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The Texans may have a capable crew of young players ready to step up now that Mario Williams, DeMeco Ryans and Eric Winston have moved elsewhere. But who will replace Ryans and Winston as leaders?
31 Mar 2012
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Take Me To Your Leader by Incubus
16 Nov 2008
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Music video by Incubus performing Take Me to Your Leader. (C) 1996 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
6 Mar 2012
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Download song free + Full Mixtape : *******www.Tyrael****** Join me and support : *******www.facebook****/TyraelUK Follow me on Twitter : *******www.twitter****/TyraelUK I HAD A REQUEST TO UPLOAD THE LYRICS, SO HERE THEY ARE: I just grew so fast in this game they don't even know my name, just a blur in their memories, remember me, crash land in your dreams complicated to extreme, silly bean, im the mother of machines with a high-tech plasma ray gun, sugar rays son patience, patience, i won't stay long got a call from the whitehouse, Ronald Reagan said they need a black president Baracks away son *Chorus* Catch me on the remix, 6 foot 7 foot with the other rejects, left hook never shook of blowin up your speakers, mainstream can blow the undergrounds huge like a renovation quote, your barely getting views like the museum of stone, im getting youtube views like i was featured on the home, please dont think im rude but im attacking like the drones, take me to your leader so that this can be resolved, *chorus* And if they don't want a leader like me to run the land then ill blow up everybody from the UK to Japan, im a dictator, a word breaker, ill rip you from your home faster then hurricane, sur my pager, beep, beep, danger "Ya say sumfing boy" redneck tamer hunt ya down with a police batton and a tazer yer i know my jokes are getting old... Dr. Frazier *Chorus* Lemme speed up, spill it like tea cup, didnt know i dun dis, my name on a t shirt, track sounds hard cant mess with the reverb deserve, everything ya get like desert, haa so long see ya, colon pizza (Watch my VLOGS), Cartell crease up, im just lean on a beat like pisa this just in, Justin Bieber (Again quotin my VLOGS loll) Ya dun know the private jokes, dun know im flying with quotes, im sitting there waiting, watching eyeing the coats, im rocking all over the boat, nah i aint gassed got a mouth full of jokes, no mirrors and smoke, hold it up close, im poaching and approaching this coast, im burning a track like tofu, im always adjustin my vocals hop in the backseat we'll go global, more epic then anything local... This is Frieza and Goku If you didn't understand any of the lyrics.... Its time you stop reading this and start watchin my VLOGS ¬_¬ Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch So this is for the mixtape but i got tired of waiting and decided to drop sumin now, so just enjoy this and wait for the mixtape (Official music video) Subscribe and Share Show Show
22 Dec 2011
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BUY A NO RACIAL SHIRT! *******panicpop**** i think everybody was gettin sick of cyphers for a bit, but this beat is crazy and i'm all about supporting the lil homie that made that produced the beat so enjooooooooooy. R Productions *******youtube****/LongBeachProductions the video introducing the cypher ***********/watch?v=LY1yIeT3Zjo Download Link for "Here We Go Yall" *******usershare****/5xzybm8zhd12 1st: Young Kixx ***********/watch?v=7qEdHGvv938 2nd: Lil Crazed ***********/watch?v=nWD2NPcQCJ0 3rd: Micah B. ***********/watch?v=f8p1fLSa6m4 4th: Herbal T ***********/watch?v=89uJKbcTMOA 5th: Siryss Da King ***********/watch?v=rMgaLhLKmi8 6ht Rapper: ALO ***********/watch?v=WWdr9qoxYd4 7th: D-Pryde ***********/watch?v=GWjdmabIMQw 8th: J. Reyez ***********/watch?v=j6-m4GTfhEY 10th: Webb ***********/watch?v=rY2s6YbeTGA 11th: Dumbfoundead ***********/watch?v=clTaSNcSfVQ 12th: Andy Milonakis ***********/watch?v=S1GdeVjTwW0 13th: Wax ***********/watch?v=hQeuG3QoeFA LYRICS: Now imagine if you will a spontaneous invasion From aliens that take over ya cranium to say shit Take the brain waves translate it to the pages And now my book of rhymes like the book of revelations Uh- and I been hot since the genesis The penmanship is heavensent this gentlemens intelligent Devil on my back but I do it for the hell of it inventions every sentence you can call me Timmy edison I eat and sleep sick words and rhymin So I treat beats like teen virgin hymens Respected by my peers cuz I spent years grinding Look into my ears and youll find gears grinding Watch! theres a method to my madness A mechanical animal and youll never understand it Stranded on this planet ever since the day I landed So take me to your leader, im not askin im demandin it *******twitter****/traphik *******myspace****/traphik *******www.facebook****/pages/Traphik/265878373825?ref=ts
5 May 2012
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Get your copy of ¡MAYDAY! "Take Me To Your Leader" Album in stores 3/26! Pre-order your copy today at *******www.strangemusicinc****/presales/md/take_me_to_your_leader/ Produced by Plex Luthor (of ¡MAYDAY!)
11 May 2012
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ALL COPY RIGHT TO STRANGE MUSIC INC! Get your copy of ¡MAYDAY! "Take Me To Your Leader" Album in stores 3/26! Pre-order your copy today at *******www.strangemusicinc****/presales/md/take_me_to_your_leader/ Produced by Plex Luthor (of ¡MAYDAY!)
18 May 2012
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Purchase ¡MAYDAY! - Take Me To Your Leader - *******www.strangemusicinc****/p9371/Mayday-Take-Me-To-Your-Leader-CD/product_info.html?utm_source=youtube iTunes - ************/us/album/take-me-to-your-leader/id510214863 Amazon - ***********/gp/product/B007K3W6CA?ie=UTF8&tag=strmusinc-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B007K3W6CA "Strange March" featuring CES Cru and Brotha Lynch Hung from ¡MAYDAY! - Thrift Store Halos EP. Directed by: Bernz Video Producer: Andrea Casales Director of Photography: Jacob Rivera Editor: Wrekonize Camera Crew: Alain Erriguible J.P. Erriguible Make Up: Jennifer Perez Talent: Sphere Eckhart Special thanks: Shack North Studios Brotha Lynch Hung CES Cru
20 Jan 2014
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