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McKenna's comin' atcha with the quick hits, this time tackling casting stories relating to Carey Mulligan, Anthony Hopkins, Chris Tucker and Eva Longoria.
8 Sep 2011
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Brett Tollman, President and CEO of The Travel Corporation and Vice chairman of the World Travel & Tourism Council, talks about what the Travel Corporation does to tackle climate change.
2 Nov 2011
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15 Mar 2012
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New Delhi: Government has constituted a review group to promote coordinated efforts to tackle Naxalism in affected areas of the country, Defence Minister A K Antony told the Rajya Sabha today. In a written reply to the House, he said, “Government has constituted a Review Group to promote coordinated efforts across a range of development and security activities to tackle Naxal problems in the affected areas in a comprehensive manner.The Group has Cabinet Secretary as its Chairman and its members are drawn from all concerned Ministries.” Antony also said, “Indian Army is not being used to tackle problem of Naxalism in our country.”
8 Aug 2012
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People who stuck in emergency need, can tackle their need by trying pay day loans. These loan are collateral free as well as with quick approved within 24 hours, Apply with confidence at to gain funds into your bank account. Simply follow the eligibility criteria and enjoy funds without having any problem.
22 Dec 2012
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Built from heavy-duty galvanised (weather proof) steel panels and integral metal floor, this Asgard Fishing Tackle Storage Unit is easily accessible via the large double door access. Measuring at over 6 foot tall and nearly 4 foot wide, this heavy duty outdoor storage unit is secure and spacious enough for all of your expensive fishing gear. Find out more at
5 Feb 2013
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At the World Economic Forum in Davos, CNN's John Defterios speaks with Hilton Worldwide CEO Chris Nassetta about growth and tackling youth employment. Hilton Worldwide and the International Youth Foundation (IYF) released a white paper at the highlighting solutions to youth joblessness that the hospitality industry is positioned to provide. Click here to view Chris Nassetta’s full interview, and to learn more now about Hilton Worldwide's three-part initiative to tackle youth joblessness visit:
12 Feb 2013
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Iran’s Efforts to Tackle Alcoholism Article highlights: 1. Iran has become a country with leading rate of alcohol addicts. 2. The Persian mythology shows widespread use of wines. 3. It is the Iranian revolution that passed laws to ban alcohol in the country. 4. Iran faces many medical issues due to alcohol addiction. 5. The minority sections of non-Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol. 6. Alcoholic beverages are smuggled into Iran. 7. Iran officials initially denied the rise in alcoholism. 8. People are educated about the bad effects of alcohol consumption. 9. Many rehabilitation centers have been set up in Iran. 10. Heavy penalties for alcohol users are preventing people from seeking medical help. Read more: #DrugRehab #DrugAbuse #DrugAddiction
25 Oct 2016
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Believe It or Not, Smartphone Apps can Tackle Alcoholism Article highlights: 1. The smartphone apps help a person to abstain from alcohol. 2. Studies prove that these apps can help alcoholics. 3. A-CHESS app offers support to alcoholics and helps them to abstain from alcohol. 4. AA app celebrates every milestone achieved toward complete recovery. 5. Happify app controls the user’s depression. 6. app helps the user to set milestones. 7. The AlcoDroid Tracker tracks the number of drinks taken. 8. My Daily Journal app motivates users to write down his emotions. 9. Sobriety Counter app keeps track of the sober days. 10. SoberTool app has many features of other sobriety apps. Read more: #DrugRehab #DrugAbuse #DrugAddiction
30 Oct 2016
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Is it allowed in the game?
11 Apr 2006
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19 Jul 2006
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Not Bundy. Coming January 2007.
1 Jan 2007
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Football is a hard game
8 Jan 2007
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27 Jan 2007
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ouch some of these fouls would really hurt
2 May 2007
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all about soccer
4 Jun 2007
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