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The clip talking about fucking each other for porn from Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) with Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks So, what do you think? I don't think I wanna fuck a stranger. Oh, wow, like you've never done that before. How many guys have you met in a bar, taken home, banged with your mouth and then never talked to again? That's what we call a stranger. Dude, I don't one-night mouth-fuck anybody that I pick up in bars. You don't wanna fuck a stranger in the porno movie for some weird reason. I guess... We could fuck. Ew. Fuck you. I mean, you're a nice-enough-looking guy and everything-- Holy fuck, thank you. You're an all-right-enough-looking girl. How does that feel? Dude, I'm just saying it'd be weird and wrong, you know, like fucking my brother. Okay, seriously, we're just talking about sex, okay? It's for a purpose. It's for getting rich. Only my dick and your pussy would be doing something weird. Our bodies and brains would be acting. Wow. Just explain to your private beforehand, "Look, this doesn't mean anything. We're just doing this for cash." Oh, my God. What? You're just doing this because you've always wanted to fuck me, aren't you? Yes. I've gone my whole life pretending that I want nothing to do with you, just hoping one day we'd be in such dire financial straits that I could use it to finally make my move on you. You're just being sarcastic. I am. See, I was pretending to cry right there. I guess it's not like it'd be creepy,
26 Nov 2011
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