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ON DVD APRIL 5, 2011! Fresh starts bloom this spring when Your Love Never Fails, a lovable film that centers on one couple’s journey to reconnect and bring their family back together, arrives on DVD. The wholesome, star-studded movie celebrates the meaning of family, while showing that love really does conquer all. Your Love Never Fails, the new DVD release from Anchor Bay Entertainment, “comes home” to retail stores nationwide, April 5, 2011 The stand-out cast in Your Love Never Fails features Elisa Donovan (The Dog Who Saved Christmas/The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” Clueless), Brad Rowe (National Treasure: Book of Secrets, “General Hospital”), John Schneider (“Smallville,” Sydney White, “Dukes of Hazard”), Tracey Gold (“Growing Pains,” For The Love of Nancy), Fred Willard (Anchorman, Wall-E, American Wedding), Tom Skerritt (Top Gun, “Brothers & Sisters,” Alien) and more.
6 Apr 2011
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What if a fairytale princess and and a teenage witch would swap bodies? Or more specifically; what if there is an infinite amount of parallel universes, and two individuals from those universes dying simultaneously is a way to transfer their minds to each other's body, from one world into the other? Hermione is unhappy with her life as it is. She has a crush on Draco that is doomed to result in disappointment. Hell; having conversations with him ended in disappointment, and that was before he even knew her true feelings for him! After he found out about them he was just about nice enough to make her believe things could be all right, that they could be comfortable together, but just when she was in for the next step (that was nothing more than a heart-to-heart), he would steer the conversation to the awkward and uncomfortable topics, such as the length of her teeth, her bushy hair, -why- her parents were divorcing, how disgusting it was she wasn't pure of blood and on top of that her lack of chest size. Harry and Ron resented her for caring for Draco and wanting to make her his, and argued about him and the things he said so often there was barely time for school work. Now her mind was stressed by these social disappointments so severely she was losing control of it. And then Draco had... She had asked him... about the Ball... The Yule Ball, that would be about a month from now... She asked him... "If... Maybe... You er... We could... Do you have a... d-date yet..?" He didn't say 'yes'... He didn't say 'no', either... He smiled. Hermione smiled back at him, relieved as she could possibly be with all the madness and hurt in her life, thankful for him smiling, and thankful for... Wait... His smile broadened... 'thickened'... his face seemed to split open he smiled so broadly... and then... "Hah!" Hah? What-? He laughed. He laughed at her, right in her face. Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass appeared at either side of him, and joined him. Laughing. Hermione tried to pierce his gaze, tried to read him, find a trace of something humane, something like guilt, or sympathy, but there was none. Then she gave up and walked away. Dreams once frailed now torn and emotions once burst were too shattered to find words nor tears. The only thing she could truly think of without being distracted, the thing that made her smile after crying before sleeping that night, where she could find equanimity, out of reach in any other part of her life, was suicide. Meanwhile, there was a lovely young woman named Cinderella. Her father died, leaving her with her cold-hearted stepmother and two stepsisters who cared for nothing but themselves and their stupid cat. The family fortune was spent on the best of the best for Drusilla and Anastasia, Cinderella's stepsisters, but left nothing more than worn out clothes for Cindy herself. It got to the point where they fired the house holding staff and had her do all the work! One day she was so sick and tired of it... Cinderella had spent the entire day working on a dress for Drusilla, and when she came in to check on the progress, she decided Cinderella messed it up because the colour was wrong. But... Drusilla was the one who provided the material for the dress in the first place; how was it Cindy's fault? Stepmama and Drusilla decided the consequences would be merely verbal. So they were. They were most generous with them, too; Cindy got nothing but words. Words when she woke up, words when she did her chores, words when serving the others breakfast, lunch and dinner and words when she went to bed, starving and miserable as ever. Cindy refused to let them break her. Her roaring stomach was her lullaby, her dry throat was her silent wakeup call. And even though her friends the mice tried hard to feed her with crumbles, in less than a week Cindy was over. Both girls thought they were having a lucid dream... Neither knew the fairy tale they read so much about was now their reality. Nor did either of them know they were living on borrowed time... Dedicated to Youtube user AWhiteRose88 Hermione commits suicide when she takes the potion.. Just so you know. ;D Also, after that, the girls have swapped bodies. After the clocks showed up, they have one more night and then they die. :3
10 Feb 2009
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles That's So Raven Beverly Hills Teens Sabrina the Teenage Witch Braceface O.C. Supertones
28 Feb 2009
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A Witch's Tale review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR shirts & mugs! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of A Witch's Tale for Nintendo DS developed by Hit Maker and published by NIS America. A Witch's Tale smashes together six multiflavored worlds of RPG combat into an overarching story that borrows heavily from Alice in Wonderland, all with a Hot-Topic-chic pumpkin-centric Halloween aesthetic culminating in a precocious teenage witch's quest for the ultimate magic. But, as ultimate magics are wont to do, it's also the key to binding the Eld Witch who just escaped and is causing havoc. Like ya do. This video review features video gameplay footage of A Witch's Tale for Nintendo DS and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's TJ.
4 Feb 2014
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On today's episode, we talk about Sin City 2, Will Ferrell's touch football comedy Three Mississippi, who's directing the next installment of The Hunger Games trilogy and Robert Downey, Jr. is back for Iron Man 3!
17 Apr 2012
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sabrina the teenage witch complete series
5 Mar 2010
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She may have seemed like a squeaky clean teenage television star, but Melissa Joan Hart is dropping some major bombshells about her past in a new book. In her book, Melissa Explains It All, Melissa Joan Hart says at one point in time she was hanging with the wrong crowd and dabbling in drugs. From weed to mushrooms to wild nights at the Playboy Mansion, the 37-year-old opens up about her days in the fast lane. Fortunately the mother of three got back on the right path and has continued her acting career. Check out more scoop from Melissa's book here!
30 Sep 2013
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song by Tevin Campbell made by Sally aka mickeyloverfreak
30 Dec 2009
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DOWNLOAD LINK ***********/us/album/the-chase-is-on-single/id451588343 "The Chase Is On" is the first single off my new mixtape "Leap Year" coming out JULY 26 at *******www.hoodieallen**** Toy Human Productions Directed by Jordan Bahat Produced by Sloane Hayes Skala DP: Kris Carrillo Starring: Hoodie Allen *******www.twitter****/hoodieallen Sofia Black D'Elia *******www.twitter****/sblackdelia Lyrics: Ask me what it feel like starin' at a sky so vanilla Tellin' Kurt Russell homie this aint real life I'll be makin' good on my promises, Honesty is confidence Lot of it is missin' but i realize I could be better than i was Lighter on my feet Cookin up this soul when we fire up the beat Light the fire underneath me, higher when i speak Like im climbin up a steep tree oooh come and greet me After the show, after the lights, after the shine After the hoes, half of them yours, half of em mine Happen to find they grill me but im the chef you want Once you get a little taste imma buy the restaurant Sittin at the top synonym, upper echelon Busy watching my life, stop, i can get you one Haters are always hanging round like a crucifix But i been on the chase homie im a fugitive Nowadays got it all figured out, I dont really gotta' take so long (take so long) But im missin all the times in the past When i couldnt see your face at all. Thats why, the chase is on x3 Thats why, the chase is on x3 Yeah, i said i could love a mystery More than any misdemeanor I aint into wizardry But all i see are these Sabrinas Teenage witches with the Visas, Mastercards and Listerine Got me so stressed one day i will look like mr clean Sheesh not a bald man, who here needs a hall pass? I would rather kick it and do nothin' like a mall rat Never kel mitchell but baby i swear im all that Cuz i leap years everytime you fall back To where you came from Now where the hate go? Oh you from wu-tang? Then why's your face ghost? Bottle up my confidence and sell it by the case load Take a bunch of optimists, and drop em in the same boat Ask im if that shits half full, half empty. Too big for my own good, dikembe Mutombo you dumbos just envy Name a bunch of rappers and pretend that you forget me, but- nowadays got it all figured out, i dont really gotta' take so long (take so long) but im missin all the times in the past when i couldnt see your face at all. thats why, the chase is on x3 thats why, the chase is on x3 so we say chasin on, gettin' paid, break yo' heart, every day, but if you want imma take it all back x2 so we say chasin on, gettin paid, break yo' heart, every day, but if you want imma take it all back x2 nowadays got it all figured out, i dont really gotta take so long (take so long) but im missin all the times in the past when i couldnt see your face at all. thats why, the chase is on x3 thats why, the chase is on x3
8 Sep 2011
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This video is of Britney when she made her appearance on the hit tv show "Sabrina The Teenage Witch".....
24 May 2009
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The ever so sexy melissa joan hart on sabrina the teenage witch. enjoy
8 Jun 2009
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The Violent Femmes were the final band to ever play at Auckland's His Majestys Theatre before its controversial 1988 demolition. Gordon Gano played Mr. Zank, the first of many substitute math teachers in an episode of The Adventures of Pete & Pete ("X=Why?"). The band appeared on the early-1990s sitcom Clarissa Explains It All. They have also been featured as themselves in one episode of the TV Show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.
26 Jun 2011
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Spoof of Sabrina the Teenage Witch
22 Aug 2013
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♥Bones+Booth [Bones] ♥Derek+Meredith [Grey's Anatomy] ♥Elizabet+Will [Pirates of the Caribbean] ♥Flora+Helia [Winx] ♥Caleb+Cornelia [W.I.T.C.H.] ♥Rooco+Vico [Rebelde way] ♥Danny+Sam [Danny Phantom] ♥Ned+Chuck [Pushing Daisies] ♥Fry+Leela [Futurama] ♥Ned+Moze [ned's declassified school survival] ♥Queen+Logan [zoey 101] ♥Mai+Zuko [Avatar] ♥Tony+Ziva [naviCIS] ♥Delailah+Julius [Delailah & Julius] ♥Marizza+Pablito [Rebelde way] ♥Sokka+Suki [Avatar] ♥Ron+Kim [kim possible] ♥Tecna+Timmy [WINX] ♥roberta+diego [REBELDE] ♥Zoey+Chase [Zoey 101] ♥demi+joe [Camp Rock] ♥Bella+Edward [Twilight] ♥Serena+Dan [Gossip Girl] ♥Verena+Leon [gzsz] ♥Philep+Lucy [GZSZ] ♥Zac+Vanessa [High School Musical] ♥Maik+Lena [alles was zählt] ♥Mars+Romy [Unter Uns] ♥Stella+Brendan [WINX] ♥Eric+Calleigh [cis miami] ♥Jimmy+Cindy [Jimmy Neutron] ♥Rory+Logan [Gilmore Girls] ♥Ang+Katara [Avatar] ♥Reese+Crews [LIFE] ♥Anna+Jonas [Anna und die Liebe] ♥chase+Cameron [Dr. House] ♥Blair+Chuck [gossip girl] ♥Lizzie+ Gordo [Lizzie Mcguire] ♥Sam+Freddie [iCarly] ♥Harvey+ Sabrina [Sabrina the Teenage Witch] ♥Carla + Turks [Scrubs] ♥Stevie + Alex [mcleods daughters] ♥Gabby+ Carlos [Desperate Housewives] ♥Izzie+Alex [Greys Anatomy] ♥JD + Elliot [Scrubs] ♥Leo+ Piper [Charmed] ♥Michael+ Sara [Prison Break] ♥Luke+ Lorelai [Gilmore Girls] ♥Angela + Hodgins [bones] ♥larry + ally [ally mcbeal] ♥Jordan + Woody [crosing jordan] ♥Ryan + Marissa [O.C. california] ♥Deniz + Roman [alles was zählt] ♥jodi + matt [mcleods daughters] ♥Danny + Lindsay [CSI New york] ♥Christian + Oliver [Verbotene liebe] ♥Summer + Seth [O.C. california]
24 Jun 2011
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The prequel to Sabrina The Teenage Witch
6 Apr 2012
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Now on DVD and Digital Download! More info *******www.Image-Entertainment**** An all-star cast including Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina: The Teenage Witch), John Terry (TVs Lost, 24) and James C. Victor (TV's 24) triggers top-notch suspense in this gruesome tale of a masked gunman on the prowl. With hoods over their heads, nine handcuffed strangers are about to learn their kidnappers game. They must work together to answer one question: Why have they been targeted? One of them will die every 10 minutes unless they can strip away each others secrets to solve this dangerous, twisted puzzle that could leave NINE DEAD.
25 Jun 2011
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