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Belly dance is unfortunately often misunderstood by Western people who are convinced this dancing is only used for showing naked belly of pretty women and attract men in this way. Of course woman practising this form of dance can highlight properly her own beauty; but there are very strong rules in all schools of bellydancing forbidding provocative and tantalizing gestures. In reality belly dance was originaly sacred dance with spiritual and mysterious hidden symbolism (similarly as for example sacred dancing of Indian temple´s priestesses). Nowadays bellydancing became extremely popular grace to its healing effects onto women´s belly organs and spinal column, but it is also very good form of relaxation. Photos: captured from internet - Turkish Bellydancing Schools Music: Arabic pop - Mezdeke (very popular in Turkey)
28 Oct 2009
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IT'S OFFICIAL!! Singapore's #1 Party Promotion Label Vibe Parties will be relaunching FRESH at Wave House Sentosa on Saturday, November 28th! Mark your calendars!! *****JUST CONFIRMED THEIR FIRST... IT'S OFFICIAL!! Singapore's #1 Party Promotion Label Vibe Parties will be relaunching FRESH at Wave House Sentosa on Saturday, November 28th! Mark your calendars!! *****JUST CONFIRMED THEIR FIRST TIME EVER TO SINGAPORE***** ....the infamous, tantalizing, sexy, amazing.... ***CYBERJAPAN DANCERS*** *****JUST CONFIRMED THEIR FIRST TIME EVER TO SINGAPORE***** OTHER CONFIRMED ACTS FOR THE 28 NOV LAUNCH: CHE'NELLE (SINGER OF INTERNATIONAL HIT "I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE DJ") DJ MOTO & MC JOE 275 (COLLABORATED WITH THE LIKES OF SNOOP DOGG & JAY-Z) DJ ANDREW T (THE BUTTER FACTORY) DJ FM (FRESH RESIDENT DJ) MC TECH 1 VIBE PARTY GIRLS It will be Asia's wildest Spring Break style beach party featuring international hip-hop acts, MC led craziness, a crowd of over 3000 hot ladies and dudes, and other forms of insanity not seen anywhere outside of Cancun, Mexico. It will be every Saturday, but we're kicking it off in a BIG WAY on the 28th of November. ANTICS TO EXPECT & MORE: THE FRESH BEER BONG RACES FRESH BODY SHOTS FOR SELECTED BIKINI CLAD LADIES MC LED CONTESTS & CHALLENGES ON STAGE PROFESSIONAL SURFING SHOWCASES ON THE WAVEHOUSE FLOWBARREL BEER PONG PRESALE TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW. EMAIL TICKETSVIBE.SG FOR DETAILS. If you'd be interested in helping sell presale tickets, now's your chance to make some easy money as this will be the biggest party at Sentosa since Zoukout. Email immediately! Entry Details: S$30 - Male Tickets (Inclusive of 2 Drinks) S$15 - Female Tickets (Inclusive of 1 Drink) Email IMMEDIATELY for very limited table reservations. This one will book up by Monday at the latest. Dress Code: Beach friendly; Ladies, wear a bikini and get spotted by the Vibe Parties team for a chance to win free drinks! Guest Acts: Begin at 6pm so come EARLY! DJ FM & Tech1 will be kicking things off with the support of the Vibe Party Girls on stage with the first Beer Bong races at 4:30pm!
7 Mar 2010
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SpaceRip Discovery of a huge unseen ring around Saturn, with a tantalizing analogy to the land of Mordor in "The Lord of the Rings." From Spitzer Space Telescope series "Hidden Universe."
11 Apr 2010
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You'll find the powerful blast of energy and flavor you need to reach your limit and go beyond at the gym, at work, or at home in every one of XS Energy Drinks' tantalizing flavors. All rights to the Trademark are the exclusive property of XS Energy, LLC, and all goodwill generated through my use of the Trademark will inure to the benefit of XS Energy, LLC and XS Gear, LLC. XS, XS Energy Drink and XSGear**** are trademarks of XS Energy, LLC and XS Gear, LLC.
25 May 2010
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One man brought you the beautiful and tantalizing women... one man brought you the captivating captions and witty remarks... together they bring you the naughtiest, nakedest, and at times nastiest Howard TV Series ever created. Howard Sterns Hottest Nudes with Mr. Skin, premiering April 5th, only on Howard TV. Go to ******* for more info.
11 Jun 2010
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4 Hand Sensual Massage By Goddess Mona & Ms. Starr Southwest Location 8888 Benning Dr. Houston, Texas 77031 Heated Vibrating Massage table, Warm Oil and Our Sensual Tantalizing Strokes will Melt All your Stress & Pain away! Come Over & Be Pampered a little, Spoiled a Lot..... Our Massages Linger for Days. Menu: Soft Pressure Feather Touch Swedish Deep Tissue Sports Topless (38 DDD"S All Natural) Lingerie Hydro Massages (Jacuzzi Tub Massage) Party 4 Two Jacuzzi Bath (We Bathe each other in the Jacuzzi Tub!) 4Hand Massage (Male & Female) Or (2 Females) Hot Stones Call Goddess Mona 832-888-4321 www.CharonsMassages****
21 Jul 2010
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Tantalize a countdown show that showcases the mishaps done by or to celebrities. Starting off with Aamir Khan who asked a professor from Bidwai to write the lyrics and composed the song also, for his home production 'Peepli live', which now is a huge success. And he paid only eleven hundred rupees to the professor. Whereas John was recently seen praising Deepika for her looks and figure. Coming to the virtual world Bipasha Basu indirectly insulted Ram Gopal Verma on twitter and talking about the respect for elders Sonam Kapoor called Shobha De an Old fossil because she criticized Sonam's role in the movie 'I Hate Luv Storys'. The same Shobha De who criticized Sonam Kapoor is writing a book on Kareena Kapoor. Apparently there are lots of books written on Kareena Kapoor, which is not at all helping Shobha in any ways. Now coming to the old and beautiful Rekha who recently shocked every one with her new photos in which she is looking super hot but when asked to photographer they said there was a little photo-shop done in her photos to make her look younger. Sonu Nigam is again in the news because of his new look of two pony tails which was criticized by media and consequently Sonu Nigam changed his hair style after this incident and acquired a sober look for which he is famous. The most talked about item girl Rakhi Sawant is again ready to do a show like 'Swayamwar' and she promises that this time she will really get married but none of the channels are showing interest in re-launching the show with Rakhi Sawant. Last week Akshay Kumar met common man creator R.K.Lakshman in a hospital to promote his new film 'Khatta Meetha'. This incident was criticized by a reporter to which Amitabh Bacchan came forward and supported Akshay Kumar and said whatever he has done is not wrong. It seems like Amitabh Bacchan is being nice to all of Sha h Rukh's rivals. All these and many more hot gossips...take a look!
27 Aug 2010
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Each Issue of Black Men Delivers the most beautiful and divers women in the world -- presented in provocative layouts shot by the best fashion photographers. Black Men also features exclusive photos and video of the hottest Hip Hop stars and the sexiest Hollywood Actresses. Plus, go behind the scenes of Black Men photo shoots and catch up on tantalizing interviews and exciting exposes.
17 Nov 2010
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This is a parody for the song Hold Yuh by Gyptian ft. Nicki Minaj. Hope you like it. Pass to all your friends hahaha. Also subscribe to my channel (LaToya Forever) ***********/latoyaforever *******www.twitter****/latoyaforever *******latoyaforever**** African Dude- Femi F Lawson ***********/bulletflawson *******www.twitter****/bulletflawson Director- Dukey Dukez *******www.twitter****/dukeydukez *******www.dukeydukez**** Engineer Shizzy Shotta *******www.twitter****/Shizzy_shotta FOR BUSINESS INQUIRES CONTACT dukezdukeydukez**** LYRICS This one goes out to all of my African Brothers The next time you are walking down the street and you see one girl you really like You don't tell her you want to hold her, you tell her you want to marry her This one goes out to that special baby of mine I saw her walking and I just had to write this song for her Ok...Riddim Lets get it poppin Girl your my only prescription Tantalize my mind you are my addiction You see those whack guys, contradiction Buy you a condo no eviction hmmm...So you want to eat steak Somethin smokin fufu on the plate Shopping spree on the first date Come to Africa there is no where to skate Highclass...Nigerian Tip All I do is buy cars and be taking trips No benz you can float on my private ship Got a spot in every village I be ballin, shiiii. This is scam money, fraud money real hood money I'll buy you a house made of louis V honey Legos, London even in Toronto baby come to my African Jungle Girl I don't want to hold you Come baby let me show you Come to Africa with me baby so you can be my wife Girl I don't want to hold you Come baby let me show you Come to Africa with me baby so you can be my wife Whatever... Listen here I want Louis and Prada Diamonds and gold before you can holla 500 stacks or don't even bother You got to be an actor, a doctor or a balla You drive a benz thats the 08 type If you aint drive a maybach then you aint my type Highclass type I'm livin the life I bathe in luxury check out my ice Baby I don't want to hold you Stalkin ass dude Ima show you Some restraining orders so you can just stay out of my life Baby I don't want to hold you Stalkin ass dude Ima show you Some restraining orders so you can just stay out of my life
18 Nov 2010
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Cooking Up A Story Season: 4 Episode: 43 The pictures can be tantalizing. Some even cause us to stop and stare. Join us for a behind the scenes look at a food photographer and his team, as they create sumptuous images out of fresh ingredients that seem to jump off the page.
10 Dec 2010
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www.egyptiantravelmakers**** Egypt officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country in North Africa that includes the Sinai Peninsula, a land bridge to Asia. Covering an area of about 1,001,450 square kilometers (386,560 square miles), Egypt borders Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, the Gaza Strip and Israel to the east. The northern coast borders the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern coast borders the Red Sea. Egypt is One of the Most Populous Countries in Africa. The vast majority of its estimated 78 million people (2007) live near the banks of the Nile River (about 40,000 km² or 15,450 sq miles) where the only arable agricultural land is found.[1] Large areas of land form part of the Sahara Desert and are sparsely inhabited. Around half of Egypt's residents live in urban areas, with the majority spread across the densely populated centres of greater Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities in the Nile Delta. Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world's most famous monuments, including the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx; the southern city of Luxor contains a particularly large number of ancient artifacts such as the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. Today, Egypt is widely regarded as an important political and cultural centre of the Middle East. Egypt travel locations For centuries, travelers have made the pilgrimage to Egypt, a wondrous land of contrasts, quenching their desire for adventure, mystery, history and romance. Egypt is a land that captivates, enthralls and entices. Ancient monuments that have withstood the tests of time watch as the eternal waters of the Nile flow through pristine green valleys. Endless desert gives way to miraculous oases and flawless seaside retreats. Sakkara Travel Group invites you to accept our offer to be your special guide on a journey that will tantalize your senses and create an unforgettable memory you will treasure for a lifetime Cairo » Pyramids of Giza » Cheops Pyramid » Chephren Pyramid » Mykerinus Pyramid » Sphinx » Sakkara Pyramids » Memphis » Pyramids of Abu Sir » Dahshour Pyramids » Egyptian Museum » Coptic Cairo » Salah el Din Citadel » Sultan Hassan Mosque » Ibn Tulun Mosque » Gayer-Anderson House » Khan el Khalili » Al-Azhar Mosque » El Hakim Mosque » Bait as-Suhaymi » Bait Gamalud'din » Wakalat El-Ghouri » Islamic Cairo » Sound and Light Shows Alexandria » Greco-Roman Museum » Alexandria National Museum » Bibliotheca Alexandrina » Pompey's Pillar » Catacombs » Roman Amphitheatre » Fortress of Qait Bey » Abu El-Abbas El Moursi Mosque » Sook El-Attareen Luxo » Karnak Temple » Luxor Temple » Dendara Temple » The Valley of the Artisans » The Valley of the Kings » The Valley of the Nobles » The Valley of the Queens » The Colossi of Memnon » Hatshepsut Temple at Deir El Bahari » Sound and Light Shows Aswan » Philae Temple » Kalabsha Temple » Aswan High Dam » Granite Quarries » The Agha Khan Mausoleum » Sound and Light Shows Abu Simbel & Lake Nasser » Abu Simbel » Amada Temple » Wadi Seboua temple » Fortress of Kasr Ibrim Fayoum Oasis » The Temple of Sobek » Temple of Stones » Pyramid of Hawara » Pyramid of Maidum Sharm El Sheikh » Ras Mohamed » The Colored Canyon » Mount Moses & Sainte Catherine's Monastery Western Desert Oasis » Western Desert Oasis
19 Feb 2011
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*******www.VancouverBC**** exclusive coverage: Patrons of the arts and business leaders were invited to attend the Vancouver BC Carnevale 2008 (body painting) to help support a worthy cause. A glittering gala to remember, guests were treated to a red carpet reception replete with 'paparazzi', an extravagant wine tasting bar organized by Hester Creek, and multicultural entertainment including Brazilian Capoeira, Italian opera, and Flamenco. The guests were treated to a full night of feasting with all the human senses: from tantalizing food to scintillating entertainment within a world-class body painting competition.
4 Apr 2011
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Robbins Brothers in San Diego invites you to try on tantalizing Tacori diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and celebrity-adored jewelry. When: June 24 and June 25, 2011 Where: Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store, corner of Friars and Frazee in Mission Valley
16 Jun 2011
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Oh my goodness, what have I done? Oh no, I can't believe it It's like I've got the whole world in my palm And I'm ready to drop bombs.. Welcome to the Slim Shady Mecca Rebecca It's the village in New York right next to the Tribeca It's my sector Homosexual dissector Come again, rewind selector I said nice rectum I had a visectomy, Hector So you can't get pregnant if I bisexually wreck you Hannibal Lecter In the guy sex and I bet you I tantalize you in less than five seconds, I get you They say once bitten and twice shy Well, I'm next to the guy With nine ecstasy pills and five extra Boxes of ripped condoms And quantities, why, yessa I took the rest of them Lunesta Pills from my dresser It's my kind of vibe, what else should I try, Lester? Drop kick the bitch before her second trimester Perform a home abortion with Dexter Then I guess, I dig the fetus out with the wire hanging and digest her I guess it's time for you to hate me again Let's begin, now hand me the pen How should I begin it and where does it all end? The world is just my medicine ball, you're all in I said, I guess it's time for you to hate me again Let's begin, now hand me the pen How should I begin it and where does it all end? My medicine ball, you're in my medicine ball, friends All my Westside bitches, throw it up Put a balloon inside your pussy, queef, and blow it up Man, I think that he just fell off the deep end sure enough So you better change the station and keep them from throwing up Man, you've seen it all before You are too familiar with it There's a penis on floor And two balls so you know who did it You know you with it, girl Don't front, oh no, you didn't I won't rape all the Pussycat Dolls Nicole you kiddin? Now I'll pee on Rihanna Man, see, I do what I wanna Spray perfume in a sauna room Crazy gluing Madonna 'Til the La-Z Boy sofa fold her in two and sit on her Imagine the visual for that man Who would've thought I've Could be such a relentless prick? Unleash the vengeance for the chicks So all she looks like she had her life sentence I never meant this Rhyme to be offensive If you weren't so defensive, it wouldn't be You're so sensitive I guess it's time for you to hate me again Let's begin, now hand me the pen How should I begin it and where does it all end? The world is just my medicine ball, you're all in I said, I guess it's time for you to hate me again Let's begin, now hand me the pen How should I begin it and where does it all end? My medicine ball, you're in my medicine ball, friends Put Christopher Reeves on a unicycle with a kickstand Kick it up and push him and lead him right in the quicksand Here, you need a hand, big man? Grab hold of this branch with both hands But they don't understand I'm just a sick man Now everybody's pissed at me Like it's my faults His name rhymes with so many different words, geez So one last time, Mr. Christopher Reeves Won't you break it down for me? And just spit the verse, please Eminem, I'm coming to kill you (*sniff*) I've always hated you and I still do You'll never fill my shoes My Superman costume (*sniff*) Doesn't even fit you They don't feel you You're taking this shit too far (*sniff*) Who do you think you are? Hang my suit up in the armoire Everyday I hate you more and more Throw down the cardboard Let's break dance if you think you're hardcore I guess it's time for you to hate me again Let's begin, now hand me the pen How should I begin it and where does it all end? The world is just my medicine ball, you're all in I said, I guess it's time for you to hate me again Let's begin, now hand me the pen How should I begin it and where does it all end? My medicine ball, you're in my medicine ball, friends The world is mine
30 Jul 2011
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PLEASE NOTE: I divided my uploads between multiple channels, Bookmark this link in your browser for instant access to an index with links to all of John1948's oldies classics. LINK: *******tinyurl****/Channel-Index One of the most influential soul singers of the 1960s, Otis Redding exemplified to many listeners the power of Southern "deep soul" -- hoarse, gritty vocals, brassy arrangements, and an emotional way with both party tunes and aching ballads. He was also the most consistent exponent of the Stax sound, cutting his records at the Memphis label/studios that did much to update R&B into modern soul. His death at the age of 26 was tragic not just because he seemed on the verge of breaking through to a wide pop audience (which he would indeed do with his posthumous number one single "[Sittin' On] The Dock of the Bay"). It was also unfortunate because, as "Dock of the Bay" demonstrated, he was also at a point of artistic breakthrough in terms of the expression and sophistication of his songwriting and singing. Although Redding at his peak was viewed as a consummate, versatile showman, he began his recording career in the early '60s as a Little Richard-styled shouter. The Georgian was working in the band of guitarist Johnny Jenkins at the time, and in 1962 he took advantage of an opportunity to record the ballad "These Arms of Mine" at a Jenkins session. When it became an R&B hit, Redding's solo career was truly on its way, though the hits didn't really start to fly until 1965 and 1966, when "Mr. Pitiful," "I've Been Loving You Too Long," "I Can't Turn You Loose," a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction," and "Respect" (later turned into a huge pop smash by Aretha Franklin) were all big sellers. Redding wrote much of his own material, sometimes with the assistance of Booker T. & the MG's guitarist Steve Cropper. Yet at the time, Redding's success was primarily confined to the soul market; his singles charted only mildly on the pop listings. He was nonetheless tremendously respected by many white groups, particularly the Rolling Stones, who covered Redding's "That's How Strong My Love Is" and "Pain in My Heart." (Redding also returned the favor with "Satisfaction.") One of Redding's biggest hits was a duet with fellow Stax star Carla Thomas, "Tramp," in 1967. That was the same year he began to show signs of making major inroads into the white audience, particularly with a well-received performance at the Monterey Pop Festival (also issued on record). Redding's biggest triumph, however, came just days before his death, when he recorded the wistful "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay," which represented a significant leap as far as examination of more intensely personal emotions. Also highlighted by crisp Cropper guitar leads and dignified horns, it rose to the top of the pop charts in early 1968. Redding, however, had perished in a plane crash in Wisconsin on December 10, 1967, in an accident that also took the lives of four members from his backup band, the Bar-Kays. A few other singles became posthumous hits, and a good amount of other unreleased material was issued in the wake of his death. These releases weren't purely exploitative in nature, in fact containing some pretty interesting music, and little that could be considered embarrassing. What Redding might have achieved, or what directions he might have explored, are among the countless tantalizing "what if" questions in rock & roll history. As it is, he did record a considerable wealth of music at Stax, which is now available on thoughtfully archived reissues. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide
7 Aug 2011
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SpaceRip A rash of 50 new extrasolar planet discoveries made by European astronomers, including one super-Earth that is tantalizingly close to its star's life zone.
17 Sep 2011
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