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GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise combines file synchronization with byte level replication so that files get copied in dependable automated fashion across your entire enterprise. GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise automatically detects file changes which then trigger jobs. Once triggered, those jobs use Block Copy so that rather than congesting your enterprise’s precious bandwidth, only the altered data within your files gets transferred thanks to byte replication. What’s more, GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise dynamically selects the optimum number of bytes (you can just call it a chunk without getting too technical) to transmit, making it even more bandwidth friendly. Like all of many of our automatic functions however, the size can be configured manually.
2 Apr 2017
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Whether you need to copy files to a distant remote shared drive located in the cloud somewhere or simply implement real time file synchronization with your web server located on the other side of an interface in your DMZ, copying files remotely translates into working through your firewall. This is why we designed GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise to work through a single port. We chose port 8008 by default but you can change it to any single port you desire. Working with the cloud also means dealing with security issues, which is why GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise protects your data while in transit through an encrypted tunnel. Finally, working with the cloud can mean slow file transfer rates when working with large files, which is why GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise provides file compression to speed up the file copy progress. Configuring the Remote TCP Copy function is a simple 3-step process: Configure your firewall to accommodate the TCP port (8008 by default) Install the Remote Transfer Agent on the targeted cloud machine Quickly configure your network client source machine and RT agent
2 Apr 2017
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This Brazilian martial art was developed as a method for West African slaves to practice and hide their indigenous combat from their colonial masters by disguising it as a form of dance. Using a variety of fast, unpredictable, acrobatic kicks, Capoeira emphasizes constant motion mainly through “ginga”, a lateral bobbing movement. Rather than being solely a type of self-defense, Capoeira as a game allows practitioners, or capoeristas, to engage in a sort of “dance-off” where they must individually perform and synchronize their moves with one another without hitting their opponent. This involves a circle of capoeristas called a “roda” who either clap and chant or play a musical instrument called a “berimbau” to maintain the flow and rhythm of the performance. Capoeira is now taught all over the globe and has been featured frequently in pop culture. Notable capoerista actors include Lateef Crowder, Mark Dacascos, and Wesley Snipes. I’m no expert on Capoeira but a fan of awesome fight choreography so I decided to delve a bit deeper and research some films/television series featuring Capoeira. So here’s a compilation of some Capoeira fight scenes.
23 Apr 2017
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Find us for Brazilian Portuguese Voice Overs Artists. You can choose your favorite voice over artists at affordable prices. We work with a studio that is equipped with professional equipment and software for editing & synchronization. For more information feel free to get in touch with us.
28 Apr 2017
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See how-to setup Microsoft Windows Update Services (WSUS) synchronization
11 Mar 2007
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'Sit Means Sit' dog trainers have their dogs performing in the water!!! Lianne Hassen's Jack Russell Terrier Mix, "Flip" and Ashton Fitz-Gerald's Belgian Malinois, "Trell" perform their synchronized swimming routine.
4 Sep 2007
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baby synchronize swimming
8 Nov 2007
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synchronize baby dance
12 Nov 2007
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Matt gives us some quick tips on how to sync timecode for multi camera footage. Be sure to watch the follow up episode next week where Matt will show us how to synchronize the footage once you enter the editing phase.
4 Dec 2007
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king arthur enjoy watching synchronize swimming
28 Dec 2007
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This will show you how you can make music synchronized lights using an old set of speakers and Christmas lights.
16 Mar 2008
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This was a simple synchronization project I did in animation and edited it with final cut pro.
27 May 2008
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Watch & listen to the synchronous cats performing to the orchestra music on the background!
6 Jul 2008
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Listen to these turkeys as they gobble synchronously !!!
21 Nov 2008
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Anthrax sniffing Synchronized Swimming lesbo wq2rx team of china yet another tribute to the wq2rx viralism team ; hauptcouture**** warrenCuccurullo 911tvfakery wq2rx lesbo sexxo no-planes ask the Chinese Olympic Committee Tiyuguan Road 2 100763 Beijing China +86 10 6711 6669 for the ultimate "Dark winter" anthrax evidence ! ;
1 Oct 2009
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Buy your own! installed my synchronic BOV. I have an air filter over the recirculation fitting. For full details, please see this thread:
15 Sep 2009
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