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Orquesta de Mariano Mores y su exito la milonga "Taquito Militar"
29 Dec 2008
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dotcom*******www.freezerburns**** Quite simply, this looked like a Cool Ranch Dorito Taquito. It is a chicken taquito from El Monterey which happens to be my favorite taquitos in the freezer aisle and on the outside there is jalapeño ranch flavoring sprinkled on. Will it taste as good as it looks? The Frozen Food Master reviews El Monterey Shell Shockers Jalapeño Ranch Chicken Taquitos. He will tell you how these frozen products looks, smells, and tastes in this episode of Freezerburns. Read the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients of the El Monterey Shell Shockers Jalapeño Ranch Chicken Taquitos below: NUTRITION FACTS: Serving: 85g Calories: 170 Calories from Fat 70 Total Fat: 7g Saturated Fat 1.5g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 10mg Sodium: 500mg Total Carbohydrate: 22g Dietary Fiber 2g Sugars: 1g Protein: 6g Ingredients: Water, Stone-Ground Corn Masa Flour (With Cellulose Gum And A Trace of Lime), Cooked Chicken (Chicken, Water, Modified Food Starch, Salt, Sodium Phosphate), Vegetable Oil (Soybean, Sunflower, Canola And/Or Corn Oil), Chicken Seasoning (Chicken Broth, Salt, Chicken Fat, Corn Oil, Flavors, Xanthan Gum), Jalapeno Ranch Seasoning (Salt, Whey Protein Concentrate, Onion Powder, Monosodium Glutamate, Sharp Cheddar Cheese Seasoning (Cheddar Cheese (Cultured Pasteurized Milk, Salt, Enzymes), Whey, Buttermilk Solids, Salt, Disodium Phosphate), Tomato Powder, Garlic Powder, Cultured Buttermilk Powder, Spices, Corn Starch, Paprika (For Color), Malic Acid, Jalapeno Powder, Red Bell Pepper Powder, Corn Oil, Citric Acid, Sodium Diacetate, Turmeric (For Color), Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate, Natural Flavor), Modified Corn Starch, Textured Soy Flour, Onion, Jalapeno Puree (Jalapeno Pepper, Salt, Acetic Acid, Calcium Chloride), Paprika. Contains Soy And Milk. FreezerBurns is a video frozen food review show on a mission to deliver you real in-depth frozen food reviews and to make frozen entrees even better with fresh ingredients. Gregory Ng is the Frozen Food Master and acts as frozen food chef, critic, and guinea pig. Follow Freezerburns on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/freezerburns Like Freezerburns on Facebook: *******facebook.freezerburns**** Download the Freezerburns iPhone App: *******app.freezerburns**** Buy Freezerburns merch: *******freezerburns.spreadshirt****
9 Dec 2013
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Another review from Gregory Ng, The Frozen Food Master. Go to Freezerburns**** for more great frozen food reviews
21 May 2013
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LIKE/FAV We go big on that Tex Mex hater! Burritos and enchiladas with some nachos on top! So grab a handful of taquitos, wrap it in some jally bacon and go give your dad a geography lesson. BUY AWESOME TSHIRTS!!! *******shop.epicmealtime**** *******epicmealtime.electricthreads**** FOLLOW *******www.twitter****/epicmealtime LIKE *******www.facebook****/epicmealtime GET BACON LUBE AND BACONSALT AND BACONAISE at: *******www.epicmealtime****/bacon
18 Sep 2012
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We go big on that Tex Mex hater! Burritos and enchiladas with some nachos on top! So grab a handful of taquitos, wrap it in some jally bacon and go give your dad a geography lesson.
30 Sep 2012
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Anthony & Ian fight to the death to prove which of their favorite food is superior. Watch this video in higher quality & download at
15 Mar 2011
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Next time you're at Taco Bell, think of us. If you win some cash, you can help Rhett pay me (Link) back. Subject to official rules at *******BajaBlast**** . Game ends 5/18/09. No purchase necessary. LYRICS: Iʼll start with a taco, soft like a cloud I want mine crunchy, I like to eat loud. Iʼll choose a chalupa, Iʼll grab a gordita, and two taco salads for our senoritas. And a Burrito Supreme, with extra sour cream Itʼs a cylindrically shaped seasoned beef dream. A taquito. An enchirito. Some cinnamon twists. A chicken border bowl. Are you gettinʼ all this? And you know that nothing beats a hmmm, mmmm...Mexican Pizza... Weʼll take two of those, but please hold the diced tomatoes. And I admit, Iʼve always felt, like Iʼm in love with the meximelt. Make mine with a little extra love, and think of me... as the cheese drops from your Taco Bell glove. and thatʼs it. No! Iʼm not done...Iʼll also take a... Double-decker taco cause Iʼm feeling wild And make my sauce Fire. Uh, heʼll take mild. and weʼll take two Mt. Dew Baja blasts for a chance at 25 dollars cash Iʼm told thereʼs a winner for every 5 minutes Iʼm stealing your online code if you win it. Why would you do that? You owe me 25 bones I owe you 5. Plus interest--it was a loan. And I think weʼll be satisfied, if we get some mexican rice on the side. And thatʼs it.
9 Apr 2009
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1 Feb 2011
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29 Apr 2010
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BY STEPHANIE STOUFFER You're watching multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. OMG! -- LOL is in the March edition of the Oxford Dictionary ... Need a translation? The Wall Street Journal breaks it down... “What the heck?! FYI - for your information - Oh my goodness, laugh out loud, is now in the Oxford English Dictionary.” The abbreviated lingo of social networks is joining increasingly popular words like “muffintop”, “taquito” in the dictionary update -- along with the heart symbol. A senior editor for the OED says colloquial phrases get into the dictionary when they gain cross-cultural popularity. In the case of OMG -- it’s not quite as new as you might think. “People probably think it’s a very new phenomenon, but actually, no. We have found an example from 1917 of OMG being used meaning ‘Oh my God’ or ‘Oh my gosh.’” But not everyone "hearts" the acronym additions. Alexandra Petri of the Washington Post sarcastically calls the changes physically painful and says the dictionary is no place to be hip and cool. “You are the Oxford English Dictionary … That means that you are never, ever going to be invited to the hip after-parties … You are not going to get to hang with Miley. You are a dictionary, and you are supposed to be a watchdog of language … Stop trying to be cool and do your job.” And HLN meteorologist Bob Van Dillen expressed his frustration for a different reason -- his suggested new words didn’t make the cut. In a CNN blog, Van Dillen writes, “The word I want to see in there is 'shizzle', a word that should be a mix of showers and drizzle. 'Flizzle' would be mix of flurries and drizzle. Probably not going to make it in there.” But a blogger for the Stir expresses her -- excitement -- for the new words. “Modern society? I'M SO PROUD OF YOU.” The OED is revised four times per year, and for the March 2011 edition, editors revised more than 1,900 entries in addition to the new words. The next update will be in June. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your feed. Get more multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
5 Apr 2011
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