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Sometimes you can only take so much stress from your coworkers. Get your free stress book now at www.pickmeupbooks****
22 Feb 2008
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Businessman has a very painful meltdown. All caught on tape
20 Jun 2007
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Even a train wreck like Lindsay Lohan can impress people from time to time. Leaving the Roosevelt Hotel, Lohan sported a hot French maid dress that accentuated her legs. However, thinks took a weird turn as she threw a tantrum outside the hotel before getting into her car. Photographers were all over her as she tried to hid her face.
3 Nov 2011
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What's wrong with this guy?
27 Jun 2008
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Fight a behemoth monster in Resident Evil 5, just be careful of his temper tantrums.
10 Aug 2009
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www.ontigio**** Watch this really funny video of a baseball manager of team get ejected and then go off on a huge temper tantrum... Baseball managers always get so mad and do that stupidest and funniest things... this guy takes the cake... For a LOT more funny ass videos, jokes, and stories, go to www.ontigo**** now. Ontigio is updated multiple times a day, so we guarantee you will find something funny. If you like the video, help me out by going to www.ontigio**** and give a digg or stumble on our videos. Or just leave a comment! --Sent via *******heyspread****
30 Jul 2007
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Nicki Minaj fired back at her angry fans who questioned her "vocal problems" that led to her recent UK concert cancellation. It was a total Minaj Show down on the Twitter against her haters!
25 Aug 2012
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'Did You Hear About the Morgans?' stars Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker discuss their dueling iPods, shopping habits and who threw a tantrum while wearing a ridiculous bull costume.
27 Dec 2009
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Rease wants to eat his lollipop and run around at the same time!
1 Jun 2010
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barack obama shown getting extremely angry and having a temper tantrum in a room full of campaign officials
27 Aug 2008
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Temper Tantrum Fail
31 Mar 2010
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Win a new IPOD at *******www.watchthistrailer**** A Los Angeles judge on Friday ordered a screaming, crying Paris Hilton back to jail to finish a sentence for probation violation, overturning a decision by the L.A. Sheriff's Department to have the temper tantrum throwing, celebrity heiress serve the sentence at home for medical reasons. Wailing "Mom, Mom, it's not fair, why me," the crybaby Hilton was taken away from the courtroom by sherriff's deputies after a hearing called by Los Angeles city prosecutors demanding that she be returned to jail to serve out the remainder of her sentence. Hilton, 26, had been transferred from jail to house arrest on Thursday for unspecified medical reasons after serving only three days of her 23-day sentence. She was given a jail term after being caught driving her Bentley without a valid license, a violation of her probation for a prior drunken-driving offense. Thursday's decision to let her serve the sentence at home because of a medical complaint caused national outrage and accusations of favorable treatment.
8 Jun 2007
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Salman khan tantrums with Ashwariya Rai Bachchan
10 May 2009
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's stardom seems to have gone to her head. After being an international star Ash has been throwing quite a few tantrums with designers and assistants . Take a look!
30 Apr 2010
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At some point in our lives, we all have to deal with an angry customer. Whether it's in the drive thru, classroom or corporate meeting, you need to be prepared to survive their tantrum. Use these tips to control yourself and the situation.
28 Aug 2007
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