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Sirius Exploration Plc is a diversified mining and exploration holding company focused on salt and potash deposits in North America and Australia.
19 Aug 2010
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Investors are buying up this stock like it was chocolate biscuits ready to dunk in their tea. As a result Sirius Exploration's share price has put on about 700 per cent even after it has settled back from its year high.
11 Jan 2012
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Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor’s under production movie, ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’ has landed into a big trouble
2 Dec 2011
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21 Oct 2008
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the clanvideo from SlayerSixx- clan www.slayer-sixx**** come to us
10 Jul 2010
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New Jack Swing Jam 1993
27 Feb 2009
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13 Mar 2009
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6 May 2009
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Sense is on top form again with this funky house version of the birthday song. This is a top remix and proves that sense is definately one to watch. Check it out
4 Oct 2009
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the 1st ever private car show in Vietnam/ Hochiminh City 1st & 2nd of Feb 2008 the best of the best
19 Nov 2009
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.auS,..nAaboT cUh..hahaha!
4 Mar 2010
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Upgraded from my rockford 15T2.
28 Jul 2010
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Song doesnt belong to me. (the girls in order) Katie Skadoske(BabyFayce),Brookelle Bones,Melissa Austerlitz,Jessie Lush,Porcelain Panic,Lesley Roman,Alayne Apocalypse,Alyssa Addict,Baily Gore,Becca Lousie,Jac Vanek,Bunny Bacteria,Kayla Victoria,Sarah Tuzz,shelbyjustsmile,
30 Sep 2010
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LeFloid FaceBook: *******www.facebook****/lefloidfans Lefloid TWITTER: *******www.twitter****/lefloid YouTube Kanal: ***********/lefloid LeFloid Shop: ******* Zweiter Kanal: ***********/flipfloid ------------------------------- Themen dieser Ausgabe: Schwulenjagd in Russland - ******* Ganz spezielle Toys für dein iPhone... ********www.lovepalz****/ Roboter-Lehrer of Doom? ******* ------------------------------- Ich freue mich sehr darüber, wenn ihr meiner Show einen Daumen rauf gebt und mir helft auf YouTube noch so lange ich nur kann weiterzumachen! Danke Leute! Ihr ermöglicht es mir meine Leidenschaft zu leben! Ihr seid der Hammer! :D Ich wünsche euch noch einen traumhaften Tag! Bis bald! -------------------------------
17 Sep 2013
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26 Sep 2013
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-Nick, Kevin, and Joe:They are pretty much like themselves.... -Tyler: Weirdo Kid that hangs out with Katie and Chelsey....wants to date Chelsey...sorta obsessed with her -James: Male sl*t of the school...bad boy thinks hes "DA BOMB"...parents died in a car crash at the beginning of the school year and now he lives alone -Hannah:The sweet b*tch of the school...meaning she can be nice but she can be a well b*tch when she wants to....she is BFF with Jessica...they met in pre-K and have been besties ever since -Jessica: Jonas Brothers lil sis...BFF with Hannah....nice mean clumsy smart but dumb most of the time....her favorite is Joe but hates to admit she acts like it is Kevin the "wise" and "smart" one~lol~ -Chelsey: Sl*t of the school....snobby rich THINKS she is all that tries to have sxx with every guy in the school..including the taken ones -Katie: BFF of Chelsey....but is friends with her because when they were younger they were friends so now she is in really Chelsey's "posy"...secretly she wants her old Chelsey back -----Monday on the Last day of school----- -With Hannah and Jessica- both:-walking down the hall way- Hannah: So are you ready for this summer? Jessica:No duh!!!Im ready for this week to be OVER -walking past Chelsey and her "posy"- Jessica:And the sooner i can get out of the same air as Chelsey Shield(made up last name)the better Hannah:yea...she sickens me Jessica: me too -walk to their lockers witch are side by side- Hannah: actually i am ready for it to be-opens locker-Wednesday Jessica:oh right the dace-opens not going Hannah: aaaaawwww come on you have to Jessica:why ill be by myself -both get the stuff they need- Hannah: ask Josh Jessica:HAHAHAHA your kidding right? Hannah: sorta...i mean ITS LIFE RIGHT?!?! Jessica: you sure you would call him "life" Hannah:eh Both:-laugh- James: -walks up behind Hannah- -grabs her from behind around her waist and pulls her close- Hannah: -cant see who it is-you better be James if better not let him see you or you are dead James:you tell em Hannah: -laughs- Jessica:-closes locker-im going to-sighs-talk to Josh about the dance Hannah:have fun with that James: -kisses her neck- Jessica: yea...-closes her locker and walks away- James: so got anything planed to wear Wednesday? Hannah:nope James: -smirks- Hannah: -hits him flirty-I DIDNT MEAN THAT JAMES James: ok ok...-kisses her-i got to get to class Hannah: ok byebye-closes locker and walks to class- James:-goes to class- ---with Nick Kevin and Joe--- --Nicks POV-- -watching Hannah and James-I cant believe she likes him hes a freaking manhorse.I mean he cant be that nice since all he wanst to do is have sxx with girls...can he?? --End of POV-- Joe: Nick nick NICK Nick: WHAT?!?! Kevin: stop staring at Hannah Nick: i wasnt looking at Hannah Joe & Kevin:suuuure you werent Nick:I WASNT!-walks away- Joe: ooo feisty Kevin:he so likes her Joe: oh yea Kevin: i think i like...never mind Joe: who WHO DO YOU LIKE?!??! Kevin: never mind your a blubber mouth Joe: lier! Kevin: truther! Joe: psh Kevin: psh Joe:pppsssssssssssssh Kevin: oh shut up already-walks to class- Joe: psh psh psh PSSSSSH-walks to class- ---meanwhile with Chelsey--- Chelsey: OMG James in bed...HA! but he is with Hannah that no good staying pure till marriage freak Katie:chillax Chelsey:why? Katie:CAUSE ITS A GOOD THING FOR YOU Chelsey: your the one who isnt chillaxed Katie:mmmhmmmm R TOO! Chelsey: suuure you are ???: hey chelsey Chelsey:see you later Katie ???: -takes Chelsey away- Katie: -rolls her eyes and walks to class- ------BELL RINGS------- ---------------------------------------- ------------------------- Please subscribe!!! ---VOTE--- A) Tyler should walk in why Chelsey in with ??? B) Nick Should punch James C) Tyler & Katie should bug Jessica all 1st period D) you give me an idea HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!!!
7 May 2010
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