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Hey Its the Monday PDS, now click down here to get Phill'd in. Watch Today's new Personal Vlog: ***********/philipdefranco ------------------------------------------ For the Tweets: *******twitter****/PhillyD For the Freaks: *******facebook****/DeFrancoNation ------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Stuff on Today not on the show --------------------------------------------------------------- Best Product Placement of the Day *******t***/TxlWYlt Camel Eats Little Boy *******t***/asz0N8t Kim Kardashian Goes nekkidsauce Again: *******t***/B4uKTPr ------------------------------------------------------------ For the Links: ------------------------------------------------------ Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba in GQ! *******t***/cXepOtv Is Minka Kelly the Sexiest Woman Alive? (Gallery) *******t***/2chWb9p Comcast sucks: ******* Blizzard Bans Players: ******* $1MM to Streak in Front of Obama: ******* Google's Cars Dive Themselves: ******* DBotD Vampire Fanatics: *******
31 Oct 2010
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Download link here: *******cabinetfast****/RosaStranberg3761/Ray Call of Duty Black Ops. This game is amazing. In this video 4 of us got up to round 26 on Kino Der Toten. This video is through my perspective during gameplay. I had the Upgraded Ray and the Upgraded Thunder Gun.. also called the Zuess Cannon. It was a tough game but we made it up to 26. I am sure that there are those out there that have reached far b
28 Jan 2011
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11 Feb 2011
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‘Never Say Never’ is an exceptionally well-made concert film that tells a contemporary fairy tale with a poppy, irresistible sensibility, the story of Justin Bieber’s rise to fame.  
16 Feb 2011
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Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan who has been accused of stealing a 2,500 dollars necklace from a jewellery boutique appeared in the court for her trial where the judge hurled her with theft charges
16 Feb 2011
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Justin Beiber movie, Never say Never is all set to change his perception from the fluke Internet phenomena to the hardest working 16-year-old on the planet.
16 Feb 2011
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Vivid Entertainment, the world's largest adult video producer, is all set to release Tequila's homemade sex video on the Valentine's Day
20 Feb 2011
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The American actress, n singer, Selena Gomez has finally admitted her love for Canadian singer Justin Bieber
23 Feb 2011
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Beliebers have something constantly updating them! And this time, Beiber has a new hair cut! Justin had his famous swooping bangs cut into a shorter, cropped look!
5 Mar 2011
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Singing sensation Justin bought every flower in a florist’s shop for Selena Gomez, she had nothing left to do but remain dazzled by this really sweet gesture
5 Mar 2011
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Paris has been accused of being racist by an American author in his forthcoming book “Everyone Loves You When you’re Dead.” in which he has described the Paris as a racist.
1 Apr 2011
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22 Jun 2011
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COMING BACK STRONG!! LETS DO THIS! #JONNYPEATAKEOVER2012 STORIES Sex Article - ******* Facebook Suicide Prevention - ******* Facebook ******* Google+ ******* Twitter *******twitter****/ItsJonnyPea Blog *******www.jonathanemanuel.tumblr**** DailyBooth *******www.dailybooth****/ItsJonnyPea ENJOY! :D
18 Dec 2011
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Today was a fun day. I found out Georgia is 2nd in childhood obesity, Netflix's originals are launching February 5th with their series Lilyhammer, a man shoots his roommates but you'll never expect the twist ending, and 2 dbag cops fight for the title of DBAG of the Day. Overall it was a pretty good time.
9 Jan 2012
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Rupert Murdoch is now on Twitter and has tens of thousands of followers and has offended almost everyone! And we have a d-bag off!
9 Jan 2012
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Beijing has a sexy Superhero who calls herself the "Chinese Redbud Woman" who gives food, supplies and money to the less fortunate.
9 Jan 2012
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