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Today on Hard News, Syrian Electronic Army hacks Microsoft, SNK Playmore and Tommo dispute over the Neo Geo X, and EA opens SimCity to mods.
14 Jan 2014
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In the latest edition of "Flash Points," CBS News senior national security analyst Juan Zarate and correspondent Bob Orr discuss the Syrian civil war, whether Syrian President Assad remains in full control of his regime, and allegations from both the regime and the rebels that the other side has used chemical weapons.
29 Mar 2013
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Flash Points: CBS News State Department Correspondent Margaret Brennan talks with CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate about the Syrian civil war, and the parlous state of moderate rebel forces, pinched between al Qaeda-aligned extremists and the government.
5 Oct 2013
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Secretary of State John Kerry sought Russia's support in ending Syria's civil war, telling Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow that their two countries share "significant common interests" in combating the spread of extremism in the Middle East.
7 May 2013
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CBS News Correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reflects on her experience as the only American television reporter in Damascus, Syria.
16 Sep 2013
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A little-known extremist group with ties to al Qaeda claimed responsibility for bombings at the Iranian embassy in Beirut that killed at least 23 people. The group said the attack was in retaliation for Iran's support of the Assad regime in Syria. Clarissa Ward reports.
20 Nov 2013
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Two years after U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq, Islamic extremists affiliated with al Qaeda have taken the city of Fallujah and parts of Ramadi. Militants in neighboring Syria have exported their cause and their men across the border. Elizabeth Palmer reports.
7 Jan 2014
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Asked by CBS Chief White House correspondent Major Garrett whether polling data indicating Americans' aversion to foreign entanglements has factored into America's limited response to the Syrian civil war, White House press secretary Jay Carney said, "The president makes a decision about the implementation of national security actions based on our national security interests," not based on polling data.
13 Jun 2013
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Addressing the growing role of the United States in the Syrian civil war, President Obama said some of the coverage has gotten "a little over-cranked, in terms of the idea that somehow the United States is preparing to go all in and participate in another war. What we want to do is end a war."
19 Jun 2013
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The Alyona Show Season: 2012 Episode: 39 The situation in Syria only continues to deteriorate. The Red Cross has now officially labeled the conflict as a civil war.
21 Jul 2012
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The U.S. has acknowledged evidence of a small-scale nerve gas attack in Syria. But, has Syria crossed President Obama's red line and will the U.S. intervene militarily? Major Garrett reports.
26 Apr 2013
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Asked about Russia's assessment that the evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria is "not convincing," Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters on Friday that the U.S. has a "broad range" of evidence to back up the claim that Syrian President Bashar Assad has used chemical weapons, including "physiological samples" of sarin gas procured from within Syria.
14 Jun 2013
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WSJ Special Report Season: 1 As the U.S. starts making a case for military action in Syria, here’s a look at the American footprint in the region. (Photo: Getty)
30 Aug 2013
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WSJ Live Fares Ayyub fled the Syrian city of Deraa when a government airstrike killed his family. He tried to reach northern Europe but was arrested en route. He now spends his nights with other refugees in a bus station in Sofia, hoping to one day reach Europe.
9 Nov 2013
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LiveMojo Between the twerking, getting lucky or reading between the blurred lines, 2013 was a busy year. Join WatchMojo**** as we count down our picks for the top 10 news stories of 2013.
19 Dec 2013
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In today's show we talk about everything from trolling on Swedish Twitter accounts, great time wasters, some awesome internetz win in the form of The Oatmeal, douche bag of the day weirdness that you have to see to believe, as well as some more serious news-y type schtuff involving protests in Russia over Putin's presidency & the UN reports over the civil war going on in Syria. Check out today's SourceFed!! ******* Get some PhillyD Merch: *******forhumanpeoples**** ---------------------------- ALL of today's Stories: Wreck-it Ralph (THE GAME): ******* Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer: ******* Digital Bill of Rights: *******cnet***/Nb0uQa Protests in Russia: ******* Syrian Civil War, UN Reports: ******* 24-year old female sexual predator: ******* Oatmeal vs. Funny Junk: ******* Breaking Bad Season 5 Teaser: ******* Swedish Twitter Account LOLZ: ******* ---------------------------- Philly D OFFICIAL APP: ******* FACEBOOK: ******* TWITTER: *******Twitter****/PhillyD INSTAGRAM: phillydefranco WEBSITE: ******* GOOGLE+: ******* music by: Ronald Jenkees: ******* hagemeister urbandelights
17 Jun 2012
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