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OK, I'm not actually auditioning for Channel Awesome. I just thought it would be fun to make an "audition tape" for a platform that wouldn't give me a 2nd look at their peak, and now might actually consider someone like me due to the circumstances. However, I wouldn't mind being on Channel Awesome if they offered.
15 May 2018
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Warning tapes are highly visible tape with specific characteristics and black lettering.
22 May 2018
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Brand new weekly & daily compilation featuring the funniest GIRL FAILS of 2018. Including girls getting owned, stupid stunts, dance moves gone wrong, gymnastic fails, girls getting knocked out and more home video bloopers, clips, outtakes and funny moments caught on tape. Funny Vines brings you the best Funny Vines compilations, Try Not To Laugh Challenges, Fails, Wins, and hilarious Viral Videos. We find the best new Dank Memes, Funny clips, and You Laugh You Lose challenges in order to create an army of Fails, Life Awesome Moments, and Epic Wins. We showcase the best viners to ever create comedy compilations on Vine. Including: David Lopez, Kingbach, Amanda Cerny, Darius Benson, Curtis Lepore, Jerry Purpdrank, Gabbie Hanna / The Gabbie Show, Jessi Smiles, Baby Ariel, Christian Delgrosso, and more! Not content with only one platform, we’re committed to montages from hypstar, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. Sit back and enjoy a veritable fail army: kids fails, animal fails, old people fails, school fails, water fails, prank fails and pranks gone wrong, and more! I offer you a selection: Funny, Amazing, ridiculous, Humor & Entertaining Most Viral Video Compilation (Just ridiculous Most Viral Video Compilation) from the Internet. Enjoy latest updates about wold & people, i upload new videos every day about news, game, people & etc. From The Internet... Please like, subscribe & share.
3 May 2018
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Removing Skin tags - which is the best solution for removing skin tags? Did you know that skin tags are the single most common growth on human skin? Skin tags are a fleshy growth of our skin. They are harmless but they can be annoying. Skin tags are usually found on the neck, under the arms, around the groin, or under the breasts. Skin tags are more common among people who suffer from diabetes or obesity. In certain people, the friction created by rubbing skin against skin, which is a side effect of being overweight, causes skin tags. Skin tags may be medically removed by skin specialists with surgical methods. They can also be removed by freezing the area with nitrogen and then spraying super-cold nitrogen on the mole or skin tag. Some other scientific methods for removing skin tags include burning off the affected area. However, if these sound a little scary, here are some natural methods you might prefer for removing skin tags: Castor oil: by applying a paste of baking soda and castor oil to the skin tags, one can lighten the growth and eventually get rid of it. The paste should be applied for 2 to 4 weeks regularly. Banana peel: cut a piece of banana peel and apply it to the skin tag. Cover it with gauge tape and leave it overnight. This will make the skin tag fall off in just a few weeks. Pineapple juice: Since pineapple juice is known to have acidic properties, it can be used for the purpose of removing skin tags. Apply the juice to the skin tag and allow to dry. Do this 3 or 4 times a day and it won’t be long before the skin tag disappears. Nail polish: For removing skin tags, using nail polish is ideal. You simply need to apply nail polish over the affected area and then allow it to dry. As you remove the nail polish, the skin tag will also be removed. These natural remedies are safe and can be easily used at home. An important thing to note is that one should never try removing skin tags by surgical means at home. There are different ointments, pastes and creams available in the market that can help in removing skin tags easily.
4 May 2018
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Brand new weekly Funny Vines Videos compilation of the funniest kids bloopers, reactions, fails, outtakes, clips and other funny moments caught on tape for May 2018!
5 May 2018
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Video 6: Midwest Grow Kits Review I do not recommend using a closet to colonize do to lack of (FAE) Fresh Air Exchange. Instaed put jars in cupboard over fridge or on a shelf were they can get indirect light/sun light which means that the light shines from the outside but not on the jars. Do not leave the foil on the jars do to lack gas exchange which will suffecate you mycelium You can put medical tape over the holes which is optional Keep temerature at 78 - 82 degrees F . Monitor jars by turning slowly to check for green,purple,yellow or black. Any color other than white will be contaminates. Do Not open jars or the spores will spread and stick to everything ruining future grow. Instead take closed jars outside and put in garbage. You can put unopen jars in boiling water for 45 minutes than dump conentents outside and than boil empty jar agin for 45 minutes. This is not recommended and is only done if you don't want to buy new jars. Leave on shelf for 2 weeks or until jars are fully white. Than alow the substrate to sit a full week for mycelium to grab a hold of substrate. After 7 days of sitting after fully colonized prepare for The dunk and roll method and prepare your fruiting chamber. The method of useing two totes with the bottom tote filled 2/3 full and putting a submergable aquarium heater w/thermostat inside the water than useing 2nd tote placed on the water than adjusting heater untill proper temp. is reached. Using a small led light on lid / sides or indirect sunlight 24 hours a day until fully colonized This method is not recommended by me but it works for other people. The Problem I experienced using this method is the jars will slide and there is very little FAE "fresh air exchange and very little gas exchange. Midwest grow kits recommend this way but they are totally wrong and I would not consider anything they say. I bought the ultyamite kit for 100 dollars and never used it because I found that it was an improper way to colonize and/or fruit
18 May 2018
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There is no one else in the world I'd rather have explain this to me than Red Green. The KING of duct tape.
5 Nov 2006
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survalence video caught a ghost on tape ...can you see it!
17 Dec 2006
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Vote for DUCT TAPE to win the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Ad Contest by going to *******www.crashthesuperbowl**** and casting your vote for DUCT TAPE. Thank you fellow MetaCafe fans!
16 Jan 2007
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This is how to make a wallet completely out of duct tape.
29 Jan 2007
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Of all the moronic things to do, Skateboards, Sleds, and Duct Tape. But this is pretty sweet if you ask me.
8 Feb 2007
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Beyonce Jay Z sex tape www.boobtubeyoutube****
8 Feb 2007
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