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A Perfect Storm: Technology, Information and Intelligence Come Together In Crisis Preparedness System After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, oil and gas company BP sought out technology that could lessen the potential impact of a hurricane on our oil and gas supply and save lives. The result is an unprecedented system developed with IDV Solutions and Microsoft that comes just in time for an active hurricane season. The new system uses the latest data visualization, integration and other information technologies, all accessible via the web, to show exactly where people and assets are located in relation to weather patterns, from offshore and onshore rigs to refineries, office buildings and employees' homes. This gives time for proper shutdown procedures and evacuation so people, and your oil and gas supply, are safer. FOR MORE INFORMATION:****/oilandgas or www.bp****
5 Jun 2007
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Amazing image technology to create virtual 3D spaces from 2d images
6 Jun 2007
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These genius' never cease to amaze me.. This technology will soon be at our fingertips..
8 Jun 2007
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Now this is some cool new technology! There are probably a lot of possibilities for something like this.
21 Jun 2007
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June 26, 2007 -- A rural school district in Iowa is demonstrating that schools anywhere in the country are capable of arming students with the technology tools to succeed at the University-level and in the challenging, ever-changing job market. Tri-Center Community Schools has used a unique business model to partner with technology leaders HP, Microsoft and LSI to create an advanced computer network featuring new Serial Attached SCSI generation technology. Working with a local provider, the school offers student intern programs, parent access to grades and attendance 24/7, remote access for teachers, and a special e-mail program for students and staff. The technology model shows that it’s possible to move a school system forward even with limited budget. BACKGROUND: * Prior to implementing the industry-education technology partnership, Tri-Center’s network was in total disarray with limited access for teachers and students. The school partnered with Heartland Technology Solutions, a local provider, to bring current technology to the school through innovative leasing programs. * By deploying HP servers with SAS drives, Heartland instantly increased Tri-Center’s system performance by a factor of 4, thereby eliminating system bottlenecks and allowing e-mail applications to run smoothly. The school currently deploys over 2 terabytes of storage, about the capacity found in a university research library. * Teachers at the school view the technology as a huge motivational tool to get students excited about learning. Produced for LSI Corporation
26 Jun 2007
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miss use technology... the pic doesn't prove everything..
29 Jun 2007
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Ladies are very good with technology.
10 Jul 2007
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An illustration of the development of hybrid technology at Toyota and Lexus.
11 Jul 2007
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Nations using new technology to make their views known to those who don't speak their language include Iran and Israel
12 Jul 2007
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Sales Tips - Technology
9 Aug 2007
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David and Art's testimonials about help with depression and help with golf from Brain State Technologies training.
15 Aug 2007
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Technology Transfer remains one of the primary factors behind BMW’s continued participation in motorsport’s premier formula. The latest application of this philosophy can be found in the new BMW M3. Dynamics, agility, power – all are present in this high performer with Formula One genes, which provides an exceptional driving experience. Discover the multi-faceted synergies between Formula One and road car technology: With the brand-new BMW M3. Find out more at****
17 Aug 2007
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Before and After video of a 9 year old girl who gets help from Brain State Technologies with her stuttering problem.
21 Aug 2007
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Zero technology
27 Aug 2007
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Dr. Nat the TechnoCat Looks at Tools and Trends in Education and Technology
4 Sep 2007
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This guy has found another way to utilize technology at the office.
9 Sep 2007
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