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Photosession was really hot and thirst made this girl look stupid
21 Aug 2012
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• Facebook : *******tinyurl****/mx59h2d • Twitter : ********twitter****/ChinNin1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ♦ Today, CouilleBleu will dance with every man in League of Legends thanks to Riven, the Exile. Don't forget to leave a comment, a thumbs up and a subscribe! Don't forget to share this on Facebook and Twitter! And most importantly, don't forget to watch in HD! This video was made thanks to Riot Games' League of Legends. The Riven gameplay and commentary was made by me. Huge thanks to League Replay which enabled me to record these gameplays. Also, here are the players featured in this video (even those that appears for 0.1 seconds) : CouilleBleu, Murdered, HiharaKazuki, Krazy91, toastedmeat, supremeking0118, Kratos0455, dragonZietN, S Fate, LaMuerteKIKE, Heroik, Teazz, Proxy15, v Momo, Fazookie, toonster, NA Carnavas, D4RK30N, Barraca, Sprague007, HeArTbRoK3Nn, Holy Hershey, Azellos, CHINESE DE, darkenair, Pharaoh316, ryannwalkerr, Josh898, monster9, xXxMickyxXx, Palyer1, WOTF Pennington, 187s, Turdelz, Bwak Bwak Bwak, Thesuperior, Rej Kay, iZiggs, ThE JESUS, Alekt, MokomSP, Sherryl Fisher, Lala k0, Xpendables, Fargrave, SGwanna, TSerra, SeathThelmmortal, Hotwiredx, Vinced, inhaL3, pekeluisma29, Omegaza12, SuperAdult, leethaxwtf, SkeletonJackV, Not Mid Or Bot, FEIRENHAO, HunterJah, KINGKONGDINGDONG, Fieldwater, Crunch, ImWithN00b CR, vcastjazzwell, Zanixx, RnGer, Zalfor, g3nn, Aoris, TheKleptonator, monopolyman001, Peterock Inc, Archmagebob, FunkR, KarlitoElBurrito, Elemectric, Im Pro, DuhYellowNegro, Five Magicks, nitro0x, andtheknee, GreenApples, AdministratorTB, RABLM, Blad3 St0Rm, KakUKicN, Dzyan, DavidCity, winsloven, Danke za Dumkaf, MoonShafte, jigau, Taco Naco Wanna play this game? Click this link : *******signup.leagueoflegends****/?ref=4fa074756c761031038600. This link is a referral that gives me reward if you sign up via this link. If you want to sign without a referral, click here : ********signup.leagueoflegends****/en/signup/index league of legends league of legends Riven Riven commentary AD Riven gameplay Riven the Exile Riven guide AD Riven guide Riven build s3 AD Riven build Riven build season 3 Riven gameplay Riven spotlight how to play Riven riot games Riven champion spotlight Riven troll AD Riven season 3 league of legends FR league of legends français Riven français AD Riven Best Riven guide
18 Jul 2014
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