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*******www.RajKaregaKhalsa.Net This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Bhairao on Ang 1142 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj BYrau mhlw 5 ] bhairo mehalaa 5 Bhairao, Fifth Mehla: siqguru myrw bymuhqwju ] sathigur maeraa baemuhathaaj My True Guru is totally independent. siqgur myry scw swju ] sathigur maerae sachaa saaj My True Guru is adorned with Truth. siqguru myrw sBs kw dwqw ] sathigur maeraa sabhas kaa dhaathaa My True Guru is the Giver of all. siqguru myrw purKu ibDwqw ]1] sathigur maeraa purakh bidhhaathaa 1 My True Guru is the Primal Creator Lord, the Architect of Destiny. 1 gur jYsw nwhI ko dyv ] gur jaisaa naahee ko dhaev There is no deity equal to the Guru. ijsu msqik Bwgu su lwgw syv ]1] rhwau ] jis masathak bhaag s laagaa saev 1 rehaao Whoever has good destiny inscribed on his forehead, applies himself to seva - selfless service. 1 Pause siqguru myrw srb pRiqpwlY ] sathigur maeraa sarab prathipaalai My True Guru is the Sustainer and Cherisher of all. siqguru myrw mwir jIvwlY ] sathigur maeraa maar jeevaalai My True Guru kills and revives. siqgur myry kI vifAweI ] pRgtu BeI hY sBnI QweI ]2] sathigur maerae kee vaddiaaee pragatt bhee hai sabhanee thhaaee 2 The glorious greatness of my True Guru has become manifest everywhere. 2 siqguru myrw qwxu inqwxu ] sathigur maeraa thaan nithaan My True Guru is the power of the powerless. siqguru myrw Gir dIbwxu ] sathigur maeraa ghar dheebaan My True Guru is my home and court. siqgur kY hau sd bil jwieAw ] sathigur kai ho sadh bal jaaeiaa I am forever a sacrifice to the True Guru. pRgtu mwrgu ijin kir idKlwieAw ]3] pragatt maarag jin kar dhikhalaaeiaa 3 He has shown me the path. 3 ijin guru syivAw iqsu Bau n ibAwpY ] jin gur saeviaa this bho n biaapai One who serves the Guru is not afflicted with fear. ijin guru syivAw iqsu duKu n sMqwpY ] jin gur saeviaa this dhukh n sa(n)thaapai One who serves the Guru does not suffer in pain. nwnk soDy isMimRiq byd ] naanak sodhhae si(n)mrith baedh Nanak has studied the Simritees and the Vedas. pwrbRhm gur nwhI Byd ]4]11]24] paarabreham gur naahee bhaedh 4 11 24 There is no difference between the Supreme Lord God and the Guru. 4 11 24 *******sikhitothemax****/page.asp?ShabadID=4086
8 Jul 2008
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Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. And probably one of the world most beautiful city. Population: december 31 2007 = 247 746 The city of Bergen, thought to have been founded by king Olav Kyrre, son of Harald Hardråde, in AD 1070, celebrated its 900th anniversary in 1970. It is considered to have replaced Trondheim as Norway's capital in 1217, and that Oslo became de jure capital in 1299. Towards the end of the 13th century, Bergen became one of the Hanseatic League's most important bureau cities. The city is located on the south-western coast of Norway, in the county of Hordaland, with its centre situated between a group of mountains known collectively as de syv fjell ("the seven mountains"), although the number of mountains is a matter of definition. Bergen is host to part of the country's large oil industry, as well as deep sea operations. Its harbours are used by everything from small pleasure vessels to cruise ships and cargo vessels, and is the base of many of the country's fishing vessels. Bergen is an important cultural centre in its region and was one of nine European cities honoured with the title European Capital of Culture in 2000. Song: Kurt nilsen - reality kicks in Winner of "world idol"
2 Feb 2009
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[LYRICS] Knap en bajer op Knap to bajer' op Knap hellere tre, næ jeg får en ide Knap fire op! Træk fem bajer' op Træk seks bajer' op I tror det er lyv, men jeg har lyst til syv Træk otte op For hvad er værst i livet Død af tørst Det værste det er sgu da givet Død af tørst Luk ni bajer' op Luk ti bajer' op Gør elleve kold, fra kassen kommer tolv Luk tretten op Solo Hiv fjorten op Hiv femten op Værs'go at skyl, med en halv kasse øl Hiv seksten op Vip sytten op Vip atten op For man er tilpas, når en bajer' går på plads Vip nitten op For hvad er værst i livet Død af tørst Det værste det er sgu da givet Død af tørst Knap tyve op Knap tyve op Vi holder her, vi ka altid få lidt fler Knap tyve op // PPD CREW TAKIN' OVER DEM WORLD
6 Jul 2012
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This is the Witch from Disney's animated movie Snow White in Danish version. Here some scenes from "Snehvide og de syv små Dværge".
10 Feb 2013
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