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Little Sierra attempts to teach her giant puppy how to hula hoop. That has to be one of the cutest lessons you'll ever see! Source & embed code: ********rumble****/v2zgbp-little-girl-tries-teaching-dog-to-hula-hoop-edited.html For licensing, please email licensingrumble****
8 Jan 2015
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Take our online dog training course here: *******www.udemy****/politepuppy/ Use coupon code "youtube" for a discount! What's the breed of the dog in the video? Elaine is a mystery mix! We don't know. What is Clicker Training? Subscribe to our channel and look at our other videos. Like us on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/treatpouch Teach your dog to stop barking - by teaching them to bark on cue, and be quiet on cue.
30 Aug 2013
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Dog training video - This is the toy that I recommend when I am teaching dog training classes. Don't forget to rate this video and leave comments. You can also subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook "101 Ways To Improve Your Dog's Behavior" at: *******www.amazingdogtrainingman****/
12 Jun 2009
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*******www.change****/petitions/tell-android-to-block-dog-fighting-app *******www.ipetitions****/petition/kg-dogfighting-a-game-teaching-dog-abuse/ Please sign the Petition Yes Google Play is selling a new video game for your kids of 13 years old to play, called KG Dog Fighting, this game teaches kids to fight dogs, gamble, use drugs, train there dogs to bite, and avoid Police, Google has this game listed for $4.99 a download for 13 year old kids to download and play, Please write letters, and emails to Google lets show Google they should not sell games that teach our kids these things, also on there site is drug dealing and use games too, seems Google has not limit to the games they are willing to expose your kids too for money!!! Thank you Al Pefley for running this story, my hope is that this Game will be removed from Google Play site, and all web game services. Also see; ***********/watch?v=38-HmWj7NU0 ***********/watch?v=yGTolIo8x28 ***********/watch?v=Ent5ovrWhdU ***********/watch?v=dI2wHJHtP8g ***********/watch?v=7SEEuTcc3XQ&NR=1&feature=endscreen
19 Dec 2012
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This cat is a prize fighter and teaches dog not to touch him in places he don't like
3 Jan 2013
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WSJ Special Report Season: 1 Anna Jane Grossman is teaching dogs to use iPads at her Manhattan dog training school. She hopes man's best friend will eventually be able to perform simple tasks with the device. Photo by Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal.
13 Aug 2013
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27 Aug 2013
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Remember to LIKE my videos if you learned something new from my tutorials! :D For people who have difficulties teaching dog tricks: I think I was around level 10 to lie down and level 15 to do the roll. I'm not sure does my level has anything to do with teaching tricks though. I think maybe affection is more important? Because remember when your dog go to the competition, the monkey said "the competition really shows the relationship between the dog and the owner". My affection was around 100 to do the roll trick :) And keep us update if you have any new discover and what do you think about level and affection! :D have fun :D Download the app here: ************/au/app/my-first-dog./id564715907?mt=8
30 Sep 2013
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