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Double is the simlest, most elegant way to be anywhere in the world without having to fly there.
7 Feb 2013
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The market is changing rapidly. New technology offers new opportunities. The access to sufficient bandwidth is no longer an issue. Also the demand for VoIP and related services is growing fast. An increasing number of Providers in the Northern Netherlands offer Telephone - and Teleconferencing services over the Internet Protocol (IP). With this development companies and other organizations are able to increase productivity and reduce cost tremendously. Arustel has set-up facilities for providers to exchange voice traffic with the highest quality of service. In this way costs are further decreased end the quality is improved resulting in better performance for the end users. At all three locations of Arustel in the Groningen area, providers can make use of this VoIP exchange service.
16 Oct 2012
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INSTALLATION OF THE LIGHTING WAS TIMED TO FINISH.. Videssence came to us with a plan, one that was flexible and efficient. The high energy cost of traditional lighting along with a high heat generation, led the design team to choose what is being used in progressive television and production studios, Videssence fluorescent lighting. The installation of the lighting grid was timed to the finish of electrical circuits and the spray-on insulation in the ceiling. REAPING THE BENEFITS OF INSTALLING VIDESSENCE Hot quartz lights, stifling studio temperatures, soaring electrical bills the use of breaker switches for lighting control and an antiquated lighting grid were the determining factors for re-evaluating the lighting requirements for one of the largest television studios in the region. Videssence Studio lighting was the best choice to meet our needs.
22 Jun 2011
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The Creative 73VF061000000 Live! Cam Socialize HD webcam delivers the best HD image quality in your video captures. Whether you're video blogging, teleconferencing, or simply chatting with friends, you're guaranteed to always look your best. The Creative 73VF061000000 Live! Cam Socialize HD comes with a true HD sensor equipped with high sensitivity, capable of capturing smooth widescreen HD resolution videos at 30 frames per second and letting you enjoy great quality images even under dim lighting conditions. Get the The Creative 73VF061000000 Live! Cam Socialize HD webcam today.
26 Mar 2010
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******* Video teleconferencing, long an expensive technology, hidden inside the enterprise firewall, is becoming a pervasive social media platform. New York-based Paltalk, a provider a live conferencing platform, allows up to 10 participants to be live on a user's page. The company claims 4 million active users around the world and says that an average of 100,000 users are online at any given time. Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
22 Dec 2009
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Begin a life story or life review in my interactive online workshop. We meet once weekly for 8 weeks. I've gone to great lengths to recapture all the best qualities and outcomes of my live, in-person classrooms. I've come close. I've leveraged several ground-breaking technologies, including advanced webcast and teleconferencing platforms. What this means for you is that I was able to break up your workshop involvement into four distinct and crucial segments: 1. Group Lecture; 2. Small Group Breakout; 3. Individual Reflection and Writing; 4. Instructor Feedback and Peer Interaction.
25 Sep 2009
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 SAN JOSE --- Cisco has long been known as a business-to-business giant, but with several new initiatives on its docket the company is expanding into new business and consumer sectors. That includes the introduction of Web building tools in its Cisco EOS platform,designed to help media companies, artists and entertainers create branded, community-centric Web sites, said Dan Scheinman, senior VP of the Media Solutions Group at Cisco, who spoke to Beet.TV earlier this month. The premise behind Cisco EOS is it makes the administration of Web sites and digital media easier by managing them from one place, he said. It also enables social media features to enhance the community-building potential of the sites. Initial customers include Warner Music Group, with NHL**** and Nascar**** involved in the development stage. With more than 70% of the market in the networking equipment business, Cisco EOS is part of the company's broader plans to tap new business segments. That also includes its expansion into the consumer market, underscored by its acquisition earlier this year of the makers of the Flip camera. These moves are a necessity in the recession and also give Cisco the chance to potentially grab market share from competitors. Cisco is betting that the cost saving and revenue potential will help Cisco EOS win business for branded sites from Web giants like Facebook, YouTube and MySpace and from startups. “We can offer immediate cost savings to media companies to let them do more, try more and move faster,” Scheinman said Cisco EOS was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. In a related story, Joe Memn at the FT writes about Cisco's growing teleconferencing business. Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer
30 May 2009
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Monday, May 11, 2009 SAN JOSE -- Teleconferencing, which had been limited to a small number high end corporate users, is becoming widely adopted by users of Skype Video and of other web services as well as more sophisticated corporate products from Cisco and others. Ken Wirt, VP of Consumer Marketing at Cisco tells Beet.TV that high end teleconferencing is set move into the consumer arena 'before too long." We taped this interview at the company headquarters last week. New York Times, business travel writer Joel Sharkey finds that teleconferencing is making major strides. He reports on Skype, Cisco's TelePresence and Teliris, a new, venture backed company and how these technologies are being use instead of travel. For now, a Cisco TelePresence system costs well into the the six figures. Surely interactive video will grow as form of communication and as away of doing business. Many of use these tools now. But the prospect of having access to really high-quality live interactive video, at consumer prices, is very exciting. Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
14 May 2009
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*******www.PremiereGlobal****/conferencing/ - - Conduct easy audio, web and event conferences with PGiMeet web conferencing, audio conferencing, premiere global, conference call, conference calls, conference calling, teleconferencing, conferences, event conferencing, video, ready conference, global meet, conferencing solutions, conferencing event, netspoke
8 Apr 2009
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Pay only %%DESCRIPTION%%.049 per minute. No contracts. International calling options available. www.GreenConferenceCall**** www.GreenConferenceCall**** offers every form of conferencing you need: teleconferencing or audio conferencing, web conferencing, and video conferencing. We provide international access from over 90 countries worldwide. No contracts or minimums. Just pay for what you use, starting at %%DESCRIPTION%%.049 per minute... unless you choose one of our FREE services, which are, well, FREE! Isn't it time you started to Meet Responsibly (sm)?
30 Mar 2009
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Mike Burns describes the international teleconferencing programs at Concierge Conferencing. 888-239-3969
30 Sep 2008
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Mike Burns describes the mlm teleconferencing programs from A+ Conferencing. 888-239-3969. www.aplusconferencing****
23 Aug 2008
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Operator assisted teleconferencing is discussed by Mike Burns of A+ Conferencing. 888-239-3969.
20 Feb 2008
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The next time you have a board meeting to attend, perhaps your boss will join in via a robot. This vision from a futuristic film is becoming more and more of a reality as several Silicon Valley companies are developing advanced teleconferencing technologies to connect people around the world. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports.
9 Oct 2012
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Introduction Getting started with Genius CrazyTalk Cam Suite PRO is very easy. You must have a Genius Webcam. To use the CrazyTalk Cam Suite PRO in your chat programs such as Skype, Yahoo or Windows Messenger, Please make sure you select the correct webcam driver for your chat program. Capture Mode In capture mode you can record video and capture still pictures with your webcam. (Up to 8MP Interpolated) The Gallery displays your portfolio of recorded picture stills, or video clips. (Many formats supported) Avatar Mode Select an Avatar to suit your mood or preference. Have lots of fun using animated pandas, dolls, or aliens to startle or entertain your chat friends. The Emotion icons make the Avatars interactive. Also create emoticons or avatars yourself. Magic Mirror Mode Magic Mirror Mode morphs your appearance slightly with morphing effects. The Effect mode creates animated special Effects which can come into play while chatting. The fun effects and morphs can be downloaded and put into your favorite list to use during your chats. Media Share Mode Media Share mode allows you to share photo files during a chat. Select the media files of your choice to share and they will display in place of your webcam view. Share a slide show with your friends easily and conveniently. Supports many video and picture formats. Desktop Share Mode The Desktop Share gives you more options for teleconferencing or sharing information on your desktop. Drag the icon box around the region you want to share. That section will display in the webcam view of those you are conferencing with. Similarly you can share a specific window, or the full screen. Monitor Mode Set up the webcam to face any direction and thereafter any movement will trigger the webcam to begin recording. This is perfect if you have nosey colleagues, house mates or family members who want to tamper with your files. Catch them in the act!
29 Oct 2009
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