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This is an excerpt from a full length DVD available at www.ProAudioDVDs****. Host David Wills has toured with major artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Chicago and Diana Ross and provides you with a professional's perspective but always demonstrated in an informal, easy to understand way. Here's a complete listing of the subjects that are covered... 0:08:10 SETTING UP YOUR KIT 0:09:10 INTRODUCTION 0:10:50 Front panel overview 0:12:10 Playing the Demo 0:13:45 Rear panel 0:16:15 DRUM KITS 0:17:25 Selecting Kits 0:17:55 "Storing" changes in a Kit 0:18:45 Restoring to Factory settings 0:19:55 Cross stick 0:20:45 Function screens 0:23:10 Naming Kits 0:23:40 Copy functions 0:24:35 Chain function 0:26:30 Mixer settings 0:29:10 INSTRUMENTS 0:30:00 Selecting Instruments 0:30:40 Editing Instruments 0:30:50 ...snare 0:36:15 ...kick 0:39:00 ...toms 0:39:30 ...hi-hat 0:40:45 ...cymbals 0:44:00 Copying Instruments 0:45:00 Assigning Patterns to Instruments 0:49:15 EFFECTS 0:49:25 Differences between TD-20 and TD-12 0:49:40 Compressors explained 0:51:40 Compressor settings 0:54:40 EQ explained 0:57:10 EQ settings 0:59:15 Ambience settings 1:02:15 Multi-Effects 1:03:05 Global Effects (TD-20 only) 1:04:45 TRIGGER SETTINGS 1:05:25 Trigger Banks 1:06:25 Trigger settings 1:08:00 ...sensitivity 1:08:25 ...threshold 1:09:00 ...velocity curve 1:10:50 ...crosstalk 1:12:25 Advanced settings 1:15:15 Naming Trigger Banks 1:15:30 SEQUENCER 1:16:05 Selecting Patterns 1:17:45 Editing Patterns 1:19:40 Creating your own Patterns 1:21:20 Tap Patterns vs. Loop Patterns 1:23:10 Quantize settings 1:23:35 Recording example 1:27:25 Playing Percussion sounds 1:27:50 Playing other parts from a MIDI keyboard 1:28:20 Pattern edits 1:29:30 ADVANCED FUNCTIONS 1:29:40 MIDI explained 1:31:45 Transmit/receive MIDI settings 1:37:30 Using the MIX in jack 1:39:10 Setting MIDI channels 1:40:35 Sync screens 1:43:25 Using Direct Outs 1:44:45 Footswitch settings (TD-20 only) 1:46:30 Backing up/Restoring 1:49:05 GRADUATION
22 Nov 2007
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Downloads *******www.davidmeshow**** MySpace *******www.myspace****/davidmeshow Twitter *******www.twitter****/davidmeshow Facebook *******www.facebook****/DavidMeShowPage FACEBOOK APP: *******apps.facebook****/davidmeshow iTunes ***********/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=308252063 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music gears: Guitar: Gibson SG Supreme Bass: Austin (cheap bass) Drums: Roland TD-20 Recording software: Steinberg Cubase 5 + Wavelab Plugins: - TC Electronic Powercore X8 (mainly) - Native Instruments Komplete 6 Camcorder: Canon HF-S100 HD Wide lens: Opteka fisheye 0.3X Video software: CineFrom Neoscene, Adobe Premiere Pro Thanks!
10 Aug 2013
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Dave Matthews Band - Drive In, Drive Out I programmed the china cymbal to the edge of the ride cymbal so it works as both. The drumkit is the beauford kit from the top 50 drummers series from V Expressions, Ltd. Recorded with Logic Pro, Sony Hi-Definition SR-11 Video Cam, and edited down with Final Cut Pro on a MacBook. visit my website: *******www.neilholloman****
7 Oct 2009
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Kevin Pereira, hopped up on antibiotics and nasal sprays, dons a sweat-stained Godfather T-shirt and "comfy pants" to drum along with "Amazing" by Kanye West. He knows the drums are way too busy for this track, and could really care less, because it's just too much fun to play. He's also typing in the third person, right now! Kevin Pereira - Drums (Feat. Roland TD-20 / Kit: Groover) Kanye West - Amazing (Feat. Young Jeezy) Many thanks to Jenn for grabbing the camera and shouting "go for it".
16 Sep 2009
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The World I Know - Collective Soul. first video just messing around with the New Roland TD-20 V-Drums and Final Cut Pro. Not meant to cover the song exactly. Just trying out the new equipment. visit my website: *******www.neilholloman****
24 May 2009
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Thomas Lang clinic in Barcelona playing 2 Roland TD-20.
21 Jan 2009
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Dirk Brandt gives a demonstration on the Roland TD-20 V-Drums
21 Dec 2008
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You can find all the information about this mod on the RockBand forums. Another member has also posted a guide: *******theflashspeaks.wordpress****/2008/02/03/playing-rock-band-with-a-yamaha-dtxplorer-how-to This mod would not have been possible without some great friends on the Rockband forums. Highly Liquid has posted about the mod: *******highlyliquid****/blog/?cat=19 SPECIAL THANKS: Aelius for getting the ball rolling. Ben & Greg for their soldering prowess. Zolon for finding the midi relay... and Highly_Liquid for making it AND updating the firmware just for us! Rockband forum thread: *******www.rockband****/forums/showthread.php?t=20420
21 Dec 2008
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