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man hears that by sticking his member in a dumbbell he can enlarge his thing by using dumbbell weights but ends up getting swollen and stuck in the dumbbell until the fire department comes with a saw to cut him out, mississippi police get complaints of emus running on the freeways and are forced to track the emus down and even tazer and cuff the birds, odd news, - www.myinboxnews****
25 Sep 2009
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14 Arrests one student Tazered Raw Video: UCLA Students Go Absolutely **Apeshit** And Nearly Riot over 32% inflation increase one student Tazered are the reports I received from students. Tomorrow their will be another one at 10am Protesters amass outside UC Regents meeting at Covel Commons 4 hours, 26 minutes ago Demonstrators rushed Covel Commons around 11:10 a.m. today in an effort to protest undergraduate fee increases 32% Inflation in UCLA Tuition Causes Near Riots (14 Arrested, 1 Tasered)
21 Nov 2009
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8 Nov 2010
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WDEF News 12 Chattanooga Tennessee Dog Eats Cop Car Police Pitbull Boxer Radar CBS Dog Eats Cop Car-PKG.mpgdog dogs eats cop car cruiser bumper bite strip stripping three winston chattanooga hilarious tires tire tazer tazed
27 Mar 2010
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16 Jun 2010
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AppFusion gives you 6 super-fun, classic, entertainment apps in one must have application! Screen Crack, Lightning Bolts, Tazer, Bubble Popping, Steamy Screen and Fire Drawing!
20 Dec 2011
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How to make a tazer with a few simple tools!
6 Sep 2009
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Erie PA cop drunk at the bar talking about phone picturing a homicide and tazering another guy after he is beaten up. wooooo power of the police!
6 Sep 2009
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This nice method shown on the Simpsons will only work if your Tazer is fully charged and over power average.Have fun with it :D
30 Nov 2009
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24 Mar 2010
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Turn your very own disposable camera to super cool high tech tazer gun! Note:This only works on old digital cameras. For new camcorders,I don't how to work it.
25 Apr 2010
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This bull is more than a little unhappy after getting the tazer. I've disallowed comments as the average commenter on this video seems to have about the same IQ as the unlucky bull in this clip.
13 May 2010
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Weird way to get tazered.
29 Sep 2011
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A Cop gets tazered and sounds like Chewbacca. For more videos like this visit - *******www.clipscapital****
14 Nov 2011
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how to make a homemade tazer
13 Dec 2011
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Ultimate TAZER BALL Action!!!- Real Tasers, Real Action- The Future of Sport. The latest Extreme Action Sport- Filmed in Southern California- Check out the next event in Bangkok Thailand March 3rd-4th! -WWW.UTBLIVE.COM TASER!
7 Feb 2012
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