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#MYMICTraining Technologies’ provides #LockoutTagout safety training to teach users the proper safety measures and cautions to take when working with hazardous energy and control devices to ensure optimal safety. This Lockout Tagout training is unique, it uses augmented reality technology throughout the training which means users will experience examples of dangerous and hazardous situations as if they were there in the moment but without being in any real physical harm.
4 Jul 2017
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In part 1 we look at the effects electricity has on the body based on current, voltage, time, path, and resistance - illustrate how electricity behaves and how shock can result - discuss the hazards of energized work, give safety recommendations, and illustrate the dangers of shock, arc, and blast - demonstrate how to isolate or "clear" parts of an electrical system, look at lockout /tagout procedures, and show how to select and install temporary grounds
19 Oct 2012
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