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A target stick is an invaluable tool when teaching dog tricks. Combined with the clicker and some tasty treats, the target stick will make teaching heaps of dog tricks quick and easy.
17 Jun 2010
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12 Nov 2008
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Crush is a clients dog that had issues with aggression and confidence. Sit Means Sit prides itself on not only teaching dogs, but teaching and empowering clients. We want you to feel confident and in control. Crush and his owners are doing great now.
8 Jul 2009
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For more info on Bark Off visit : ******* BarkOff is an ingenious, ultrasonic training aid that allows you to be in control of your dog's irritating, uncontrollable barking. When Rowdy starts tuning up for some high decibel barking, just flip the switch on your BarkOff device, and an ultrasonic signal -- inaudible to human ears quickly catches his attention and interrupts his barking pattern. This ultrasonic signal actually teaches dogs the difference between nuisance barking and barking to protect your family and home. About the size of a TV remote,
22 Mar 2010
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Barkoff Stop Dogs Barking read more...*******www.asseenontvhq****/barkoff/ BarkOff is an ingenious, ultrasonic training aid that allows you to be in control of your dog's irritating, uncontrollable barking. When Rowdy starts tuning up for some high decibel barking, just flip the switch on your BarkOff device, and an ultrasonic signal -- inaudible to human ears – quickly catches his attention and interrupts his barking pattern. This ultrasonic signal actually teaches dogs the difference between nuisance barking and barking to protect your family and home. About the size of a TV remote, BarkOff is small enough to fit in your pocket, and you can take it with you anywhere you take your dog.
28 Mar 2010
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******* - The Dogs Food Secrets Revealed Urgent Press Release For Dog Owners: "Grief-Stricken Man Searches For Answers After Unexplained Death Of His Dog & Accidently Uncovers Multi-Billion Dollar Cover-Up Responsible For Up To 87% Of All Dog Deaths... And Now He Teaches Dog Owners World-Wide, Step-By-Step, How To Easily Stop It Happening To Them Before It's Too Late". You're about to discover the terrifying-truth about commercial dog food that is linked to the deaths of thousands of dogs across the US every single day. Many world-famous Doctors of Veterinary Medicine and published Dog Care Experts universally agree any dog that eats commercial dog food is at a much higher risk of dying prematurely and by the time symptoms are noticeable, it's often too late to prevent an agonizing death except by lethal injection. *******
15 Apr 2010
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******* We have a great question that will teach dog owners what to do when they leave their puppy alone at home.
24 Jun 2010
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******* Im sure todays topic will interest dog owner who wants to teach their dog the command come. Any suggestions anyone might share?
9 Jul 2010
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How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When we are teaching dogs to 'fetch' one thing we do as humans is that we start with it too far. We usually toss the ball way too far and the dog goes. 'Oh, you go get it, it is just way too far.' So what we try to do is we try to get it where about to go ball up against the wall. So I am going to stay about maybe 2 feet from a wall. I will stay here and I have the dog here, and I will bounce the ball against the wall and I will catch it. Now this starts the dogs' play drive, and starts the dog going, 'O, you have got something that I want', and you know how we are, we always want something we can't have. So as I am bouncing it back, the dog is getting interested, dog is getting interested. I will let him get it. Then I will call his name and he will bring it to me. Alright! By then you should have your dog being taught 'drop'. If he does not know 'drop' you don't want to teach 'fetch' yet, he needs to know 'drop' first. So you have the dog 'drop' it, and then you do it a little further. Then you can get further way, further way. And then you get to where you were throwing the ball. I would keep the dog on a longline, like a 15 foot longline, especially if you are going to be using this game as an exercise game if you live in apartments and stuff, and then re-call the dog back to you and still have control over the dog with the longline. Have him come to you and 'drop'. That is the best way to teach 'fetch'.
16 Jun 2011
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How to Teach Your Dog the Off Command - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. How to Teach Your Dog the Off Command Now we are going to get to the command that everybody wants their dog to stay in a certain position or not jump on their friends stuff when they get excited. So, its called the Off Command. And it is one of the highest commands that we get requests for. The dog is excited and he wants to jump up, this is where all the things are happening, so he is just excited to come up to you. The smaller the dog, the higher they want to jump and lot of times it is a greeting, so it's an inappropriate greeting but its still a greeting, so you have to teach them an alternative way to greet. What we always do is, we teach dogs to come to our side and as wiggly as they are, they don't have to go into a sit position at first. We just reward him for just coming to our side and not jumping on us. So, we are rewarding him for what they are not doing, that's the jumping. And then as it goes, we add in higher and higher excitement. And then the dog has some cue of what we want from them, and start staying in high excitement into a sit position. Then we would add in kids and other people and squeaky toys and things that would cause a dog to jump on somebody. And by then they do have some duration of sitting in excitement. So sitting in an excitement is a part of the office well. So here we have got somebody that Zoe really loves. She is going to jump on her. Now I am just going to give her slight pull....Good girl!..Awesome. You can see she keeps coming back to me because the reward is here....She still gets to say hello, ; Good girl! She keeps coming back to me for the reward. So she gets to have her excitement, but isn't allowed to jump.
27 Jun 2011
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A New Zealand animal welfare group has started to teach dogs to learn to drive to highlight their intelligence and encourage people to adopt them.
7 Dec 2012
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