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A revamp of a classic gaming franchise by a proven developer, should this cyberpunk FPS not be missed?
6 Mar 2012
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Once a Bullfrog strategy game on PC, Syndicate is now an EA first-person shooter in development with Starbeeze.
30 Sep 2011
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Doug and Scott discuss, preview, and debate Syndicate, SSX, and rebooted FPSes, plus we look at this week's Gwen Stefani's crazy video.
30 Nov 2011
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This is what you call a hostile takeover.
18 Jan 2012
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We preview Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and UFC 3 Undisputed, while debating why publishers insist on shoveling all their games out at Thanksgiving, and get a top five from the producer of Syndicate. Also, Scott die...quite a lot.
21 Jan 2012
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Starbreeze's Senio Designer Andreas Gschwari tells us about original prototypes, the creation of co-op, the Big Brother reality of Syndicate in today's world, and more.
24 Jan 2012
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It's no the Syndicate you think it is.
17 Feb 2012
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16 Apr 2012
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23 Feb 2012
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