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Wu Style Taijiquan by Argentina Cotcheza from Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. This was performed at the World Tai Chi Day in Zwolle the Netherlands. This is an amazing form of the Wu Style taijiquan martial arts.
6 May 2019
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Martial Arts of the Yang style family: The STN Stichting Taijiquan Nederland was organising this martial arts certified teacher training in the Netherlands Laoshi Douwe Geluk owner of Tai Chi Apeldoorn de Bron van Geluk Fuyuan was participating at this course. This was under his Shifu jan Langedijk of Tai Chi school Kennemerland. This video has old pictures of 2010
20 May 2019
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A demonstration of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan done and performed by Argentina Cotcheza at the World Tai Chi Day 2019 in Zwolle city in the Netherlands. Een demonstratie van een Wu stijl Tai Chi Chuan vorm door Argentina Cotcheza op de Wereld Tai Chi Dag in Zwolle 2019 georganiseerd door Judith van Drooge van Inner Touch Tai Chi
4 May 2019
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Qi Qong is for health and well being Argentina Cotcheza from the Netherlands is performing Wudang Wu Xin Qi Qong at the World Tai Chi Day 2019 in Zwolle in the Netherlands. Wu dang Qi Qong, Chi Kung door Argentina Cotcheza op de Wereld Tai Chi Dag 2019 in Zwolle
4 May 2019
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Hunyuan Tai Chi was established by GM Feng and taught by Zhang online. Just visit Fengzhiqiang, the top master of Taijiquan with 9th Duan of Wushu.
10 Apr 2009
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Otra versión del estilo Hao de Taijiquan.
5 Aug 2011
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On the 9th day of March 2019 there was a bigg martial arts championship in Aarschot city in Belgium. Master of Chinese martial arts Douwe Geluk form Apeldoorn city in the Netherlands particpated at this great event. This Martial Arts Championships were for the Chinese martial arts like: Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Sanda Sanshou Chinese Kickboxing, Pushing Hands and taijiquan a.k.a. Tai Chi Chuan The event was organised by the Vlaamse Wu Shu Federatie together with Jurgen van Horenbeek and Said Belabed a student of Chiu Chi Ling. Douwe Geluk won a Golden and a Bronze medal at this great martial arts event.
18 Mar 2019
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tai chi
20 Oct 2008
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*******www.illustrated-explanations-chen-taijiquan**** reveals principles of Chansijing (silk reel. force) and Fajing (issuing force), the author Chen Xin 16th inheritor of Chen Family Taijiquan.
23 Mar 2009
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This Tai Chi Chuan form is very basic but it is found in Southern Chinese Tai Kit Kuen systems. Tai Ji Quan is a very mysterious arts and with that the basics must become profound and good. Douwe Geluk is showing you a very rare Tai Chi Chuan form.
27 Dec 2018
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Taijiquan and Qi Qong are widely practised all over the world. Douwe Geluk is a teacher in the Netherlands and runs his own martial arts school in the city of Apeldoorn, Holland. This video is giving people great insights on the Tai Chi Apeldoorn school of master Douwe Geluk
27 Dec 2018
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Taiji Jian or the straight sword of taijiquan is a elegant weapon. Martial Arts master Douwe Geluk from the Netherlands is performing the form of Peter Ralston 30 steps straight sword form. This was filmed many years ago but it is still great to watch. Peter Ralston grew up in Asia and studied the Asian martial arts all of his life.
27 Dec 2018
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Swimming Turtle is a special form of Qi Qong which is strong en develops mind body and spirit. This exercise is also very good for your health. Watch this video and do it with Shifu Douwe geluk together. Douwe Geluk is an international recognized Tai Chi Chuan, Taijiquan martial arts teacher from Apeldoorn city in the Netherlands
16 Feb 2019
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Hunyuan Tai Chi was established by Mr. Feng Zhiqiang, the top master in China, the only person of Chen style in 10th generation and the 9th dan of Chinese martial arts. Now hunyuan tai chi has been popularing in China for its many strong points. Mr. Zhang Jiping is one of the indoor disciples of GM Feng, the 7th dan of Chinese martial arts. To learn Hunyuan-style online:
27 May 2008
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Learning Tai Chi has many benefits for health and well being. Learning the proper techniques can be difficult, however with *******www.UnderstandingTaiChi**** you can learn quickly and easily experience the benefits of Tai Ch
9 Jun 2009
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