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The "Experiment in Terra" telemovie is the only Battlestar Galactica telemovie which actually features new footage. Back in the 1980's, MCA's T.V. distribution took episodes of Battlestar Galatica and made a number of feature length "Telemovies" by (In most cases) re-editing two episodes of the 1978/79 series into one story. These "Telemovies" had been sold around the world for broadcast as stand alone programing. A number of the newly created edits did contain footage that was not part of the original episode versions. But of all the "Telemovie" edits, only one had newly created footage inserted into it, and it's also the only "Telemovie" to use an episode of the original series combined with an episode of Galactica 1980 ("The Return of Starbuck")!
20 Jun 2007
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A song from telemovie "enne kalyanam pannikko" acted by THR uthaya in 7 different roles,co-produced by Kay Elll Talkies. Music composed by Bob Nathan
7 Feb 2008
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Yet another Cross-Over Tele-movie from M G CREATIONS Directed by ATLANTA GANESH & Produced by MAHENDRA JOGANI,With main artists,LINDA ARSENIO,Y GEE MAHENDRA & KRISHNA. We are sure you would be eager to see the entire movie after seeing both the trailers of our Tele-movies. Please await its release shortly. “MY DEAR FATHER” & “SELF-DEFENCE” For distributions/other inquiries please contact Mahendra Jogani (Email id: mnjoganigmail****)
30 Apr 2007
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*******BSGcast**** for a chance to win dinner with Admiral Adama! Jane Espenson and Edward James Olmos were the people in charge on this one: Olmos was there for every episode that went into making The Plan happen in Season 2, and Jane was there for none of them and it shows. ~Matt + Nat
3 Nov 2009
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drama tv
14 Jan 2017
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In the dead of the season break, we've got a shiny little gem of BSGoodness to share with you. Well, actually two. Not only is the Battlestar Prometheus story up to a climactic Episode 10 season finale, but we managed to land some face time with Katee 'Starbuck' Sackhoff and she let us in on some info on the post-Crossroads situation on her character, as well as some info on the Pegasus telemovie "Razor" and even went into the details of keeping secrets from the rest of the cast!
9 Jun 2010
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Matt and Nat chime in on the 2-hour Telemovie, RAZOR, sharing their excitements and disappointments... what did you think? Come visit BSGcast**** to speak your mind! Oh, and plan to be in Vegas in April for the premiere... we are!
31 Mar 2008
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