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My name is Vlad and I am looking to become a dance teacher. This is my Iguana Meat Grinder Dance. My Iguana's name is Rupert. He is my best friend.
16 Oct 2010
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*******www.TUBE.TV loves Hot For Words - so we have dedicated our latest Top 10 countdown to Marina. Here they are: 10. The teacher wants to make you smarter ***********/watch?v=j104ci... 9. You can relearn English (from Russia with love) *******youtube****/watch?v=kb19WFhbYHM 8. Homework is interesting (pap) *******youtube****/watch?v=IJ5vxavXLHo 7. Mistakes are OK *******youtube****/watch?v=DaRRCNqrSUM 6. The class clown gets clowned *******youtube****/watch?v=1-SY8tQCHeE 5. The teacher lets you copy *******youtube****/watch?v=kAhMJHat0cI 4. You could be the teacher's pet *******youtube****/watch?v=GyeZBEwmpiU 3. Happy hour lessons *******youtube****/watch?v=o6EK0FLiZiE 2. Intelligence is sexy *******youtube****/watch?v=6U6bf5gWpuY 1. One word *******youtube****/watch?v=8O8rWViCixQ
26 Jun 2009
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to be my teacher's pet Blurb Ending music by:
12 Dec 2008
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*******www.hotforwords**** to be my teacher's pet Say Uncle *******www.hotforwords****/cocomment to follow my comments on the web
24 May 2009
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Chubby Cheeks dimple chin rhyme- 3D Animation English Nursery rhyme for children with lyrics Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin Rosy lips, teeth within Curly hair very fair Eyes are blue, lovely too Teacher's pet, is that you ? Yes, yes, yes. Chubby cheeks rhyme for children Alphabet CVS HD Letters English Education preschool School All ABC New video Videos Stories cartoon 3D animation Hindi Telugu Tamil Kannada Marathi Bengali free Online download Playlist Music mp3 Learning fun dance poems Kids Children Babies song rhyme Toddlers Nursery rhymes Songs with lyrics
6 Feb 2013
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teacher's pet
17 Apr 2017
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