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In April 2008 we set the first world record of synchronized charleston dance set in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The record breaking was led by Sajles Sinkovec, also appearing in the video clip are Vivien Davidhazy and Dan Guest.
27 Dec 2009
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*******Magnet4Power**** - Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator - The permanent magnet synchronous generator is regarded as the primary source of electrical energy which is used commonly to convert mechanical output power of gas turbines, steam turbines, hydro turbines, wind turbines and reciprocating engines into electrical power for various purposes. Commonly these generators are referred to as synchronous generators as they function at a synchronous speed, which equals the speed of rotor matches with the supply frequency. The synchronous generator is excited by permanent magnet system with high energy or current carrying field windings. Due to relatively higher number of poles, the permanent magnet construction would enable reduction in back iron and stator yoke. The development of low speed and innovative synchronous generators especially with permanent magnet excitation has received attention from numerous individuals around the world. There are numerous advantages of a permanent magnet synchronous generator which are enlisted below: 1: They are relatively secure and stable during their operation and don’t require any external power supply, to excite their set-up. 2: The synchronous generators don’t use slip rings as in case of other traditional generators, hence they are maintenance free and simple. 3: These generators offer high efficiency and power coefficient. 4: The synchronous generators are preferred to asynchronous generators especially for their high capacities, as asynchronous ones would consume enormous reactive power and thus they are suitable for smaller capacities. 5: Voltage regulation can be achieved in permanent magnet synchronous generators which aren’t accessible in induction type generators. 6: In order to maintain the power factor, the condensers aren’t required in synchronous generators as in the case of inductive generators.
30 Jan 2010
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Verbal-Breathing Synchronization.
30 Mar 2011
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synchronized cats
27 Apr 2011
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Learn about John Andrew Goodman's synchronicity code to join future shows live go to *******www.paranormalpalace**** To learn more about John go to *******synchronicitycode****/
5 Mar 2012
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Model no : 150 More and more microcontrollers are embedded in a large area of products from industrial to domestic domains. A good example is the automobile, a modern one containing tens of microcontrollers. As their number increased the communication between them became necessary. The serial solution was preferred and a lot of serial buses and protocols were developed optimizing different parameters of the communication. Several examples are: RS232, LIN, SPI, CAN and so on. Monitoring serial communications is necessary in R&D phase, e.g. for creating virtual transfer partners, and in testing and debugging phases. The paper describes a message based monitoring tool using the RS232 Rx Tx features of the MC to communicate between 3 MCs for keeping track of the traffic movements of the previous junction with synchronization and changing the red signal to green so that a passing vehicle mostly gets green signal that results in least traffic jam. The power supply consists of a step down transformer 230/12V, which steps down the voltage to 12V AC. This is converted to DC using a Bridge rectifier and it is then regulated to +5V using a voltage regulator 7805 which is required for the operation of the microcontroller and other components. For more info visit *******www.efxkits****; *******www.facebook****/edgefx
26 Mar 2012
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Join me and Dr Kirby Surprise as we discuss synchronicity and how it works to join live shows go to *******www.paranormalpalace**** To learn more about Kirby go to *******howsynchronicityworks****/
29 Mar 2012
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Join me and John A Goodman aswe finish this lively discussion on The Synchronicity Code started in March to attend future shows live go to *******www.paranormalpalace**** To lean more about John go to *******synchronicitycode****/
15 May 2012
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Synchronicity --Appreciating synchronicity in our life gives us access to answers we seek, guidance from spirit and people who have something to teach us in this lifetime. Open your heart and mind to receive what you seek! Life is magical…and often very humorous
7 Jul 2012
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Model No. 64: The project is designed to develop a system to detect the synchronization failure of any external supply source to the power grid on sensing the abnormalities in frequency and voltage. There are several power generation units connected to the grid such as hydel, thermal, solar etc to supply power to the load. These generating units need to supply power according to the rules of the grid. For complete information on this project, visit *******www.edgefxkits****/detecting-power-grid-synchronisation-failure-on-sensing-frequency-or-voltage-beyond-acceptable-range
27 Jun 2013
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Is it time to eat yet? Synchronized Eating with the "Leave it" command, triggered by "OK". King Charlies Cavalier Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel See Ginger do it for 1 minute: ***********/watch?v=4vS43Dg4HBA *******www.gingercavalier**** *******www.facebook****/SleepyGinger
4 Oct 2013
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PhD Assistance Synchronized Process i. Postulate It ii. Research It iii. Outline It iv. Inscribe It v. Copy-Edit It vi. Proofread It vii. Peer Review It viii. Consign It ix. Submit It WHY YOU NEED TO OUTSOURCE TO PHD ASSISTANCE: a) Unlimited revisions b) 24/7 Admin Support c) Plagiarism Generate d) Best Possible Turnaround time e) Access to High qualified technical coordinators and expertise f) Support: Skype, Live Chat, Phone, Email
29 Jul 2017
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Rocky Foscoe rocks out to the music of the Manchester, England punk band "The Revenge of the Psychotronic Man!"
5 Mar 2007
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a small live jam ... bird flight sonics guitar plugged into an epiphone valve junior ~ Prashant Trivedi dhol~ Pinks camera ~ Asha myspace****/beomega
29 May 2007
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*******www.dennisbartram****/health-im-thinking-about-a90.html Dennis Bartram Movement Towards Stick to Flexi-Bar Techniques Training, DennisBartram**** Offers Ancient School Workshop Maintenance Video Training Material for Teachers, Students,
28 Jun 2009
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My main purpose starting this channel is to show how Budo training techniques meme into my every day work rest and play if you are interested in training by maintaining your body's agility towards wellness into your 50s Simply check out my website for more how to information. www.dennisbartram****
31 Jan 2009
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