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Song: Yeh Jawani Badi Diwani Movie: Saazish (1988) Singers: Amit Kumar & Asha Bhosle Cast: Mithun Chakraborty, Dimple Kapadia, Anita Raj, Raaj Kumar, Vinod Mehra, Kader Khan, Raj Babbar, Rajan Haksar, Jagdeep, Amrish Puri, Tej Sapru. Producer: J.R. Malhotra Director: Rajkumar Kohli Music: Kalyanji Anandji
6 Apr 2010
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Song: Woh Pehli Pehli Mulakat Thi Movie: Purani Haveli (1989) Singer: Suresh Wadkar Genre: Horror Cast: Deepak Parashar, Amita Nangia, Satish Shah, Shubha, Tej Sapru, Sikandar, Priti Sapru, Manik Irani. Producer: Gangu Ramsay Directors: Shyam Ramsay & Tulsi Ramsay Music Director: Ajit Singh
15 Apr 2010
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Song: Aata Hai Mujhko Yaad Movie: Purani Haveli (1989) Singer: Anuradha Paudwal Genre: Horror Cast: Deepak Parashar, Amita Nangia, Satish Shah, Shubha, Tej Sapru, Sikandar, Priti Sapru, Manik Irani. Producer: Gangu Ramsay Directors: Shyam Ramsay & Tulsi Ramsay Music Director: Ajit Singh
24 Aug 2010
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City Hospital witnesses a chain of blood curdling spine chilling murders. A beautiful young recruit Dr. Suhani (Sayali Bhagat) is faced with uncanny happenings at the hospital. She is stunned by the monstrous force that sweeps out of the night to cause a trail of gruesome killings. What or who is responsible for this strange murderous destruction? The murderer uses a unique methodology, leaving behind no trails, defying all human comprehension.A leading investigating agency entrusted with the case, assign it to their most competent officer Vijay Singh (Shiney Ahuja). Vijay a debonair romantic young detective moves intelligently to gather information about the mysterious murders. Among the first he questions is Dr.Suhani. There is immediate chemistry between the two.The culprit moves again and we witness more horrifying brutal killings. Success eludes Vijay but he gets passionately involved in the case treating it as his personal war against the slaughterer.What follows is an exciting path of love, intrigue, passion, deceit, revenge and nerve wrecking treachery.Finally, God proposes and evil disposes.An ode to horror lovers here is a truly original story that is brutal and bloody. It has portrayed the most frightening encounters between good and evil, that audiences will experience for the first time in Indian Cinema, the most ominous and brutal butchering. There are full scenes that one would experience and see clearly in One's dreams and perfect examples are the murder sequences in the film which are a real terror. Gore and blood are the highlights of the film. The story is simple but engaging.
28 Jun 2012
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Do-gooder Deepak Rai (Sanjay Kapoor) comes across a stolen purse that contains educational certificates belonging to a woman by the name of Aarthi. He mails them to her, and both start to correspond with each other. Even though they have never seen each other, both feel an attraction. Aarthi's sister and brother-in-law Nirmal (Tej Sapru) are encouraging to a certain extent. While Nirmal would prefer that Aarthi marry Prem (Salman Khan), his wife wants Aarthi to chose her own life-partner. Aarthi starts out on her journey to locate and meet Deepak. But how is Aarthi to find someone, who she has never seen, nor spoken to, nor even know his whereabouts, in a big city like Delhi? And then there is Neha (Sushmita Sen), who is Deepak's boss, but has some plans of her own for Deepak, that do not involve Aarthi at all.
30 Jan 2010
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Khal-Naaikaa - Jeetendra & Jayaprada - Copyright:ShemarooEnt: 7 Copyright Owner: Eros Ent & Shemaroo Ent. Directed By:Saawan Kumar Tak. Cast: Jayapradha, Jeetendra, Varsha Usgaonkar, Annu Agrawal, Mehmood, Puneet Issar, Rakesh Hans, Tej Sapru, Seema Chandra. Music By: Kishore & Mahesh Sharma. Singers: Kavita Krishnamurthy, Ila Arun, Sadhana Sargam, Poornima, Vipin Sachdeva. Khal-naaikaa 1993. This chilling tale is about the trauma a busy lady doctor, Dr Priya (Jayaprada) goes through when she hires a new governess, Kiran (Anu Agarwal) for her kids. Kiran is efficient, charming and very good at her job but a series of weird events shatters the peace in the home. Dr Priya gradually discovers a connection between these events and Kiran. Who is this woman and why is she doing these things? Jayaprada was born as Lalita Rani in a middle class household to Krishna and Neelavani in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh on April 3, 1962. She was a small town girl with dreams of becoming a doctor. Her mother enrolled her in dance and music classes when she was seven years old, in addition to going to a regular school. Even though, her father and uncle were film financiers, her initial break into films didn't come through them. She was discovered dancing on stage at a school function when she was just fourteen years old. Character actor Prabhakar Reddy gave her the name of Jayaprada and introduced her in a three minute song in the Telugu film, "Bhoomi Kosam" (1976). That immediately led her to longer roles in "Devude Digivaste" (1975) and "Naaku Swatantram Vachindhi" (1976). The floodgates opened. Major film directors, such as Bapu, K. Vishwanath and K.Balachander, approached her with quality projects. She immediately became a huge star in Telugu films playing the title role in the big-budget "Seeta Kalyanam" (1976) and the stark black-and-white film "Antuleeni Katha" (1976), where she won a special acting award for her very dramatic performance. But it was her dancing skills and nuanced acting style as a mute girl that made K. Vishwanath's "Siri Siri Muvva" (1976) into a timeless classic. It would also be her passport into Hindi films as K. Vishwanath remade it into "Sargam" (1979) and made her a overnight star in Bollywood as well. She earned her first Filmfare nomination as Best Actress for the film, and it would become one of her favorite films. She stalled on doing more Hindi films for two years as she wasn't fluent in the language. But she became fluent in Hindi, as well as Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali, and had hit films in all these languages. She endeared audiences with her sincere portrayal of Amitabh Bachchan's girlfriend in her next favorite film "Sharabi" (1984), which became another big hit and earned her second Filmfare nomination as Best Actress. K. Vishwanath directed her to her third Filmfare nomination as Best Actress for her other favorite film "Sanjog" (1985). But some of her best performances would go unrewarded. In the Telugu film directed by K.Balachander, "47 Rojulu" (1981) showed Jayaprada as a innocent girl duped by her husband in Paris, France, and her struggle to escape from him. But in Hindi films, she usually played the traditionally dressed, docile, obedient wife, and while that image led to hit films, it also eventually tired her audiences. She also seemed bored and indifferent with no new challenges ahead as she had already made her other favorite films: the Hindi films "Sur Sangam" (1985) and "Tohfa" (1984), the Telugu film "Sagara Sangamam" (1983),
18 Nov 2010
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Kanoon Apna Apna - 1981 Directed By : V. Gopal Starring : Dilip Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Nutan, Madhuri Dixit, Kader Khan, Anupam Kher, Gulshan Grover, Tej Sapru, Satyen Kapoo, Mayur, Raza Murad. Music Director : Bappi Lahiri. Synopsis : Collector Jagat Pratap Singh (Dilip Kumar) insists that the laws of the land must be followed to the letter, while his son Ravi (Sanjay Dutt) believes that taking the law in your own hands is the only way to effectively bring justice.
3 Mar 2011
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Ek Do Teen HD Full Song, Ek Do Teen Song HD 1080p Bluray Music Video, Ek Do Teen Full Song Madhuri Dixit, "Ek Do Teen HD" Tezaab (Hindi: तेज़ाब, Urdu: تیزاب, translation: "Acid"), released on 11 November 1988, is an Indian Hindi movie. This was the movie that gave actress Madhuri Dixit her first big break, and reaffirmed Anil Kapoor's status, after a successful Mr India (1987). The film was directed by N. Chandra. Music is by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. The film is also known for the song Ek Do Teen, which was a chart success. This film ran in theatres for more than 50 weeks making it a golden jubilee, and it was the highest blockbuster at the box office for the year 1988 in Bollywood. Cast Anil Kapoor -- Munna/Mahesh Deshmukh Madhuri Dixit -- Mohini Anupam Kher -- Shyamlal (Mohini's father) Chunky Pandey -- Baban, Munna's best friend Mandakini -- Nikita (Special appearance) Kiran Kumar -- as Lotiya Pathan Annu Kapoor -- Abbas Ali (Guldasta) Suresh Oberoi -- Inspector Gagan Singh Tej Sapru -- as Saxena Johnny Lever -- as Kainchee Munna's group Friend Mahavir Shah -- Inspector Gupta Suparna Anand -- Jyoti Deshmukh Munna's Sister Jack Gaud -- Mukut Bihari Dinesh Hingoo -- Marwadi Seth at Irani Hotel Achyut Potdar -- Munna's Father, "Tezaab *HD* Songs" - Music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal 1. "Keh Do Ke Tum Ho Meri" *HD* - Amit Kumar & Anuradha Paudwal 2. "Ek Do Teen (Female)" *HD* - Alka Yagnik 3. "Ek Do Teen (Male)" *HD* - Amit Kumar 4. "So Gaya Yeh Jahan" *HD* - Nitin Mukesh, Shabbir Kumar & Alka Yagnik Tezaab (1988) , Ek Do Teen Char I Song Lyrics "Ek Do Teen Char I" Music By Laxmikant-Pyarelal Lyrics By Javed Akhtar Performed by Alka Yagnik Mohini! Mohini! Mohini! Mohini! Ho Ho Ho Namaskar! Namaskar! Kahiye, Kya Sunenge Aap? Aarey Pehle Yeh Kahiye, Kaha Thi Aap? Mein .. Mein Kar Rahi Thi Kissi Ka Intezaar Kaun Hai Woh? Woh .. Jisse Karti Hoon Pyaar Haai.... Aaur.. Jisse Karti Hoon Minnate Bar-bar Kaise? Aise ... Ding Dong Ding, Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong, Ding Dong Dong, Ding Dong (Ek Do Teen, Char Paanch Che Saath Aath Nau, Dus Gyarah, Barah Tera) - 2, (Tera Karoon, Tera Karoon Din Gin Gin Ke Intezaar, Aaja Piya Aaye Bahaar) - 2 Chaudah Ko Tera Sandesha Aaya, Pandrah Ko Aaunga Yeh Kehlaya Chaudah Ko Aaya Na Pandrah Ko Tu, Tadpake Mujhko Tune Kya Paya Sohal Ko Bhi Sohal Ko Bhi Sohal Kiye The Shingar, Aaja Piya Aayi Bahaar (Tera Karoon, Tera Karoon Din Gin Gin Ke Intezaar, Aaja Piya Aaye Bahaar) - 2 (Ek Do Teen, Char Paanch Che Saath Aath Nau, Dus Gyarah, Barah Tera) - 2, Satrah Ko Samjhi Saang Toot Gaya, Atharah Ko Dil Toot Gaya, Roh Roh Gujara Meine Saara Unnees, Bees Ko Dil Ke Tukade Hue Bees, Fir Bhi Nahi, Fir Bhi Nahi Dil Se Gaya, Tera Pyaar, Aaja Piya Aayi Bahaar (Tera Karoon, Tera Karoon Din Gin Gin Ke Intezaar, Aaja Piya Aaye Bahaar) - 2 (Ek Do Teen, Char Paanch Che Saath Aath Nau, Dus Gyarah, Barah Tera) - 2, Ikees Beeti, Baais Gayi, Teiss Gujari, Chaubees Gayi, Pacchis Chabees Ne Mara Mujhe, Birha Ke Chakki Mein Main Pees Gayi Din Baas, Din Baas Mahine Ke Hai Aaur Chaar, Aaja Piya Aaye Bahaar (Ek Do Teen, Char Paanch Che Saath Aath Nau, Dus Gyarah, Barah Tera) - 2, Din Bane Hafte, Hafte Mahine, Mahine Ban Gaye Saal, Aake Jara Tu Dekh Tho Le, Kya Hua Hai Mera Haal, Diwani Daar Daar Mein Firti Hoon, Na Jeeti Hoon Naa Mein Marti Hoon, Tanhai Ki Raatein Sehti Hoon, Aaja Aaja, Aaja Aaja Aaja, Aaja Ke Din Ginti Rahti Hoon (Ek Do Teen, Char Paanch Che Saath Aath Nau, Dus Gyarah, Barah Tera) - Repeat More Bollywood Entertainment, Hindi New Movie Trailers 2011, Hindi New Song Promos 2011, *HD* 1080p BluRay Music Video Songs, KhantvTheaters, KhanBluRaySongs, KhanTvChannel, KhansClub, TheKhansRules
10 May 2012
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Mera Saaya is a Hot Bollywood horror movie released in 2001 starring Shakti Kapoor, Tej Sapru, Shehzad Khan, Prithvi and Naina. Mera Saaya is a horror movie with the usual chills and spills of this genre. Shakti Kapoor rises on top of the rest of the cast for a great performance.
30 Jun 2012
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Dhadkanein - Bollywood Full Length Movie - 2006. Producer: Irshad S. Ahmed, Directed : Imran Khalid, Cast : Attin Bhalla, Preeti Mehra, Harsh Chhaya, Yashpal Sharma, Tej Sapru, Gajendra Chauhan, Kader Khan. Synopsis: A story of two starcrossed lovers Raj (Attin Bhalla) and Sandhya (Preeti Mehra), where Sandhya comes from a shady and sorbid background whereas, Raj belongs to an affluent family. Badshah (Harsh Chhaya), who is Sandhya's father is a pimp and wants her also to join the oldest profession of their family. Arjun Sherawat (Yashpal Sharma) is one of the kingpins of Bombay's underworld, who enters into a pact with Badshah and purchases Sandhya. Raj and Sandhya come to know about this, they lose no time in eloping. Raj's grandfather, Dadu (Kader Khan) comes to this rescue and protects them from Arjun and Badshah, but not for long. Eventually the police nab the lovers are arrest Raj, whereas Sandhya is taken away by her dad and is forced to marry Arjun. Will the lov birds be separated? Or will Raj come and rescue Sandhya from Arjun's trap?
8 Jul 2012
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Director: David Dhawan Writers: Reema Rakesh Nath (dialogue), Reema Rakesh Nath Stars: Rishi Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit and Raj Babbar Storyline Lalita (Madhuri Dixit) is married under duress from her maternal uncle, Madhi (Tej Sapru) to a cruel and possessive man, JB (Raj Babbar). He loves Lalita, but keeps her like a bird in a cage, hovering over and dominating her. Lalita runs away and enters the lives of Raj (Rishi Kapoor), his grandfather (Kader Khan), and Kaki (Dina Pathak). In order to hide her identity, she calls herself Shikha. Eventually, the family grow fond of Shikha, and Raj and she also fall in love. Raj's grandfather plans to marry Shikha off to Raj, when JB shows up and tells the family about the real identity of Shikha, and of her marital status, which Madhi quickly collaborates. The family is shocked to find out that Shikha has been lying to them. JB takes Lalita with him, and Lalita agrees to be his dutiful wife for ever. But will Raj forget his Shikha? And did Lalita really mean when she said she would be a dutiful wife to JB? *******freedesimovies.webs****/ *******desipad.webs****/
15 Oct 2012
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Police Inspector Jagdish Chandar (Dalip Tahil) has been investigating about a gangster Thakur Azghar Singh (Kiran Kumar), and eventually he has been murdered by two foreigners, Lawrence (Goga Kapoor) and Peter (Tej Sapru) who were hired by Azghar. Jagdish's two young sons Avinash and Brijesh are now left behind alone to fed for themselves, where Brijesh kills the assailant and is taken away by Peter and Lawrence, whereas the other son Avinash is adopted by the Police Commissioner and grows up (Jeetendra) to be a police inspector like his father. Brijesh (Sanjay Dutt) has just been released from the jail, and he attempts to rob a jewellery store after which he elopes with his girlfriend, Chanda (Madhuri Dixit) to the same village where his father lived. While on his way to the village a fight takes place between the two brothers, not knowing about the relation with each other. One day in the village he gets to identify about Avinash and starts dominating over the villagers and takes bribe from Azghar Singh. Matter gets complicated when Avinash's wife, Sudha (Jayapradha) comes out in search of her husband only to see that Chanda is being molested by Azghar and his men, forcing Brijesh to take a stand. Will Azghar be successful in throwing Brijesh out of the village? Subscribe and Stay Tuned - ***********/subscription_center?add_user=rajshri Regular Facebook Updates *******www.facebook****/RajshriDotCom. Twitter Updates ********twitter****/#!/RajshriDotCom.
21 Oct 2012
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Vishwatma is a 1992 Indian action film directed by Rajiv Rai. This film marked the Hindi film debut of the late actress Divya Bharti and Jyotsna Singh who did not appear in any other films after this. The film was a boxoffice success. The music of the film was very successful especially the song "Saat Samundar" which became a favorite and gave Divya Bharti the limelight into Bollywood. Naseeruddin Shah ... Surya Pratap Sunny Deol ... Prabhat Singh Chunky Pandey ... Akash Bharadwaj Sonam ... Renuka (Surya Pratap's girlfriend) Divya Bharti .... Kusum (Prabhat's girlfriend) Jyotsna Singh ... Soniya (Akash's girlfriend and Ajgar's daughter) Raza Murad ...Commissioner Pandey Gulshan Grover ... Tapasvi Gunjal (Ajghar's henchman and fiancee of Soniya) Amrish Puri ... Ajgar Jurrat Dalip Tahil ... ACP Gupta Sharat Saxena ... Commissioner B.L. Roy Tej Sapru ... Bada Nilu Mahesh Anand ... Rajnath Dan Dhanoa ... Majhla Nilu Master Manjunath .....Babu Anand Balraj ... Chhota Nilu Alok Nath ... Prabhat's father Aparajita ... Prabhat's mother Sanjay Kohli ... Inspector Balbir Govot Rajesh Vivek ... Dacoit Manohar Dev Vijay Arora ... Central Jailer Kiran Kumar... Nagdansh Jurrat (Ajgar's Son)
19 Nov 2012
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Produced By Gulshan Rai and Rajiv Rai Director: Rajiv Rai Writers: Shabbir Boxwala STARRING: Bobby Deol, Manisha Koirala, Kajol, Prem Chopra, Raza Murad, Paresh Rawal, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Sharat Saxena, Dalip Tahil, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Om Puri, Raj Babbar, Tej Sapru, Mukesh Rishi, Harish Patel GENRE: Suspense, Thriller, Murder Mystery IMDB Ratings: 7.2/10 STORY:Jaisingh lives in India with his son, Sahil, who dislikes his father. Things only get worse between father and son, when Jaisingh wants him to get married to Sheetal, a woman he has chosen to be his daughter-in-law. But Sahil wants to marry another girl by the name of Isha, and no amount of pressure can get him to change his mind. Finally, an argument ensues between the two, with Jaisingh getting killed. The Police are summoned, they arrest Sahil, try him in the Indian courts, convict him, but instead of giving him the death sentence, they put him in jail for life. A defiant Sahil, who still maintains his innocence, finds a way to escape, with the authorities hot on his tail, and leading this chase is a senior policeman by the name of Udham Singh, who has never been known to fail in his job of apprehending runaways and other criminals.
9 Feb 2013
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Hot Scene from superhit movie Kanoon Apna Apna (1989) Starring: Dilip Kumar, Nutan, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, Anupam Kher, Kader Khan, Gulshan Grover, Tej Sapru, Mayur, Satyendra Kapoor, Raza Murad, Jayshree Gadkar, Disco Shanti. Director: B. Gopal, Producer: A.S.R.Anjaneyulu Music Director: Bappi Lahiri
20 Jul 2014
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Hot Scene from superhit movie Kanoon Apna Apna (1989) Starring: Dilip Kumar, Nutan, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, Anupam Kher, Kader Khan, Gulshan Grover, Tej Sapru, Mayur, Satyendra Kapoor, Raza Murad, Jayshree Gadkar, Disco Shanti. Director: B. Gopal, Producer: A.S.R.Anjaneyulu
15 Sep 2014
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