a hat that is being worn by the MAN! sXePhil go to... *******www.shaycarl**** Go Subscribe to Mrs. shaycarl ***********/katilette Music used with permission.. Band: South Mountain Lights Song: Les Etoiles Dans La Nuit *******www.myspace****/southmountainlights
20 Jul 2011
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******* To make it into the contest, you must finish and video response your entry to this video by 3:00PM EST December 25th. Follow Me: *******myspace****/youtubephil *******twitter****/phillyd *******blogtv****/people/sxephil
22 Jul 2011
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