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International Center of Russian Hand to Hand Combat. USA headquater - Los Angeles, CA For more info - visit our web site - www.SystemaSpetsnaz****
14 Jun 2009
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This film presents theory and practical concepts to No Contact Combat used by the Russian Special Forces. It covers psychophysical scientific analysis of the theory and application of activation and use of the human reserve abilities. Through special training an individual is able to exist without food and water, travel for a long distance, able to withstand physical pain, rehabilitate in case of injury and use extrasensory energy in combat. Practical concepts to control mental, physical and internal energy fields are presented in parts of practical study of No Contact Combat.
7 Jul 2009
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International Training Center of Russian Hand to Hand Combat Systema Spetsnaz. CLASSES / SEMINARS / DVDS
13 Jul 2009
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Systema SpetsNaz - Russian Style Combat is a reality based survival system of the Russian Special Forces, adaptable for military, police, security or civilian application. - Strikes, punches, kicks - Joint locks, throws, take downs - No contact combat - Defensive tactics - Weapons self defense Instructors: Vadim Starov - Russia Oleg Spector - USA
14 Feb 2010
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This DVD provides valuable knowledge of the Russian Spetsnaz mentality. It teaches the personal qualities a soldier should develop to serve in a special forces unit. It also includes the history of Russian combat training for age-old Russian Martial Arts to the present, and unique documentary video excerpts of Russian Special Forces during World War II - under water, in a forest, during winter and windy conditions, maneuvers over the river and icy mountains, empty hand combat and weapons fighting. A complete understanding of the Spetsnaz psychology will benefit your fighting techniques and make your training easier and more effective. Language: English Running Time - 38 min.
8 Feb 2013
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