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Unexplained Audio Caught on Tape This video was taken inside a cathedral,listen carefully. I went to visit this cathedral and there was only like 6 people inside, One older lady praying the rosary,The whole time I was filming, I can hear her Singing. I never noticed until i went outside to changed my batteries from my camera, Something else took over the audio, In the video you can hear just for couple minutes her voice. Than after that some creepy voice that took over the audio, I never noticed that until i heard the audio again and again. Is like a demonic ritual going on you can hear it very well. I have no other words to explain how this happen, Is crazy and amazing recording audio caught on tape. This Cathedral is in Leon Guanajuato Mexico. Oratorio San Felipe Neri Este video fue tomado dentro de una catedral, escucha con atención. Fui a visitar esta catedral y sólo había como 6 personas adentro, Una señora mayor rezando el rosario, Todo el tiempo que estaba filmando, puedo oírla cantando. Nunca me di cuenta hasta que salí a cambiar mis baterías de mi cámara, Algo más se hizo cargo del audio, En el video se puede escuchar sólo por unos minutos su voz. Después de eso una voz espeluznante que tomó el audio, nunca me di cuenta de que hasta que escuché el audio una y otra vez. Es como un ritual demoníaco en marcha que se puede escuchar muy bien. No tengo otras palabras para explicar cómo esto sucede, es la grabación de audio loco y sorprendente capturado en la cinta. Esta Catedral se encuentra en León Guanajuato México. Oratorio San Felipe Neri ''RODENTOBOB'' Roberto Cardenas
22 Mar 2017
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Turn your volume up and enjoy! Video by Chills
17 Mar 2017
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Please friends subscribe my channel for upcoming videos and like, share, comment
4 Mar 2017
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Please friends subscribe my channel for upcoming videos, like, share, comment
4 Mar 2017
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Dumpster Rental Nashville Renting a dumpster can involve more decisions than your realize. Be sure to find a company that can answer your questions and make your process as smooth as possible. FULL SCRIPT: Before you rent a dumpster from just anyone, be sure to consider these critical elements. First, know what’s permitted. Normal trash and debris is okay, but items like concrete, tires, or yard waste might have special regulations. Second, know your red tape. If you will be staging the dumpster on the street, you might need a special permit. Finally, pick the right size dumpster for the job. Too small and you could be paying extra for each haul away trip.
2 Mar 2017
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Make a colorful retro cassette tape party lamp!
1 Mar 2017
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Blacc Heart - Lost Tapes Available at Amazon, Discogs and 360Soundandvision
22 Feb 2017
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We specialize in massage therapy for ongoing maintenance, pain and musculoskeletal soft tissue injury. Each massage therapy program is designed to best meet the needs of the client. Massage therapists adapt the massage using Deep tissue, Fascia Work, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF Stretching, Active Releases, Rehabilitative exercises, and taping for the programs. If you have any questions about treatments ask our specialist.
9 Feb 2017
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Accidental ghost apparition caught on camera while driving on the road in India
8 Feb 2017
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11 Jan 2017
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central venous catheter, haemodialysis catheter kit, single, double and triple lumen catheter and tunneled catheter by Shree Umiya Surgical Pvt. Ltd., which is a company involved in the manufacture and sales of medical support products. These products include tape and dressings, blood administration sets, disposable syringes, extension tubing, IV flow regulators, catheters and many other support products. Triple Lumen Catheter is used in administration of three products through the same line. It can allow for medication, pressure monitoring and fluid administration.
3 Jan 2017
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10 People with Super Powers Caught on Tape
24 Dec 2016
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Frozen Elsa vs Twin Joker vs Spiderman vs Joker Boy vs Venom & Joker Girl Real Life Superhero Movie Spiderman & Frozen Elsa become crying baby? w/ Maleficent, Snow white, Bad baby, Joker Girl Frozen Elsa becomes crying baby when maleficent casts a spell on her! Can snow white and spiderman turn her back to normal? Watch this funny superhero video in real life by Sam! Also in this video, the joker family with bad baby joker girl play pranks on each other and bad baby duct tapes spiderman to the couch!
19 Dec 2016
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Boy with tape
26 Nov 2016
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What Can I Give To Him Demo Conducting 20 min Practice Tape
20 Nov 2016
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THE LOVING HOLY LORD JESUS CHRIST (YESHUA HAMASHIACH) Is the Same yesterday, today, and forever. , , , , ,, , ,, ,, , , , ,
2 Nov 2016
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