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Nature has all the powers.Learn how to use them in your every day lives.This video is about Tea Tree Oil that is natural solvent.It can make all your stains just go away! It is so powerful it will BLOW YOU AWAY! :)
11 Feb 2007
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Learn how to drink hot tea without spoon.
21 Feb 2007
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Minh and Ming's wedding highlights showing the tea ceremony portion of the Wedding Day. See video clips for the rest of the Wedding Event at www.MinhAndMingWeddingVideo****
27 Feb 2007
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Surprise your friends. Send a tea bag to the first mission to Mars!! See what will happen
13 Mar 2007
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The ride lasts for 90 seconds. During the rides first two years, the Tea Cups had no brakes or clutches--nothing to limit how fast they could be spun. Mad Tea Party And Dumbo are the only attractions to switched locations. Originally were located directly behind King Arthur Carrousel Clip and info of Disneyland's Mad Tea Party-courtesy of DLDHistory****
20 Mar 2007
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Cool tea bag trick. Becomes glowing hot air balloon and then dissappears. Cool party trick.
1 Apr 2007
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The Flowergod designs an asian tea set arrangement at 4X speed. Full floral design instructional video available at TheFlowergod****.
31 Mar 2007
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cute fruit tea
16 Apr 2007
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Jeff Martin ( x tea party front man ) playing Black Snake Blues on a custom seven string Ellis harp resonator guitar. Jeff uses this guitar on all three songs off his "Exile and the Kingdom" album - Lament, Black Snake Blues and Good Time Song. More info about the guitar at www.ellisguitars****.au and for more info on Jeff go to www.jeff-martin**** Andrew has made instruments for some of the worlds leading players, such as Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Jamie Cullum (UK) Jeff Martin (x Canadian band The Tea Party), Canadians Harry Manx and Don Alder, Bill Dutcher and Stephen Bennett - USA, Aussies Sarah McLeod, Ash grunwald, Josh Pyke, Dave Mann, Nathan Gaunt, Andrew Winton, Michael Thompson, Craig Sinclair, Khin Myint and Nathan Kaye. Andrews business Ellis Guitars has been written about in some of the best music publications in the world such as Guitarist Australia and Australian Guitar (AUS) Guitar Buyer and Guitar and Bass (UK), Akustik Gitarre (Germany), Guitar One (USA) Blues Art Studio (Austria). Ellis Guitars has over thirty five music stores selling their instruments and international dealers in Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa, UK, Singapore and Scandinavia. Ellis Guitars have sold instruments direct to Canada, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, New Zealand and Sweden.
12 Apr 2007
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Secrets That The Tea Companies Don't Want You To Know
18 Apr 2007
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He passing the freshly brewed tea and milk from two big metal mugs to the other with a "pour and pull" action.
26 Apr 2007
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See how tea mixes into water
25 Apr 2007
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