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demo de Alaoui Mbarek sensei lors du 30 anniversaire de la presence de tamura sensei en france *******aikidoelmenzah.hautetfort****
28 Jun 2009
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Eriko Tamura * Dragonball Evolution * Heroes * Reaper - Click for more *******www.RealTVfilms****
3 Sep 2009
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Stage de Saint-Dizier, 1er décembre 2007. Tamura Sensei démontre nikyo et sokumen irimi nage sur katadori. Aite : Alain Bacco.
11 Nov 2009
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tamura sensei _ stage aikido en turquie
13 Jan 2010
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Spiritual Garden by Tamura Yukari
21 Nov 2006
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Another NejixTenten AMV by me. Yes, I am indeed obsessed. :o The music is 'Daydream' by Yukari Tamura. The reason I chose this song is because I thought it would be fun making a NejiTen video with music by Tenten's seiyuu(voiceactor). I probably would have picked another song if only I had her album available at the time, but I only had three songs by her, so 'Daydream' it is. It's not my best imo, but enjoy~
18 Jan 2009
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About Michel Benard sensei: -Début de l'aikido : Septembre 1967 -Grade actuel : 6ème Dan, Brevet d’état 2ème degrés -Fonction actuelle : •Conseiller technique fédéral et à ce titre il anime des stages nationaux et internationaux.( Portugal, Belgique, Allemagne,Yougoslavie…aussi en Maghreb) anime aussi des stages aux antilles, Guadeloupe, Martinique et ile de la Réunion , Co-anime aussi l'été un stage à Bras chez Me TAMURA : shochu geiko •Délégué par la fédération française d’aikido pour être juge aux grades dan, du 1er au 4ème dan, juge pour les brevets d'états 1er et 2ème degré •Président de la région centre (1500 licenciés), membre du comité directeur de la fédération française d’aikido et de Budo et membre du département technique •Entraineur à l’association Orléanaise •Responsable de l'élaboration du calendrier fédéral gérant les stages de ligue et formations diverses proposées par le fédé.
22 May 2009
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About Nebi vural sensei : "Nebi Vural Sensei was born on 29 September 1951 in Kars (a city eastern Turkey) and, since his father was an officer in the army, has lived in many different cities. He started studying karate in Ankara when he was 15 years old. He later joined self defense, judo and ju-jitsu classes in the army academy. After receiving a scholarship in 1972, he went to France to continue his education where he came into contact with aikido which he has been studying for the last 30 years. Nebi Vural Sesei is a student and close follower of renowned Japanese master Nobuyoshi Tamura Shihan (8th dan). He has had the opportunity of studying with many other aikido masters such as Kishomaru Ueshiba, M. Ueshiba (Doshu), K. Osawa, S. Arikawa, R. Shirata, M. Saito, K. Iwata, M. Nakazano, N. Ichihashi, M. Kobayashi, K. Chiba, Y. Yamada, M. Ikeda, T. Ichimura, M. Kanai, M. Sasaki, S. Sugano. "Nebi Vural Sensei gives classes in his own dojo in France during the week and on the weekends he regularly gives seminars in France and in other countries such as Cuba, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey, Poland and Slovakia. He is the technical consultant for the French Aikido Federation and holds a French government diploma for Aikido. He also serves as technical consultant to a number of other aikido federations. He has the highest ranking of a Turkish aikido instructor and is known around the world for practicing precise, realistic, traditional Aikido.He has 2 children and lives in Blois, France where he holds a full time position with an American company as a high level manager."
23 Nov 2009
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hayden panettiere heroes kiss lesbian madelin zima NBC Heroes Tim Kring Karmina the Kiss Adam Monroe David Anders Princess Yaeko Eriko Tamura Hiro Nakamura Masi Oka Claire Bennet Hayden Panettiere
13 Oct 2009
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The California Nisei College Diploma Project was established to provide community outreach and education for a new law, AB 37. The California Nisei College Diploma Project seeks to identify and support individuals of Japanese descent who were unable to complete their college education in the State of California because of forced removal and incarceration during World War II. Dreams Finally Realized: The Untold Stories of California Nisei Forced out of Higher Education is the second half of the CA Nisei Project. The goal of Dreams Finally Realized is to collect and share the unheard stories of the Nisei honorees. Here is Kimiko Tamura Yamaguma who received her honorary degree from City College of San Francisco.
12 Mar 2011
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BY CATIE LAU ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN Facial expressions are a universal way to show how a person is feeling, but thanks to researchers at Miyazaki University, these same expressions can now show where a person wants to go--and take them there. Hiroki Tamura and his research team have developed a wheelchair that responds to cues from the expressive facial muscles. DigInfo TV explains how this remarkable new technology is used. Anchor: “The wheelchair can be turned right and left by blinking the right and left eyes, and stopped by clenching the teeth. To start the wheelchair moving forward, the user clenches their teeth once, and while it is moving they can clench their teeth again to stop.” Tamura describes the purpose behind the idea in TIME Magazine’s ‘Techland’: "The system is intended for people who are paralyzed from the neck down and people who are gradually losing the use of their muscles due to muscular dystrophy or ALS. … So we wanted to create a system for controlling an electric wheelchair using the expressive [facial] muscles, which remain functional at a relatively late stage of dystrophy." But how easily will individuals in these late stages of dystrophy be able to use the wheelchair? In November 2010, Tamura and his team published some of their initial findings in “Intelligent Robotics and Applications.” In an experiment designed to test ease of use, Tamura’s team put three subjects through an obstacle course using the wheelchair prototypes--one of them with experience using the technology, and two without. Results showed that the experienced subject performed only marginally better than those who had never used it before, and improved quickly. “From their experiments, we showed that the control of our proposed system is easy and our proposed system does not need a lot of training for the user.” Tamura says that he hopes to find a business to commercialize the product by next year, and according to Popular Science, there will be a few changes before it hits the market. “In the future, the researchers plan to ditch the somewhat unsightly electrodes in favor of a system embedded in goggles, which will be wirelessly synced with the chair. Hopefully that's possible--the electrodes actually look pretty effective, and this chair could be a life-changing invention for those currently without independent movement.”
22 Oct 2011
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DIRECTOR: Dan Chelger PRODUCTOR: Maximiliano Mastrangelo PRODUCTION COMPANY: Airesfilms AGENCY: Tamura CLIENT: Unilever Argentina
13 Mar 2017
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27 Oct 2009
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Aikido Rotterdam (Tenchigowa) This movie contains 3 hours of old Aikido Seminars of N. Tamura Sensei, which I had on VHS. www.AikidoRotterdam****
22 Sep 2013
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Luta d Minotauro e Tamura.. Show d luta
6 Feb 2014
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18 Aug 2009
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