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The opening shot depicts a hunchback(Vikram) who kidnaps Diya(Amy Jackson) and locks her up in an isolated place. The movie then narrates the story of Lingesan, played by Vikram, an aspiring body builder who strives to become Mr. Tamil Nadu to subsequently become Mr. India. When Lingesan gets an opportunity to meet Diya, a famous model he instantly falls for her but doesn't express his love instead he introduces himself to Diya as her fan. Meanwhile, John(Upen Patel) who is Diya's colleague, asks her for sexual favors. When Diya refuses, he blacklists her from the modelling industry by bringing in a new model. Without any other option, Diya approaches Lingesan and asks him to become a model in an attempt to replace John. Diya along with her superior convinces their boss(Ramkumar) to try a new model for their new product. Lingesan(Lee) becomes an instant attraction in the modelling world but also accumulates unwanted enemies on the way to his stardom. There is John who is waiting for a vengeance, Ravi(body builder) who is pinned down by Lingesan in a body building competition, a transsexual make up artist whose 'love' is turned down by Lee and his boss who incurs huge loss because of Lee's innocence. Gradually, Diya too falls for Lee and the two make plans for their future which promises to be ever so colorful. In an interesting twist, things go horribly wrong as all that colour and glitz are forcibly extracted from Vikram's life. But not everything is lost for the antagonist, what he does to regain something similar to his lost dream forms the rest of the movie.
11 Jan 2017
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2 Jun 2017
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